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The Deepking

A type of powerful Deepist. May be a Deepking or a Deepqueen. An ancient, powerful warrior, moving with the confidence of immortality, the strength of a billion-hearted belief.


In-game description:

Gazing up from the depths of the order, strange young face unblemished and wise.

Base values

  Storyteller Adventurer Tragic Hero Walking Lunch
Health 24
Speed 5
Armor 3
Warding 5
Melee Accuracy
Range Accuracy
Size 2 Tiles


Name Type Damage Range Effect
Search Scout 2 Every hero in a 2 tile radius will lose their hidden effect.
Attack Door Attack Scenery Attacks the door, dealing 2 damage to it.
Guerilla Passive Flanking attack shred.
Claw Melee Physical Attack 5-6
Crossbow Ranged Physical Attack 3-6 1-8
Battledance Passive Attacks do not end the turn.
Bloodlust Passive Bonus damage for every point of missing health.
Guardian Stance Deep Monarch is always guarding, and attacks the first unit to move adjacent to it each turn.


'Let not the heroes decide what shall be called heroic. In that direction, the deepest darkness lies.'