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A Drauven Dart armed with a bow

A type of Drauven armed with a ranged weapon.


In-game description:

Carefully and quietly it looks for an opening and places its next shot.

Base values

  Storyteller Adventurer Tragic Hero Walking Lunch
Health 4 4 4 5
Speed 4
Armor 0 0
Warding 0 0
Melee Accuracy 95
Range Accuracy 95
Dodge 65
Block 35
Size 1 Tiles


Name Type Damage Range Effect
Search Scout 2 Every hero in a 2 tile radius will lose their hidden effect.
Attack Door Attack Scenery Attacks the door, dealing 2 damage to it.
Guerilla Passive Flanking attack shred.
Bow Ranged Physical Attack 2-4 5 Dart deals damage with a bow.
Prepared Shot Ranged Physical Attack If Dart ends their turn without attacking, they will prepare to shoot as a reaction strike.
Cower Reactive Buff Once per combat, if damaged, gain +30 Block and Dodge for this turn.
Drauven Blood Passive Regenerates 25% of total health (1 health) at the end of its turn (3 left).

Calamity Cards

Name Type Effect
Calamity Name Calamity Type Calamity Effect
Calamity Name Calamity Type Calamity Effect