Panel styles

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Panel styles are single words embedded in a panel tag that affect how the panel lays itself out. There are only a few and they're hopefully easy to remember. They exist to make it really fast to put together simple panels.

Style Example Meaning
alternate <panel alternate |leader |hothead> Actors will alternate facing left and right. This is the default actor layout strategy.
left <panel left |leader> Actors will face left. Additional actors will stack up behind eachother.
right <panel right |poet |bookish sad> Actors will face right. Additional actors will stack up behind the first.
full <panel full> Panel will take up the full row.
twoThirds <panel twoThirds> panel will take up two thirds of the row, the same space as two "third" panels would.
half <panel half> panel will use half the row.
third <panel third> panel will use one third of the row. This is the default for prompts and descriptions.
fourth <panel fourth> panel will use one fourth. This is the default for "Choice" panels.
fifth <panel fifth> Panel will use one fifth. Note that if all the panels don't add up perfectly to a row, the comic will center the existing panels, and the next panel will start a new row.
sixth <panel sixth> One Sixth of the row, the narrowest we get. Combines nicely with both Third and Half.