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Elementalist is a Mystic ability.

In-Game Description

 Advanced interfusions for liquid, metal, and wood. Interfused fires do not burn out.
 Fire: (passive) Does not burn out while interfused
Wood: (active) Splintersalvo
Liquid: (upgrade) Infernal Rain


 Splinterblast/SplinterSalvo: +1 damage and apply 1 hobble.
Infernal Rain: changed from single-target to area of effect


Gain these advanced interfusions.


Infernal Rain. Boiling floods pour down to peel away armor and devour an enemy's flesh; +2 shred over basic Scalding Rain. (4.6 range, Pot + Spell Damage + 1-2 dmg, 4 shred (2 shred even on a miss), –1 health to Liquid)


Shackles. Warp metal into grasping appendages that pin enemies within a chosen area for two turns. (AoE 1 radius, 4 range, 100% hit, 2 turns)


Splintersalvo. Explode two or more interfused wood into a higher-damage burst over longer range. The interfused object's health adds to your range accuracy. Both objects are destroyed. The salvo does not damage scenery. (AoE 2.1 radius, Pot+2d3 damage, Pot/2+1 shred, Pot/2 pierce, 4.6 range from either Wood)