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A mission, combat or battle are the same thing: a tactical fight played out on a grid of squares.


The foes for the fight are drawn from calamity track cards at the start of the mission. In particular, each monster faction has a deck of available monsters, which starts with two basic monster types and increases as calamities occur. Each card drawn normally adds one monster to the battle, although as calamities occur, some cards will be upgraded to instead add multiple monsters.

When facing an enemy force that was present on the overland map, the number of cards drawn is typically equal to the force's strength.


Some missions, especially scripted chapter-ending ones, may be interrupted by cutscenes. These do not end the battle. Abilities that may only be used a limited number of times per mission do not get reset until the heroes reach victory or defeat.

Combat Mechanics

Mission Type

Events are small stories usually told in comic form, triggered by other actions in game, which can involve a battle.


The most common type of mission is started by choosing the Assault job on the overland map to destroy an enemy force. Victory removes the enemy force from the map. No modifier to the number of foes.


A battle that can be initiated on a civilized territory with an enemy incursion. All heroes in the territory will join, even if there are more than five. At least two local farmers will also join the fight; more farmers join if fewer than five heroes are present. The party gains bonuses during the battle if Defenses were prepared in advance.


Groups of fewer than three heroes in an infested territory may be ambushed and forced to fight a battle. The heroes may defeat all foes or escape. Defeating the foes removes the infestation but does not destroy the enemy force. Escaping causes the heroes to retreat to a nearby territory.


Attack an enemy incursion on a hostile or wilderness territory. Unlike Defense missions, Intercept missions are limited to five heroes. Additionally, the battle takes place on a smaller and more open battle map where the entire enemy force is usually present by turn 3.


Some events result in the heroes being thrown into an unexpected battle. The number and composition of the foes and the victory conditions are determined by the event, and may be just about anything.