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1.15+511 Orien Marten Hotfix

Fixed some Russian translation issues

1.15+505 Orien Marten

Added official support for Russian!
Rewritten Event: Abandoned (from: The Abandoned)
Rewritten Event: Featherless Flight
Rewritten Event: Settling Nerves (from: Peripheral Views)
New tiding
Added more robust legacy file backup system
Procedural campaign plot events less likely to repeat often
  (weight divisor multiplied by 16 instead of 4 after a campaign)
Adjusted light green "Labor" modifier number to be darker
Fix a bug where skeleton theme could get stuck and not progress
Fix a bug where Drauven Sneer could jump through walls
Fix a bug with Greater Constrict shown damage amount
Fix a bug where broken legacy heroes couldn't be replaced
Fix a bug where "hidden" could show up in comics
Fix a bug where foes sometimes wouldn't try to go through doors
Fix a bug where diagonal scenery could cause unwalkable tiles
Fix a bug with wiki links on Linux
Fix a crash for heroes with no weapons
Fix some gear visual layering issues
Tools: Added "rigOverridePriority|PRIORITY|RIG" aspect, so a 
  rigOverride can override a different rigOverride
Tools: Added uk, uk_UA, th, and th_TH language codes, for modders
Tools: Added Editor Options buttons to find missing translations
Tools: Added TIDING_REQUIRED effect trigger, for tidings that 
  should always happen if they match, and shouldn't count toward 
  the total number of tidings

1.14+487 Elona Rib Hotfix

Numpad Enter key now works for everything Enter works for
Fix a bug in French with crash when hovering the attack button
Fix a bug where many lines in French were missing
Fix a couple missing lines in a recruit comic

1.14+486 Elona Rib

Added official support for French!
Rewritten Event: Pastoral Quarrel (from: Sweeping Swallow)
Rewritten Event: When We Fight
Two New Tidings
Shardnado now deals less damage but has a larger radius
  Humanist+ increases the radius
Skeleton Inscrutable Stare now works on Morthagi
Ambush with Throughshot can now be placed behind enemies
New hairstyle
Enemy healthbars now show calamity icons for calamity buffs
Adjusted tile feedback for many AOE abilities (ranges have more
  of a "border", instead of highlighting each tile the same)
Added new image for "Add to Legacy" dialog
Dart and Sommelier damage calamities now show up later
New interface option (off by default): 
  "Show Simple Gear Stat Changes in Empty Slot Buttons"
  (to see simple stat changes without hovering all the slots)
Updated libGDX from version 1.9.11 to 1.11.0 (This may fix or
  improve some general graphics issues, hard to say for sure)
Foothill Stonewalling no longer prevented by several abilities
Adjusted hero Customize tab to work much better with controllers
DLC: Added "Draconic" Teeny Wings transformation skin
Fix a bug where Rager could attack while stunned
Fix a bug where Ember Arrows + Throughshot showed wrong damage
Fix a bug with using Blazing Sword without LOS
Fix a bug where certain AOE attacks and tile effects caused lag
Fix a bug where "Mysterious" hook could be put on hero children
Fix a bug where Drauven using Sneer could jump onto hidden heroes
Fix a bug where Skeleton Curse didn't properly last 2 turns
Fix a bug where Quakebaker hammer damage was higher than intended
Fix a bug with some incorrect genders in history lines
Fix a DLC bug where some armor bonuses would show in comics
Fix a DLC bug where Fashioned for the Fray went away if next 
  to hidden ally
Fix a DLC bug where Valiant Bracing wouldn't work with Paladin+
Fix a DLC bug where NPC mystics could become hidden
Fix a DLC bug where Feral Memory could stack
Fix DLC Saurian crow skin toes
Tools: Added "Connections" panel to Effect and Aspects editors 
  (shares space with the "Raw" panel) Used to switch between
  related Effects and Aspects. Also shows Injected Roles from
  branch events, etc, and error messages take this into account
Tools: Added "Refresh" button at the top-right, which refreshes
  mods and connections. (If you've been restarting the game or
  switching mods on/off after making changes, try this instead!)
Tools: Can spawn "custom" hazards (see humanistRecipe_shardnado)
Tools: Tile targeting now respects "allowDuplicates"

1.13+476 Niyati

Rewritten Event: The Captive's Choice (from: Birds of a Feather)
Hero customization is now all on one page
28 new generic augment images (4 new brooches, rings,
  necklaces, talismans, kneepads, bracelets, and scarves)
Fix a bug where Deeven "Sneer" passive didn't work
Fix a bug where some AOE enemy attacks didn't respect engage
  (Scorier burrow, Deeven interfusion attacks)
Fix a bug with tail abilities showing up before melee attacks
Fix some gear visual stacking not looking correct
Fix a bug where Cone of Fire and Thorn Lash were being used
  with Guardian in cases where they shouldn't be
Fix a bug where crafted items would show backend text
  in some languages

1.12+469 Dashel Wilde

Rewritten Event: Trade Secrets (from: Hunting Ambrosia)
New Artifact Items: Wraithword Knife and Dreamer's Crook
Translation fixes
Adjusted combat modifiers: 
  * Fortitude now grants +2 Temp Health
  * Cunning now deals +2 damage on flank
Adjusted Erratic Movement description
Increased UI priority on a few theme attacks
Celestial tiles now disappear at end of enemy turn
  (So it won't disappear under your Archery hunter, etc)
Crystal Chrysalis explosion now uses the range and damage 
  you had when you initially used the ability
Fixed possible crash with incorrect text style tags
Fix a bug where wolf frenzy and two-handed crow scratch
  wouldn't use piercing shots, ember arrows, etc
Fix a bug with frog head duplicate ability button
Fix a bug where Mossgirdle persisted over legacy
Fix a bug where some deepist shrine images showed up unlit
Fix a bug with star dance history line
Fix a bug where celestial region didn't work for pet Sommelier
Fix a bug where Skunk Spray didn't work with Sharpshooter
Fix a bug where some lake tiles would have lowercase names
Tools: Added "parameterValues" field to Aspects Outcome, 
  to add pre-evaluated numbers as parameters for an aspect
Tools: Added "autoFlip" option to particle scripts, which will
  flip particle images horizontally if position2 is to the left
Tools: Added "facingDirection" variable for particles, which
  returns 1 if position2 is to the right, and -1 if to the left
Tools: Added "offset_V(x)" particle function, which can be used
  to get data from other particles (e.g. "offset_rotation(-1)")

1.11+465 Firlow Hotfix

Fix a bug where many translated lines were showing up blank
Fix a bug where reaction strikes weren't removing grayplane
Fix a bug where incursion defense hero pick dialog was broken
Fix a bug where Explosive enemies knocked back by guard attacks
  would explode on their starting tile instead of the ending one
Fix a bug: Reduced Tier 3 elemental hammer damage from 9 to 8

