Drauven Lore

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The Drauven tend to live out in the armpits of the wilderness, toiling at their wars and wings and drenching their idols in blood. They are known for enslaving whatever and whoever they can dominate, including humans and each other.

The Drauven, singular Drauv, got their name long ago, and perhaps gave it to themselves. The meaning of the word is unknown, and pronunciation varies in different regions and Yonderings. They walk upright and display human tendencies such as the use of tools and weapons, the construction of shelters, the coveting of treasures, and the use of an obviously complex language. Their communication is composed of sounds that are, for the most part, physically impossible for a human to reproduce. Their social structure appears clan-based.

Given to argument and gladiatorial sky-jousting, some Drauven are born for chiefhood, winning their fights with natural ability from an early age. Drauven sometimes grow crests of feathers beneath their jawlines and upon their large shoulders. There appears to be no gender bias in this development, nor indeed does gender seem to play a part in the taking of social roles. It would seem the Drauven are organized into a caste-system that distinguishes hunters and soldiers from tenders. The chief and the elders possess the most obvious preeminence.

As foes, the Drauven are organized and cunning, using stealth and intelligent tactics to achieve their battle-goals. Their weapons and armor tend to be well-made and lightweight, perfect for carrying long distances. They regularly inhabit almost any landscape, though they show a general preference for swamps and wooded areas.

A human society capable of defending itself makes an unattractive target for most Drauven clans. Still, they are never far from where we raise our own doors, and nor is the threat insignificant that they may, one day, unite.