Empowered Bone Spear

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Empowered Bone Spear
Item spear1Bone2 t3.png
Primary Weapon
Bonus Potency
-10 Charisma
Stunt effect: Stone
Acquired by
Storied Bones

Empowered Bone Spear is an artifact quality spear.

In-Game Description

A shortspear fashioned of bones, it now glows with the satisfaction of a fulfilled destiny.


Empowered Bone Spear

One-handed artifact/stone spear

Bonus Potency (1 more than Bone Spear), but a penalty to Charisma. Stunt effect: Shreds 1 armor of all enemies within a 2-tile radius.

Item spear1Bone2 t1.png
Tier 1

Damage: 5

Range: 2.1

Stunt Damage: 2

Potency Bonus: 2

Item spear1Bone2 t2.png
Tier 2

Damage: 6

Range: 2.1

Stunt Damage: 3

Potency Bonus: 2

Item spear1Bone2 t3.png
Tier 3

Damage: 7

Range: 2.1

Stunt Damage: 4

Potency Bonus: 3


The Empowered Bone Spear is acquired when the Bone Spear is upgraded in the event Storied Bones when the hero chooses to attack the Armored Storm.

If a legacy hero with the Empowered Bone Spear is recruited in a new campaign, it will revert back to the Bone Spear