1.11+460 Firlow

Added official support for German and Latin American Spanish!
New Events:
  * Moss
  * Rings of Story (generic campaign start event)
4 New Tidings!
Gorgon Changes:
  * Gorgons now have corrupt path when damaged
  * Gorgons now leave behind corruption when they die
  * Corruption now deals 1 magic damage when moving onto it
  * Corruption no longer grants enemies temporary health
  * Corruption stays on the map for two hero turns
  * Corruption tile feedback is more visible
  * Removed corruptionTouch calamities for gorgons
  * Seacaller now appears earlier with reduced health and tentacles
  * Gheist Maul no longer deals damage, only shred
  * Bogmoor has a calamity that increases Noxious Tongue range
  * Bogmoor "Bloated" passive: explodes into corruption on death
  * Bartoth Thundering Blood Explosive enemies explode when 
      killed dealing full damage to heroes and half to allies
  * New Noxious Tongue sfx and vfx
6 New Hairstyles!
20 New Augments!
Added tooltips for tile effects like fire, corruption, acid, etc.
Slight increase to hide & fabric costs on armors
Removed a few useless calamities like damage bonus to Kinnestend
Adjusted many abilities so audio plays at the target tile
Drathix and Terrorbird special abilities deal damage when they
  receive a damage calamity
New maps for Grove and Earthworks sites
Adjusted How to Play page for retreating
Adjusted Ulstryx Hurl Beast ability animation
Fix a bug where Sharpshooter didn't work with Ambush or Burning Arrow
Fix a bug where Lover's Vengeance affected Shieldshear & Shadowchase
Fix a bug where hero would gain a tail too soon in the Merchant
Fix a bug with Child of Night history lines showing wrong hero
Fix a bug where 3 newest pets don't count toward achievements
Disabled retreat button in Ulstryx ch2 capstone
Fix a bug where progress toward "Thwack!" achievement didn't work 
  for multi-tile enemies
Fix a bug where Spiritchase would deal damage if a hidden hero used it
  (It should only ever shred warding)
Fix a bug where Burning Arrow wouldn't work with theme attacks
  on multi-tile targets
Fix a bug where branching attacks wouldn't show up in the combat log
Fix a bug where Wailing Trees couldn't be destroyed (hotfix 1.10-454)
Fix a bug where some theme ability sounds weren't playing
Fix some typos
Tools: Added audioAtPosition field to Animate outcome
Tools: Added appendHistory field for creating entities
Tools: Added rigOverride|RIG aspect to override a unit's rig
Tools: rigs.json and humanAging.json files now merge
Tools: Added nameFormulaOverride|FORMULA aspect that can be used to 
  override the default maleName/femaleName generation
Tools: Mods can now override images in human/unpacked by putting
  images in human/misc
Tools: Unit skeleton data can now be loaded from mods
  (e.g. spine/Bobblehead warrior.json)
Tools: History entry ids 500-599 now treated as gender/orientation

1.10+453 Suna Lo Haster

Added official support for Brazilian Portuguese!
Steam Deck Verified!
New Event: Shadow and Sly
Rewritten Events: 
  * Mooringlight (from: Star Dance)
Revised Events: 
  * Finders Keepers
3 New Pets!
10 New tidings/credits comics!
Multiplayer clients can now recruit from their legacies
Melee and Range accuracy stats merged into one "Accuracy" stat
  (Upbringing stats should be properly merged for existing heroes)
Reduced critter and crow amulet accuracy buffs from 15 to 12
Credits comics can now be manually navigated, automatic time is
  longer for comics with more text, and fewer snapshots are shown
Years of peace and Credits comics now have reduced chance of
  showing ones you've seen in previous campaigns (like regular
  comics) and have better weighting
Some armors now have Silver and Gold variations (in customize tab)
New VFX for Wolf Howl, Shard Skin, and some theme skins
New ability icons
Crystal Chrysalis now explodes and deals damage on hero's next turn
Comics will vertically scroll if too big to fit on screen
Overland job start events show the actual ability name as the title
Adjusted ability bar positioning for Jumpjolt and Witherbolt
Opening the Editor on Steam sets the controller to act like a mouse
Fix a bug where using Larger comics in Chinese would crash the game
Fix a bug where Sharpshooter could cause incorrect Ambush max range
Fix a bug where Temple of Silence attack was invisible + multi-hit
Fix a bug where Chinese difficulty settings in Options > This Game
  could show up in English
Fix a bug with viewing the patch notes in the main menu
Fix a bug where hero level up dialog didn't show the upgraded stats
Fix a bug where Proud quest main and secondary heroes were swapped
Fix a bug with temp armor and warding being removed in wrong order
Fix a bug where Steam Workshop mod campaigns wouldn't load at start
Fix a bug where kill tracking would cause lag with large legacies
Fix a bug where Mythweaver ability text didn't fit on the button
Fix a bug with invisible tutorial tooltips in controller mode
Fix a bug where on kill effects wouldn't happen for hero who 
  killed Ecthis zombie mentor.
Fix a bug where Shieldshear plays wrong sfx if holding a crossbow
Fix a bug where Enduring War sacrificed hero was immediately put
 into the legacy without promotion
Fix a bug where No Time for Clawmonsters achievement couldn't be 
  achieved by a reaction strike
Fix a bug where Passing Shadow achievement could carry over 
  between missions
Fix a bug where in The Offering, rat tail would show up too soon
Fix a bug with loading name data if some locales didn't exist
Fix a bug where Jumpjaw didn't apply the correct amount of poison
Fix a bug where gorgons wouldn't spawn in Temple of Silence
Fix a bug with jobs with long names that would go off the tooltip
Fix a bug where using Burning Arrow with Ambush prepared would 
  give the burning arrow +2 damage
Fix a bug where waterling history line could use wrong gender for 
  waterling if the hero is attracted to anyone
Fix a (mod?) crash if a promotion ability not in a pool is shown
Fix a bug with artifact weapon hero death choice "attack" option
Fix a bug where Ambush and Vost could hit multiple times
Fix a bug where frog tongue could pull some immovable enemies
Fix a bug where bow range would read as 1-8 instead of 2-8
Fix a bug where backend comic text could show for missing aspects
Fix a bug with Enter and Escape functionality in content editor
Fix some typos
Tools: Added CustomizeHero Outcome for customization of a hero's 
  head, face, hair, colors, and extra parts, or randomizing a slot
Tools: Added requireAspects field for HumanSkin Parts, for
  customizations that only show up for heroes with certain aspects
Tools: Comic editor hovered objects now show a box around them
Tools: Comic editor Clickthrough view now jumps to selected panel
Tools: Comic editor now shows effect in side panel (also added
  simple view, so it's easy to adjust event weights and scores)
  (So they don't need to focus on a specific hero)
Tools: Improved Pick Events feedback for tidings and credits
Tools: Added several keyboard shortcuts for selected hero cheats:
  (Bindings also viewable in Combat Lab) Ctrl+Shift+H/A/D/S/R: 
  Add Temp Health/Actions/Bonus Damage/Speed/Refresh Abilities
Tools: In editor, with Multi-paste enabled:
  * Can now append multiple entries without closing window
  * Can append entries after existing entries in lists via Paste
  * Copied values now show more human-readable summary
Tools: Name generation files (like human.names.json) now merge
Tools: Added abilityForbidAspects field for ability aspects
Tools: Added toDegrees and toRadians expressions
Tools: Added between(x, min, max) expression
Tools: Added if(x, pass, fail) expression
Tools: Editor particle and audio fields now show suggestions
Tools: Added better logging for Test failures
Tools: Added scoreTiesTrueRandom option to BY_SCORE targets
Tools: Can now use Animate Outcome to spawn overland particles
Tools: Ability, Theme, and Gear cheats now execute immediately

