Ember Arrows

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Ember Arrows is a passive Hunter ability that enhances a Hunter's attacks when standing next to fire.

Visible buff from Ember Arrows ability

In-Game Description

(Passive) When standing by a blaze, Hero's bow attacks have +x damage, +1 shred, and start fires. Fire can't spread onto them. (Also works with melee and ranged theme attacks)


(Active) As a swift action, once per turn, Hero can move to a tile adjacent to a fire within 4 tiles.


  • Bonus damage = Potency for bow and crossbow attacks and 1 for melee and ranged theme attacks.
  • Any adjacency to fire (including diagonal) will grant the bonus damage/shred, as will actually standing in fire.
  • Blazes, campfires, and other illuminated scenery with fire can proc Ember Arrows.
    • A lit Lamp (Fire) can proc Ember arrows while Lamp (Flare) does not.
  • While fire will not spread onto a hero with Ember Arrows, the ability does not bestow any resistance to fire damage.
  • The attack will start a blaze in the destination tile.


  • An important ability for archers to keep up with the damage output of other classes at high levels.
  • Ember Arrows combines well with an offhand Torch, a Warrior with the Raider ability, a Fire Chicken, or any other reliable means of starting fires.