Calamity track

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Many calamity cards introduce new monsters or increase the number of monsters that spawn within a mission. These cards can only be drawn if the associated faction holds a number of calamity cards that meets or exceeds some threshold. In this way, each faction has a calamity track consisting of successively more dangerous cards.


If drawn within a mission, each card typically generates a number of the specified monster equal to the card's roman numeral. There are some exceptions, which are noted in the table. Also, italicized cards are not drawn as calamity cards but are instead available from a campaign's outset.

Gorgons Deepists Drauven Morthagi Thrixl
0 Roe I
Raccoon I
Rager I
Woken Fighters I
Woken Slingers I
Dart I
Stump I
Spectik I
Sommelier I
Watchman I
Thrixl Thrusk I
Thrixl Dweaver I
1 Horn Children I[1] Stormthroat I Seeker I
2 Bogmoor I Weldling I
3 The Chosen I Haunt I Bard I
4 Gheist I Batchby I
5 Roe II
Raccoon II
Woken Fighters II
Mushrox I
Dart II
Stump II
Deeven I
Spectik II
Sommelier II
Thrixl Dweaver II
Seeker II
Scorier I
6 True Gorgon I Father Fungus I Butler I
7 Murk Mother I Terrorbird I Thrixl Thrusk II
8 Bartoth I Gorelord I Nightmare I
10 Rager II Woken Slingers II
The Chastised I
Raid Knight I Wardrobe I
11 Staggron I Drathix I
12 Dart III
14 Roe III The Faithful I Pilot Nobylle I Coachman I Kinnestend I
15 Usric I
16 Woken Fighters III Spectik III Thrixl Thrusk III
18 Shadow Hunter I Redcloak I Groundskeeper I Muse I
19 Gorgon Seacaller I
20 Roe IV Woken Fighters IV Stump III Spectik IV
23 Raccoon III Woken Slingers III Stormthroat II Sommelier III Thrixl Dweaver III
24 Thrixl Thrusk IV
26 Rager III The Chosen II Haunt II Watchman II Seeker III
29 Bogmoor II Mushrox II Deeven II Weldling II Bard II[2]
32 Gheist II Batchby II Scorier II


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  1. 2 Horn Child
  2. 1 Bard, 1 Thrusk