1.9+438 Eve Vallenlong

Theme attacks now work with more abilities:
  * Ranged attacks work with Guardian, Sentinel, 
      Broadswipes, and Riposte
  * Melee attacks work with Ember Arrows,  
      Piercing Shots, Quellingmoss, Archery, and Ambush.
Cone of fire and thorn lash now get +2 damage from upgrade
  (instead of damage scaling)
Ember Arrows now grants theme attacks a flat +1 damage
  (instead of + potency damage)
Protector ability now works with ranged theme attacks
Crossbow damage increased by 1, accuracy buff removed
Spelltouched stats adjusted:
  New: +2 Potency, -1 Bonus Damage, +10 Recovery Rate
  Old: +2 Potency, -0.5 Bonus Damage, +5 Recovery Rate,
         +10 Retirement Age
Spiritblade attacks trigger actual hero attacks
  (and uses those heroes' passives: thornfang, broadswipes, etc)
Battledance Whirl now always lets you move at least one tile
Scout/Build Bridge/Pass banners now show up on unscouted tiles
Weird, Shame, and Slacker quest buffs don't persist over legacy
Build Bridge/Pass options show up when clicking scouted tiles
  if heroes are closer to source tile than target tile
Overland tile glowing now renders above unscouted fog of war
Fire smoke particles greatly reduced when there's a bunch
Skeleton curse ability is now a swift action
New sound effects for some abilities
Hook quests now require relationship tiers 3/3/4 instead of 3/4/5
Completed Hooks now show checkmarks in character sheet History
New VFX for star, vine, storm, fire, crow, hill, morthagi,
  skeletal, and tree theme skins
Gear comparisons now show gear abilities and special aspects
Personality stats now have button to move a stat to the top
Personality stat buttons are now aligned next to each other
Controller adjustments:
  * Split "Next Hero or Target" binding into separate bindings.
  * Previous Bindings:
    - Next/Prev Hero (when on Move) or Target (when on Ability): 
        Right/Left Bumper or Down/Up D-Pad
    - Next/Prev Ability: Right/Left D-Pad
  * New Bindings:
    - Next/Prev Hero: Down/Up D-Pad
    - Next/Prev Ability: Right/Left Bumper or Right/Left D-Pad
    - Next/Prev Target: Unmapped by default
  * Ability tooltips disappear when you move the cursor or camera
    (and reappear after 1.5s, or when switching abilities)
  * Right joystick now scrolls UI scrollbars
  * Camera movement & selection now respects camera orientation
  * Overland auto-selects the tile with the most heroes on it
  * Target selection angles now based on center of entities
  * Tooltips that are too large don't show up centered on screen
  * Fixed controller navigation for calamity card screen
  * Controller no longer auto-focuses on company button.
Added feather icon next to abilities that are swift by default
  but are now single because you already used a swift action
Added sparkles to ability buttons for some non-turn-ending attacks
  (battledance attacks, swift action wolf bite, prepared shot, etc)
New image for the Great One
Adjusted keyboard bindings screen to be more organized
Steam Deck and Steam Big Picture Mode:
  * Selecting a textbox with a controller now shows Steam keyboard
  * Many screens fit better at smaller resolutions (see below)
Adjusted some UI to work better at small resolutions/large UI size:
  (Specifically, these screens should work better at a 1080x720
  resolution with the "Bigger" UI option selected; useful for 
  small screens like the Steam Deck)
  * Gear Upgrades
  * Party Select
  * Character Sheet
  * Calamities Popups
  * Interval Summary Screen
  * Promotion Dialog
  * Replace Item Dialog
Fix a bug with controller camera movement when switching units
Fix a bug where Engage prevented stonewalling
Fix a bug where Hago cub could be kept permanently
Fix a bug where lonely cost history lines were incorrectly applied
  (helper and main hero lines were swapped)
Fix a bug where Batchby engage procs protector
Fix a bug where some comics were missing chinese translation
Fix a bug where armor category headers could appear multiple times
Fix a bug where Ticking Tomb victory wasn't disabled
Fix a bug where a hair option was showing up twice
Fix a bug where hovered overland abilities didn't show tooltips
Fix a bug with button prompt positioning and size
Fix a bug where piercing shots didn't work with all ranged attacks.
Fix a bug where controller could open non-hero character sheets
Fix a bug where missing mods box appearing caused a crash
Fix a bug where interval could crash if a non-hero retired. 
Fix a bug where Spiritblade attacks worked on stunned heroes
Fix a bug where ambush worked while stasised
Fix a bug with low stunt chances for Chain Lightning and Discus
Fix a controller bug with some scenery with diagonal footprints 
  (stuff like barriers couldn't be selected)
Fix a few places that would show keyboard hints in controller mode
Fix a bug where switching heroes didn't properly show hero tooltip
Fix a crash with the interval
Fix a bug where dev option confirmAbilityUse could softlock games
Fix some typos
Tools: overrideParticleScript option to allow particle overrides
Tools: Debug ability target fail log info is now more clear
Tools: Added ifOwnerAspects and ifNoOwnerAspects arrays to Skinlayer
Tools: Can now use feedback.onlyShowIfVisibleTerrain on regions

1.8+428 Mara Mallard

GOG Integration!
Legacy Browser Improvements:
  * Filter by legacy tier, class and playability
  * Hero list view for easier playability setting
  * Search bar to filter by aspects, e.g. wolftouched
  * Past versions of a hero can be viewed
  * Heroes should move around less when customizing
  * Option to customize hero age
New Events:
  * Early to be Alone
Rewritten Events: 
  * Phantom of the Range (from: The Shape of Things to Come)
  * Paradise
  * Flowers For No One (from: Ticking Tomb)
Improved controller functionality 
New sfx for certain abilities
Added option to hide in-game console
Overlapping ability buttons look better
Moved star in gear upgrades to top left
Crag Eagle roll difficulty adjusted
Controller navigation now wraps on in-game menus
All hairs should appear properly on all heads now
Added custom Dreamloom map
Fix a bug with Pulling Threads skipping in multiplayer
Fix a bug with legacy file saving in multiplayer
  (earning achievements, legacy heroes, completing tutorial)
Fix a bug with premature comic skips in multiplayer
Fix a bug where base monster calamities could never be removed
Fix a bug where lower tier calamities removed before higher ones
Fix a bug where calamity cards could jitter up and down at lwo fps
Fix a bug with stone stunt pin range on multi-tile enemies
Fix a bug where Needed Elsewhere choice didn't recruit a hero
Fix a bug with incorrect station job names
Fix a bug where acid damage was reduced by walling
Fix a bug with the Low Road missing escape regions
Fix a bug where Harvest kills wouldn't proc vfx
Fix a bug where shooting star feedback was incorrect
Fix a rare bug where the gear dialogue wouldn't show up
Fix a crash from movement prediction
Fix a bug with Silver and Shadows pet targeting
Fix some typos
Tools: Theme skin data now stored in aspects, for modding support
  (no longer hooked up directly to themes)

1.7+420 Kevkas Swordhand Hotfix 2

Add an option to completely disable EOS (and crossplay)
Fix how many female hairs look on male heads
Fix bug where Engage would sometimes immediately cancel

1.7+419 Kevkas Swordhand Hotfix

Fix an issue with Chinese translation
Fix tier 0 weapons not upgrading with spirits

