Monarchs Under the Mountain

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Monarchs Under the Mountain is a five-chapter campaign with the Deepists as the main enemies.

Warning: this page contains spoilers!

Hero Generation

The campaign can be started with two legacy heroes, and one new hero. The new hero is the hero rescued in the first chapter. This hero has unique statistics, described in greater detail here.

Chapter 1

One of the Deepist recruits get saved by the heroes by the request of a concerned grandmother, leading them to form a new company of heroes.

Chapter 2

Concerned villagers ask the heroes to help them with the Deepists trying to recruit their young ones.

Chapter 3

The Deepists have raided towns and terrorized the villagers, the heroes fight off the invaders and repair the region of all the damages done.

Chapter 4

The Deepists displeased with peace invite the heroes for a meeting to talk out their differences which the heroes accept.

Chapter 5

The heroes invade the mountain where the deepists are stationed and take on the deepist monarch.