Mountain Mischief

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Mountain Mischief
Shae Rossi & Douglas Austin
Event type
Arrive at hostile site

The party finds a hut at the top of the mountain. A magician lives there and triggers a fight. After the fight, they let the heroes eat some of their magical food, granting a permanent bonus.


1. I think I see some wreckage down here. Might be salvageable... Take the chasm path.

2. Looks like a cottage up this way. Take the cliff path.

2.1 There's my griddlecakes that'll fill you with everlasting warmth.
2.2 My tea'n oats, which packs a lifelong kick in the seat!
2.3 Or would you like the last of my pork-rust for yourself?


All choices after taking the cliff path lead to losing 2 Legacy Points.