1.7+416 Kevkas Swordhand

Crossplay with Epic Games!
Family Business Revision!
New Tidings!
Increased the weight of Heirloom Spring event
Added Colorblind options!
Added view button to achievement popups
Added achievement button to Legacy menu
Mythweaver potency buff can be gained from ruins scenery
Rogue+ now causes heroes to enter grayplane on stunt
Bloodrage reworked:
  * Old: Extra Damage per 2 HP missing = 1 + 1/3 Potency
  * New: Linear based on % missing health, 
        up to 2 + 1/2 Potency + 1/4 Max HP
        Also, only affects melee/ranged attacks
Broadswipes damage rework:
  * Old: Bonus Damage + Potency
        Upgrade grants +2 Damage
  * New: 2 + 1/2(Bonus Damage+Potency)
        Upgrade increases scaling to full
Added sfx for some abiliti
Bloodrage now shows current damage bonus gained
Abilities now show if they're melee or ranged
Adjusted several incorrect references to "Physical Attacks"
Shieldshear no longer counts as a melee ability
Meteor Strike no longer counts as a ranged ability
Some wings are now folded in non-combat scenarios
Can now set custom hero turn order via Options > This Game
Empowered bone weapons revert to normal over legacy
Heroes without soulmates present won't have random kids
Engage "line of sight" being broken is now more predictable
Engage+ has clearer feedback now
Added particle and filter effects to fire and poison
Fire damage animation takes much less time
Multi: Control over a hero can be set in the recruit dialogue
Multi: Large pets are controlled by same player as their owner
Multi: Heroes you control are automatically selected first 
Added icons for legacy hero ability choices
Added store button to main menu
Improved feedback for heroes with melee+range theme attacks
Theme aspects like fire immunity now show in character sheet
Controller invalid clicks no longer deselect current action
Controller improved navigation in several dialogs
Fix multiplayer bug with customizing heroes at the same time
Fix a bug with Loyal hook quest targeting
Fix a bug where Storied Bones improved multiple hero's weapons
Fix a bug where Ghost Town hook would spawn an extra town
Fix a bug where skeleton theme rivalry had weird interactions
Fix a bug with Untouchable preventing attacks on walling allies
Fix a bug where Chaos Whorl could be used on lone enemies
Fix a bug where non-QWERTY layouts showed bad hints
Fix a bug where Salvage wouldn't destroy certain scenery
Fix a bug where Connect to IP multiplayer didn't work
Fix a bug with scorpion tail formula
Fix a bug with Sharpshooter and theme ability feedback
Fix a bug where longreach improved new flight abilities
Fix a bug where sentinel and protector could ignore stasis
Fix some crashes
Fix some typos
Fix some backend text
Tools: "keepOverLegacy" option to keep augments over legacy
Tools: Added Theme editor!
Tools: Added "Create Branch Event" button to Branch Outcome
Tools: Single-line text fields expand when editing
Tools: Color-coding for comic actors of different types
Tools: Improvements to Comic Editor "Auto-Match"

1.6+401 Edina Gramling Hotfix

Fix a bug where spirits weren't immune to fire
Fix a bug where chaos whorl causes a crash
Fix a bug where wolf howl would prevent turn end
Fix a bug where random romances overrode npc romances
Fix a bug with the incursion animation timer
Fix a bug where shadestride didn't work on hunters
Fix some typos

1.6+399 Edina Gramling

New Events: 
  * For Their Own
  * Houses in the Heights 
Removed Event: 
  * The Low Road
Disabled Event:
  * What If We Were The Bad Guys
Added combat map to Out of the Rain event
Added two credits comics for Generic Campaigns
Added credits comics for Ulstryx, Enduring, and Monarchs
Disabled Mine Tiding
Warding Rework:
  * Each piece of warding absorbs one damage
  * Warding regenerates at the start of the unit's next turn
  * Removed pierce from magic abilities
  * Tuned down some monster magic damage
  * Tuned up some monster warding
Theme Upgrades!
(These can appear in the upgrade slots when leveling)
  * (Bear) Ursine Hunger
  * (Botanical) Fatal Flora
  * (Celestial) Meteor Strike
  * (Crow Wings) Fly
  * (Wolf) Howl
  * (Elmsoul) Deep Roots
  * (Fire) Living Hearth
  * (Foothill) Shard Skin
  * (Gem) Crystal Chrysalis
  * (Morthificial) Salvage
  * (Shadow) Shadestride
  * (Skeleton) Curse
  * (Storm) Feedback Loop
  * (Sylvan) Chaos Whorl
  * (Hawk Wings) Talon Dive
  * (Scorpion Tail) Prehensile Piercer
  * (Pilot Wings) Airlift
  * (Skunk Tail) Staggering Spray
  * (Frog Head) Tongue Whip
  * (Fox Tail) Nimble Nature
Pet Upgrades!
  * (Fire Chicken) Covering Fire
  * (Rat) Erratic Movement
  * (Bird) Mark Prey
  * (Duck) Alarming Quack
  * (Avenger) Protector
  * (Critter) Trinket Hunter
Number of undos are no longer shown at the end of a game
Ability upgrades can show up in 2 of the base ability slots
Indignance now breaks greyplane
Tongue Whip no longer has a cooldown
Some hunter armor now has warding
Fire Chicken and Fire theme now grant fire immunity
Thornlash now scales like other themes and has a damage upgrade
Crippling Strikes now works with all ranged attacks
Hook quests that fail to spawn will try to spawn again sooner
Defeating incursions in battle sets incursion timer back
Sunswallower's Wake hero slots now have descriptions
Sunswallower's Wake added ch3 mission failure case
Added new scenery
Added site images for all the bones of summer
Theme legs have stats adjusted
Added new icons to some abilities
Adjusted scenery based on sites
Added How To Play screen for Armor and Warding
Fix a bug where line attacks couldn't target enemies on blazes
Fix a bug where the right bard calamity wouldn't appear
Fix a bug where terrorbird death would cause flanking
Fix a bug where a hero would attack a site alone
Fix a bug where shields and walling would reduce fire damage
Fix a bug where terrorbird death reduced accuracy
Fix a bug where achievement didn't proc in a capstone
Fix a bug where incursions burnt out and granted 2 LP
Fix a bug where if timer stopped at 25/50 it wouldn't disappear
Fix a bug where Drifter event was near imposssible to get
Fix a bug where an armless hero could proc Avenger event
Fix a bug where staggron could summon while stunned
Fix a bug where d-pad didn't wrap left on the ability bar
Fix a bug with hook_Proud and fortheScavenging
Fix a bug where item text had no character limit
Fix a bug where Sunswallower Ch.1 Capstone would soft lock
Fix a bug where heroes gained from events start at lvl 0
Fix a bug with incorrect reported damage in a mortal choice
Fix a bug with prime stats in custom history lines
Fix a bug with tags in Black Castle Ruins
Fix a bug where monarchs rescuee had no starting stats
Fix a bug where Unpaid Bills event could show dead hero 
Fix a bug where pet/thrixl would targeted in mortal choice
Fix a bug where genders were swapped in wolf mortal choice
Fix a bug where 0 Warded combat text appeared
Fix a bug where hook quest spawns too many foes
Fix a bug where unprocced hook quests would prevent others
Fix some typos

1.5+392 The Sunswallower's Wake Hotfix

Fix a bug where wrong monster group could show in comic
Fix calamities and comics sometimes not showing on game start
Fix a bug where a mystic legacy recruit had farmer armor
Fix a map gen issue in Sunswallower's Wake that made Ch2 fail
Fix multiplayer hook quest and station comic refresh bug
Added a cheat to move characters on overland
Fix an issue with scenery in Sunswallower Ch1 capstone fight
Add safeguard against bad monster data breaking plots

