A Night Visitors Song

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A Night Visitor's Song
Shae Rossi
Event type
Arrive at hostile site

On the eve of battle a travelling bard arrives at the party's camp.


1. "I... Well, I could try. It's been a few years, now."

2. "Or we could see what the apprentice has learned?"


This event is triggered by a hero with poet >=60. Before update 0.13+109 Darrel Trace this event was named "Music of the Night."

The full text of the lullaby is:

I sit inside the wind, the moon looks down on me.
The places that I've been all linger distantly.
I'm here for you, whenever you need me.
I'm here to see that someday you don't...

You'll find me in a tree, if a tree is there to find.
Stand tall or on your knees, a tree will treat you kind.
Though I'm here for you when you don't want me,
I'm here for you in case someday you do.

Now I live in smoke, the clouds and cliffs my bed.
The weird and rippling water bends around your head.
Night comes along like a stray with a song.
Asks me to travel on, but I'll wait until you're sleeping.