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A type of Thrixl.


In-game description:

Uncanny quiet accompanies cryptic gestures. Beckoning, it appears always on the verge of breathing… and doesn’t.

Base values

  Storyteller Adventurer Tragic Hero Walking Lunch
Health 17
Speed 4
Armor 1
Warding 4
Melee Accuracy 100
Range Accuracy 100
Dodge 35
Block 65
Size 2 Tiles


Name Type Damage Range Effect
Search Scout 2 Every hero in a 2 tile radius will lose their hidden effect.
Attack Door Attack Scenery Attacks the door, dealing 2 damage to it.
Guerilla Passive Flanking attack shred.
Exhale Ranged Physical Attack 5-6 6
Dominate As a turn-ending action, Muse Dominates an enemy.
Dominated: Will try to attack allies with a melee attack on the enemy's turn. Adjacent allies can try to remove this effect.
The chance to remove Dominated from an adjacent ally is based on the relationship between the heroes