1.5+389 The Sunswallower's Wake

New Campaign! A three chapter legacy story
Can now click unscouted tile to build bridge/pass
Night Altar map updated
Lifeforge Keystone map updated
Hook Proud update
Offhand poison now applies 2 poison to weapons
Credit snapshots now in sepia tone
Point light improvements
Split incursions are now half the size of full ones
Broken legacy heroes can be fixed by reloading their campaign
Fix a multiplayer bug where events would repeat
Fix a bug where percentages didn't appear for Jigsaw event
Fix a bug with hook quests
Fix a multiplayer bug with some legacy hero recruit events
Fix a bug where ranged attack animations would cut off
Fix a bug where skeleton would get age-based tiding
Fixed memory leaks that caused lag and crashes over time
Fix a bug where Ecthis ch4 event wouldn't occur
Fix a bug where stat buffs from history lines weren't correct
Fix some credits comics that could show dead heroes
Fix some typos
Tools: Added auto-match option to comic editor, for testing

1.4+378 Joria Hotfix 2

fix a blocker when loading games

1.4+377 Joria Hotfix

Fix bug where sometimes options and save files were invisible
Fix several bugs with item names, blurbs, and spawning

1.4+375 Joria

New Artifact Weapons:
* Baleblade
* Eaglewing
* Firling Wand
* Frostfang
* Winterfur Staff
* Sojourner
* Icebreaker
* Longwatch Lamp
* Mothbite
New Hairs!
New Event: For the Scavenging
Revised Events:
 * Down The Hatch
Incursion maps edited to be smaller and more focused
Water weapons now only deal 1 stunt damage for all weapon tiers
Reduced bone spear and empowered bone spear potency
Drop rates increased for bows, crossbows, staves, and wands
Skeleton now +2 Potency/Spell Damage instead of +4 Spell Damage
Increased range of skunk spray ability
Swan scepter now only grants one free interfusion per turn
Wardrobes now only spawn units if within 12 tiles of a hero
Takes slightly longer to select new abilities to prevent mistakes
Slightly reduced enemy spawns on the Ancient Wall mission
Tier 3 starseed wand now grants two warding instead of one
Adjusted stats on Lockbreaker and Minotaur axe artifacts
Fix a bug where some attack animations were cut off during stunts
Fix a bug with blank unique monster cards
Fix a bug where deleting an account with mods would crash
Fix a bug where listed witherbolt damage was inaccurate
Fix a bug with multiplayer disconnects
Fix a bug where reloading before recruit would prevent recruiting
Fix a bug where Weldlings fire wall wouldn't respect engage
Fix a bug with Paladin upgrade description
Fix a bug where stat buffs from history lines weren't correct
Fix a bug where heroic death was forbidden for three heroes
Fix a bug with the door in Ecthis chapter 4 capstone
Fix a bug where Archery with some theme attacks could hit allies
Fix a bug where tree arm bash would show incorrect damage amount
Fix a bug where tree arm would incorrectly add to the achievement
Fix a bug where Church of Dale recruit could be unreachable
Fix a bug where a farmer could be recruited in Monarchs campaign
Fix a bug with bonfire scenery backend text
Fix a bug where theme skins could cause slow hero customization
Fix some typos
Tools: Added modulo operator (%)
Tools: Added customCard field to StepM_SpawnExact
Tools: Added SEASON, YEAR, and DAY_OF_MONTH expression variables
Tools: Show position of MapDetail validation errors
Tools: Effect/Aspect fields show STUBS in suggestion tooltips
Tools: Added StepM_GetUnitsOnTiles


Disable Down the Hatch revision (not ready)

1.3+366 Dolse Ponder

Fix some untranslated text in Chinese
Fix some typos and small text issues

1.3+363 Dolse Ponder

New Event: Bad Mustard
New Event: Bones and Crows and Nightly Things
New Event: Token of Affection
New Event: Flickerings
Revised Events:
 * Hidden Passages
 * Heart of Stone
New Tidings
New Wrapups
New Achievements dialog art
New male face option
Research Site and Secure Site events have been updated
Thorn lash is now considered a ranged attack
Added interface option to skip comic panel animations
Splintersalvo now shows on bar if one piece of wood is interfused
Import Legacy now lets you select all or none of the heroes
Added better logging for failure to login with Multiplayer
New particle effect for Usric Raze ability
Fix bug where comic text could be different for different players
Fix bug where escape zones wouldn't appear for custom maps
Fix bug where enemy mystics targeted themselves with splinterblast
Fix bug where hoof and horn event would end incorrectly
Fix bug where prepared shot wouldn't work with Sharpshooter
Fix bug where pinned reduced accuracy by 30% instead of 15%
Fix bug where family business history lines would break
Fix bug with catching spirits where scenery used to be
Fix bug where a hero could use prepared shot while stunned
Fix that "waiting for other players" could show up in singleplayer
Fix bug where AI pathfinding could get stuck on certain maps
Fix bug where dead heroes show up in escape mission events
Fix bug where a maiming would cause a hero to lose both weapons
Fix some ability text using used first person to reference a hero
Fix bug where haunt in specterstep could still be hit by flanking
Fix bug where legacy relationship lock button would go off screen
Fix bug where hook quest events would restart after finishing
Fix bug with the hitbox for the hook quest button on portraits
Fix bug where early Cvawn events wouldn't show any text
Fix bug where wiki links would lead to generic pages
Fix bug where Ecthis ch. 4 capstone had an unreachable area
Fix bug where Fenspear heir history would display too much text
Fix bug where Vigilance+ would only grant 2 reaction strikes
Fix bug with Wolf Price hero images
Fix bug where Terrorbird death would reduce accuracy by 1
Fix bug where Indignance would be removed when escaping a mission
Fix bug where Redcloak could use Fireball through walls
Fix bug where a town recruit story would use a maimed hero
Fix bug where Indignance didn't work on tiles with scenery on them
Fix bug where Paladin+ would allow for reaction strikes = potency
Fix bug with some Cvawn images
Fix bug where saving while getting gear would create an empty map
Fix bug where Ambush and Rogue would lose greyplane on a kill
Fix bug with multiple creatures engaging the same hero
Fix bug with the Zealous Leap cooldown
Fix bug with the Shieldshear cooldown
Fix bug with missing buffed Chosen image on Linux
Fix bug with multiplayer where events would loop back to the start
Fix some typos
Fix a crash bug
Tools: save/load/quit enabled for Carved games when cheating
Tools: Added greaterThan, lessThan, and EXISTS expressions
Tools: Can now see AI ability use score via AI Behavior Inspection
Tools: Added SetThreatFlavor Outcome
Tools: Added CAN_FORM_ROMANCE expression variable
Tools: Added "logs" button to content editor, to view log lines
Tools: Plot editor more specific about where errors happen
Tools: Added shipWith, rivalOf, friendOf, and loverOf tags

1.2+356 Uvbera Armistia Hotfix

Adjust eagle talisman stats
Fix bug with legacy hero select scrolling incorrectly
Fix a crash message when customizing at the end of missions
Translation: added <namePossessive> tag
Some typos and text tweaks

