Cyclone Fork

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Cyclone Fork
Item spear cyclonefork.png
Primary Weapon
+1 Speed
+1 Stunt Damage
Acquired by

Cyclone Fork is an artifact quality greatspear.

In-Game Description

A thundergod showed the plains people how to forge his chosen weapon, and the secret remained in the earth like the kiss of lightning.


Cyclone Fork

Two-Handed Artifact Greatspear

+1 speed, +1 stunt damage.

Item spear2Cyclone t1.png
Tier 1

Damage: 6

Range: 2.1

Stunt Damage: 3

Item spear2Cyclone t2.png
Tier 2

Damage: 7

Range: 2.1

Stunt Damage: 4

Item spear cyclonefork.png
Tier 3

Damage: 8

Range: 2.1

Stunt Damage: 5


Obtained as random loot, typically after a combat encounter, certain events, or after carefully securing a location on the Overland map.