Encounter Consistency

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We follow some conventions to make sure encounters are as consistent as possible with the state of the game and the story so far.

A big part of this is targeting, which is discussed elsewhere (link?)

Forbidding certain Mission Victories

Sometimes an Arrive-at-site sets up a story and establishes certain facts about a place/situation. It can be useful to forbid certain kinds of victories from happening. We add an aspect to the site in order to mark it, and then in the missionVictory, we forbid the presence of this aspect on the site.

  1. forbidTownishVictoryEvent - use this to forbid victory events that imply that npcs live here
  2. forbidSiteSecretsVictoryEvent - use to forbid victory events that reveal secrets at the site
  3. forbidSpiritVictoryEvent - use to forbid victory events that involve a nature spirit
  4. forbidLootVictoryEvent - use this to forbid victory events that grant loot
  5. site_noLoot - use this to forbid granting loot in the event itself (usually required in addition to forbidLootVictoryEvent)