1.2+353 Uvbera Armistia

New Chapters for Generic Campaigns!
  * The Ghost Town (mid)
  * The Library (mid)
  * The Potionry (mid)
  * The Temple of Silence (final)
  * The Unseen Orchard (final)
  * The Warren (final)
New Tidings and Wrapups
New music for All the Bones of Summer final fight
New Sound Effects for Tinker and Stormthroat
New Scenery for various maps
New clothes for some NPCs
Monster calamity view now shows monster tiers
Total number of calamity cards drawn now shown
Ember Arrows now works when standing next to fire lamps
Ambush missions only ever spawn 2 cards now
Lit fiery lamps now leave behind fire when destroyed
Show "You're the leader" if everyone else is reading along
An animation plays when comic choices are made
An animation plays when hero upgrades are selected
Gear choice in MP now shows who gear was given to
Legacy Heroes now always keep offhand items
Character sheets now include heroes you're recruiting
All the Bones of Summer ch3 capstone now grants gear
New interface options for Ability Animation Speed
Rerolling abilities now only costs 2LP (+2 for each reroll)
Thrixl Chrysalis no longer move
Boss monster added to Ringstone generic capstone
Wilderness_explorers event turned off
Action points are now shown at the top of the screen by default
The menu can now be accessed during interval tidings/choices/omens
Buffs/debuffs now show up as green and red in attack predictions
Attack predictions now show the value of added aspects
Friendly fire warning now shows up for shred and debuffs
Answer to Austerity pinecone choice now shows for legacy pinecones
New Thrixl Bard/Thrusk calamity
More cottage and house facades!
Fix a bug where backslam could move immovable foes
Fixed a bug where Found Family history showed backend text
Fix a bug where Engage+ didn't give 2 armor per foe
Fix a bug with hurlaxe audio
Fix a bug where enemy strength 0 would show for some missions
Fix a bug where Fenspear heir had random history
Fix a bug where rerolling parents could keep child's connection
Fix a crash bug with the legacy promote dialogue
Fix a bug where hero coins wouldn't display right in the interval
Fix some typos

1.1+348 Aremella Errowlair Hotfix 2

Add special scars for acid and weldling mortal choices
Adjust frequency of various stations
Fix a bug that caused broken saves when saving during some stories
Fix a bug promotions in 3 chapter campaigns

1.1+346 Aremella Errowlair Hotfix

Fix a crash with Entanglement event

1.1+345 Aremella Errowlair

Years of Peace are no longer based on performance
Retirement now grants 50% more XP
New Theme Skins Added!
Multiplayer: Added a Disconnect button to in-game menu for clients
Legacy Campaigns now act more like normal campaigns:
  * Players can now recruit from towns
  * Characters can have children that join the party
  * Legacy heroes are no longer granted between chapters
Defenses built now grant farmers improved defense
Swift action now appears as a feather icon
Option, resource, and calamity menus are more easily accessible
Leftover Legacy Points can now be used to promote more heroes
Added coins to show when others are viewing the same comic as you
Coins indicate which player you're waiting on at the end of a comic
Players can now pay legacy points to reroll ability upgrades
Pressing escape now closes calamity window if none can be canceled
Towns can now contain up to 10 legacy heroes. (Up from 6)
Broadswipes+ now deals +2 damage instead of x2
Ignite can now only be used once per turn
Flashcone now deals damage equal to potency + spell damage
Reduced difficulty of Cavernquarry keystone
Adjusted Spawns for Enduring War first fight
Cvawn: When overland fires start, time stops
Adjusted Carved in Stone description
Action Point indicators now hover, show swift actions
Added interface option to turn on additional action point indicator
Added message after Tutorial is completed in Ulstryx
Cvawn can no longer be ensnared
Fix some crash bugs
Fix bug where armor value on tooltip wouldn't account for shred
Fix bug where Heroism prevented Wild Grasp from being Swift
Fix bug where kill counter wouldn't update immediately
Fix bug that caused sync error after mortal choice in some cases
Fix bug where retiring heroes can grant other retirees XP
Fix bug where Waterling Tiding would show wrong gender for waterling
Fix bug where Darts would cower after being killed
Fix bug where Engage could cause armor to go negative
Fix bug where Elmish Jealousy ability remained after mortal choice
Fix bug so Extinguish Fire job goes away if the tile is burnt
Fix bug where volley of arrows wouldn't show cooldown
Fix bug where Tier 0 Legacy heroes could be put into legacy again
Fix bug where Hitch a Ride event would appear more than once a game
Fix bug where saving in a Carved in Stone run could corrupt the save
Fix bug where monsters could use swift actions after moving twice
Fix bug where a placeholder recruit event would show
Fix bug where knockback wouldn't effect monsters on the same tile
Fix bug where Hammer item had no stats
Fix bug where Ecthis Chapter 3 picked a hero who already had wings
Fix bug where Mothwings could be granted twice
Fix bug where prepared shot and vine limbs didn't do anything
Fix bug where vigilance would still scale with potency
Fix bug where size of >1280x720 would cause window to be uncentered
Fix some typos
Fix some backend text bugs

1.0+340 All the Bones of Summer Hotfix 7

Chinese translation tweaks
Can now put heroes into legacy after a game over(!)
Greatly reduced bandwidth use in overland (Multiplayer Lag)
Made multiplayer mouse smooth again
New female face
Updated crow head visuals
Improved player account save/load robustness
Added error dialogs when account or legacy fails to load
Add error dialogs for some rare cases
New option to turn off camera angle snap
New option option to turn off overland notifications
New option to speed up overland time
Scrollbars are now always visible in most places
Adjusted some tidings
Broken legacy entries will no longer crash the game
Tentside victory handles family better
Oldwane dagger now grants spell damage (consistent w/ theme)
One-panel comics (jobs mostly) now show choices immediately
Fix bug with read along in multiplayer
Fix bug with Thnarr's Accordica and ignite / arches
Fix bug where unclickable banners would show on sites
Fix multiplayer bug with dialogs not opening for all
Fix bug where achievements wouldn't show on steam until exit
Fix an issue with morthagi theme achievements
Fix some cases where spirits failed to spawn
Fix a bug/exploit in monarchs final mission
Fix Cutthroat Competitors achievement logic
Fix bug with retirement showing too soon in some places
Fix a possible softlock in some missions
Fix rounding errors in stat calculations
Fix a crash when typing only a space as a name
Fix wrong combat modifier in Volchasm
Fix some rare crash cases
Fix dead heroes in name the company
Fix some generic intros to work better with various parties
Fix some bugs with dead heroes in tidings
Fix Song for Someday Gone battle difficulty
Fix some event targeting bugs
Fix some broken tooltips
Fix some typos
Fix some visual comic issues

1.0+332 All the Bones of Summer Hotfix 6

New Event: Company of Crows
Removed Event: As the Crow Flies
Achievements now work in multiplayer
Mouse cursor should behave better on mac retina
Option to turn off custom cursor
Chinese translation tweaks
Customizing heroes in multiplayer works better
Improved edge pan behavior when not capturing mouse
Multiplayer cursors in character sheet only if same hero
Multiplayer slots dialog now syncs up better
Fix bug where game could get stuck in final preparations
Fix bug with Eluna and Bones of Summer history lines
Fix Monarchs Ch2 could get stuck if town destroyed
Fix some typos and targeting issues

1.0+329 All the Bones of Summer Hotfix 5

Chinese translation tweaks
Clarified 5-hero starts as intended for multiplayer
Thunder stomp no longer goes through walls
Riposte+ no longer counts stepping in fire
Adjust legacy save/load code slightly
Fix bug where morthagi generic start would fail
Fixed chain lightning 3rd bounce damage
Fixed some back end text and typos

1.0+325 All the Bones of Summer Hotfix 4

Chinese translation tweaks
Capture Mouse option now works pretty well (tech limitations)
Max level heroes no longer take XP
Improved legacy backup and recovery logic
Reduce network traffic for remote cursors (but looks choppier)
Use steam message buffering to improve multiplayer robustness
3 Hook quest achievement now retroactively granted
Fix Mythwalker achievement bug
Fixed bug where enemies could sometimes not die
Fix rare bug with Unburied omen
Fix several rare crashes
Fix crash if controller lib can't load
Fixed phantomflare file case issue (linux)
Fixed bug where Scythewinds intro would never trigger
Fixed some back end text and typos

1.0+320 All the Bones of Summer Hotfix 3

Chinese translation fixes
New audio option to mute game when it loses focus
Game now ignores controller input when not focused
Reduce Suneater damage
Attempt to fix no sound / steamApi dll issue on some machines
Fix targeting in Another Soul to Stand
Reduce frequency of Distant Thunder event
Fix some events firing without relevant enemy present
Fix some typos

1.0+318 All the Bones of Summer Hotfix 2

Chinese translation fixes
Adjust Flirt hook quest
Can use middle mouse button to pan in missions
Achievements now checked upon loading the game
Increased XP for All the Bones of Summer and Generics plot fights
Star dance no longer occurs if you have no heroes eligible for theme
Fix a crash with multiple simultaneous deaths
Fix bug with Untouchable+
Fix several situational crash bugs
Fix mouse pan at screen edge on borderless
Fix Vigorflow+ speed buff not withdrawing
Fix and adjust some item descriptions
Fix hook_WanderlustThisCampaign
Fix turncoat achievement
Fix skeleton terrify achievement
Fix bad name tags in Hero Worship
Fix some item descriptions

1.0+316 All the Bones of Summer

Fix sometimes too many darts on Royal Arms capstone
Fix typos and missing text

1.0 All the Bones of Summer

New Campaign! A 5 Chapter Story with Drauven
Generic Campaign Events and Maps! (~20 chapters done, more coming)
Many more Mortal Choices added
Final Moment events added (when a hero dies)
Visual and some text updates to Ulstryx
Achievements have been implemented
Achievements unlock concept art
Some Achievements unlock Theme Skins
Theme Skins are cosmetic variations for (some) skins
Abilities can now be upgraded on level up! Ability rebalance!
(A fourth slot for upgrades has been added to the level up screen)
  * Upgraded Backslam: Knock an enemy into another to deal damage
  * Upgraded Battledance: Gain free movement after 1st melee attack 
  * Upgraded Bloodrage: new active ability +2 dmg, can't die this turn
  * Upgraded Broadswipes: Double broadswipes damage
  * Upgraded Engage: Engages all adjacent enemies, grants +2 armor for each
  * Upgraded Paladin: Guardian activates even if you attacked this turn
  * Upgraded Raider: double scenery damage, can start fires on enemies
  * Sentinel No longer interrupts enemy movement
  * Upgraded Sentinel: Interrupts movement
  * Upgraded Shieldshear: No cooldown, can use multiple times per turn
  * Stalwart now grants a hero armor & warding at the cost of speed
  * Upgraded Stalwart: While active, you are immune to status effects
  * Upgraded Thundering Challenge: Becomes a small area of effect
  * Upgraded Untouchable: Effect doesn't wear off
  * Vigilance no longer scales with potency, 2 uses per turn
  * Upgraded Vigilance: 4 reaction strikes per turn
  * Upgraded Wolfcall: Grants +1 flanking damage to affected heroes
  * Upgraded Zealous Leap: Clears pin, can be used every turn
  * Upgraded Ambush: Interrupts movement
  * Upgraded Archery: +30 defense against ranged attacks
  * Upgraded Crippling Strikes: +2 damage vs hobbled foes
  * Upgraded Ember Arrows: new active to jump to a nearby blaze
  * Upgraded Flashcone: Puts all affected heroes in grayplane, +1 use
  * Upgraded Foxflight: Grants 3 automatic dodges instead of 2
  * Upgraded Jumpjaw: +1 use, shreds 1 armor
  * Upgraded Piercing shots: Ranged attacks shred 1 armor
  * Upgraded Quellingmoss: +1 poison to attacks and aoe
  * Upgraded Rogue: Attacks against damaged enemies deals +1 damage
  * Thornfang no longer scales with potency, 1 use per turn
  * Upgraded Thornfang: Can be used three times per turn
  * Upgraded Through Shot: hit all in a line -1 dmg each
  * Upgraded Arches: Single action, no cooldown
  * Upgraded Compulsion: Becomes a swift action, still once per turn
  * Upgraded Earthscribe:
    ** grants improved HP and range to Bonewall
    ** +2 temp hp to the Rock Shield ability
    ** Calcify grants extra +1 armor, warding, and tmep hp
  * Upgraded Elementalist:
    ** Infernal Rain now an area of effect
    ** Splinterblast and splintersalvo +1 damage and hobble.
  * Stunning Barrage damage +1, reduced stun chance to 50%
  * Upgraded Humanist:
    ** Shackles deals 2x damage
    ** Shardnado doesn't expire
    ** Stunning Barrage 100% chance to stun
  * Upgraded Ignite: You can now ignite tiles without debris
  * Upgraded Indignance: Damage and Range increase by 1
  * Mythweaver: Loredump stuns for two turns on hit
  * Upgraded Mythweaver:
    ** Loredump damage and range increased
    ** Increases the damage and hobble of Greater Constrict.
    ** Lightning Learning: book or statue, +3 potency to ally, decays
  * Upgraded Naturalist:
    ** Wild Grasp becomes a swift action. 
    ** Roots and Shoots: single action AOE creates plant scenery
  * Upgraded Openmind:
    ** Increased range of Interfuse 
    ** Withdraw now free
  * Upgraded Soulsplitting: 2 damage prevented for each interfusion
  * Upgraded Spiritblade:
    ** Blazing Sword and Burning Arrow now single action attacks
    ** Heroes walling with an intefused object gain +10 stunt.
  * Upgraded Vigorflow: +1 damage and +1 speed per intefusion
  * Upgraded Aid: +1 use per combat
  * Upgraded Bard: Swellsong: +50 stunt to nearby allies
  * Bowmaster name changed to Sharpshooter
  * Sharpshooter improves all ranged abilities
  * Upgraded Sharpshooter: +1 Range with ranged attacks
  * Upgraded Endurance: +1 armor and +2 warding
  * Upgraded Hardiness: +50% health, +healing rate, +5 retirement age
  * Upgraded Heroism: +1 action points
  * Upgraded Inspiration: increase aura size and grant 1 warding
  * Upgraded Long reach: + 1.6 range to all abilities and attacks
  * Upgraded Riposte: when hit, +20 dodge until missed, stacks
  * Tinker now grants an ally +3 armor and +2 warding
  * Upgraded Tinker: +1 use per combat
  * Upgraded Viciousness : +1 damage on melee attacks
  * Upgraded Windwalk: +1 use per combat
  * Upgraded Wisdom: +10 retirement age, +15 charisma
  * Theme attack scaling has been halved.
  * Themes attacks all have an upgrade ability now
  * Upgraded theme attack doubles scaling and +1 base damage
New music for the Legacy Browser!
Reduce monster card draw by 1 for Legacy campaign Ch1,2,3
Dart's Cower ability is removed if they attack while it's active
Stunned removes Dart's Cower ability
Attack Scenery now deals a minimum amount of damage
Into the Underworld visual update
Deeven ranged attack is now magic damage
Reduced terror bird shriek range
Specterstep cooldown is slightly increased
Haunts are now easier to see while using Specterstep
Deafened is now a status effect
Stormthroat bird no longer stacks
Reduced staunching spores range by 1
Choosing a face/hairstyle etc no longer closes dropdown
Generic campaigns can now start with any classes
Temp armor will be used up before permanent armor
Ability buttons now show remaining uses and cooldowns
Horn child flanking attacks now hobble instead of pinning
Gorgon pin lasts for one turn instead of two
New incursion defense map
Incursion and Calamity timers now always show in the HUD
New interfusion particles
Multiplayer: Camera adjustments 
Fix a rare map gen issue in Eluna
Fix a bug with bards and big thrusks on plot maps
Fix completed objectives showing particles
Fix a bug with always on mods settings for new games
Fix bug where legacy backup zip had wrong file extension
Fix issue where some large monsters looked blurry
Fix a bug where sentinel wouldn't take weapon range into account
Fix a bug where immune would show up when it shouldn't
Fix a bug where indignance could hit enemies through walls
Fix a bug with non-weldlings having the weldling aspect
Fix a bug where into the fire event was missing a proper name
Fix a bug where the game console showed lots of backend text
Fix a bug where a mortal choice could prevent a hero from dying
Fix a bug with compulsion feedback
Fix a bug where generic intros offered romance options to family members
Fix a bug where Ambush and Sentinel applied debuffs even if they missed
Fix a bug with campaign-only aspects showing up multiple times
Fix a bug where stasis'd creatures could gain and give walling bonuses
Fix a bug where guardian only used one-hand version of theme attacks
Fix a bug where haunt could move twice and attack afterwards
Fix a bug where tree-arm attack could deal 0 damage
Fix a bug where heroes controlled by other players were autoselected
Fix a bug where multiplayer would show interfusion feedback poorly
Fix a bug where Rockshield value wouldn't be removed after being attacked
Fix a bug where amounts in entity tooltips would show up incorrectly
Fix a bug where Weldling's firewall targeted heroes incorrectly
Fix a bug where the Chastised could target heroes in grayplane
Fix a bug where the Chastised could ignore being Engaged
Fix a bug where monsters standing on two fires don't take damage
Fix a bug where taking poison damage would remove blind
Fix a bug where dealing damage to scenery would remove blind
Fix a bug where Terrorbird's inspire would remove blind
Fix a crash bug
Fix some typos
Tools: 8-tile monsters can now be created

0.38+291 Codander Doomwage Hotfix 5

Add a proper map for Light of Day
Fix a common crash with incursion defense

0.38+288 Codander Doomwage Hotfix 5

Fix corrupted how to play images
Add a new quarry map

0.38+287 Codander Doomwage Hotfix 4

Fix a bug where mods were showing incorrectly in options menu

0.38+286 Codander Doomwage Hotfix 3

Fix bugs with promoting at the end of multiplayer games
Fix greater constrict
Fix large cursor obscures tooltips
Adjust hud icon padding

0.38+284 Codander Doomwage Hotfix 2

Fix mods not working in legacy browser
Fix blazing sword, burning arrow should work with 2 fires

0.38+283 Codander Doomwage Hotfix

Fix a crash with save games on some accounts

0.38+282 Codander Doomwage

Drauven Ability Rework!
  * Drauven Blood: All Drauven regenerate now
  * Dart: Cower, hide after taking damage
  * Dart: Prepared Shot, shoot enemies moving through an area
  * Stump: (Calamity) Net Throw, hobble enemies with a net
  * Haunt: Specterstep, ignore the first attack made
  * Haunt: Quickblade, can move after attacking
  * Stormthroat: Harass, send a bird to harass the enemy
  * Stormthroat: Battleyell, command an ally to attack
  * Deevens can intefuse with scenery
  * Terrorbird: Shriek, reduce enemy potency in a cone
  * Gorelord: Blooded Ferocity, take half damage for a turn
  * Pilot: Wingbeat, deal damage and knockback every turn
  * Pilot: Airdrop, fly to a tile and bring an ally along
  * Raid Knight: Charge, rush into the fray
  * Balestar: Sneer, extra movement at the end of its turn
Adjusted Drauven Calamities
New Tidings
Added an autosave at the very beginning of the campaign
Changed and simplified how mods are configured
Multiplayer warning for mismatched mods
Removed "Experimental" tag for multiplayer
Abilites withs status effects now explain them in tooltip
New cursor image
New button styles
Ability buttons now show element type
All theme range attacks now work with ambush
All theme range attacks now work with archery
Throughshot now works with certain ranged theme attacks
Increase damage of jumpjolt, chain lightning and witherbolt
Treecall is now a swift action
Blazing Sword and Arrow now have distance relative to the fire
Retirement Age stat shows if the hero will retire this chapter
Unstoppable aspect no longer protects against reaction strikes
Can now search by name in the legacy select dialogue
New Legacy browser map
Legacy can now show heroes of different tiers
Can now modify hero hooks in the history tab
New in-game menu background
Elsee Arcright now has hooks
Additional Mods section explains Always-On mods
Fix a bug where job time estimates were innaccurate
Fix a bug where health loss from mortal choices didn't stack
Fix a bug where archery triggered while the hero was in stasis
Fix a bug where clicking on the capstone threat gave bad feedback
Fix a softlock where some battles were unplayable
Fix a bug where forge lost aspects when steal fire was used
Fix a multiplayer crash when crafting and the host disconnects
Fix a softlock with archery and mortal choices
Fix a bug with customized hooks in multiplayer
Fix a bug with Answer to Austerity event
Fix a bug where changing hero type didn't adjust the background
Fix a bug with shouldersledge targeting
Fix a bug where disabled mods would reactivate
Fix a bug where enemies show up as invisible in old saves
Fix a crash on Linux with some How to Play pages.
Fix a bug where a quest was firing when that enemy was disabled
Fix a bug with vinewrench and multi-tile monsters
Fix a bug where theGoneOx retirement bonus was permanent
Fix some typos

0.37+276 Ren Northfield Hotfix 2

Chinese translation

0.37+275 Ren Northfield Hotfix

Enable public games with steam matchmaking
Fix a crash with maps with ruins in fields

0.37+274 Ren Northfield

Steam networking for multiplayer!
Tweaking wolf head (adding neck layer)
Compress multiplayer traffic (incompatible with old versions!)
Revamped multiplayer New Server dialog
Several improvements for local multiplayer (and Remote Play)
Added colors for multiple controllers in missions
Added multiplayer "read along with leader" option
L/R stick press when hovering enemy now shows move range
If crash when setting display mode, launch windowed next time
Fix ability button accelerator positions at high dpi
Fix an issue that was bloating save files (more work to do here)
Fix a softlock with mortal choices
Fix a bug where controller input couldn't cancel calamities
Fix a bug where entanglement could target non-mystic 
Fix a duplicate hero in storied bones
Fix a bug with switch relationship when locked

0.36+270 Bingus Dibb

Added Controller Support
Added Multiplayer
New Legacy Recruit Event: Talk of the Town
Building a hero's tomb now grants 2 Legacy Points 
Entanglement Event updates
Friendship bonus now grants extra block when walling
Mortal Choices now only show up if they have a proper target
Sound effects for Storm Theme and Ice Shield
Fix a bug with rerolling a character
Fix a bug with movement tile feedback
Fix a bug with getting patch notes
Fix a bug where thunderstomp could flank
Fix a bug with tidings targeting
Tools: Added ARTIFACT implicit aspect

0.35+264 Daghen Dimmerhelm Hotfix 3

Chinese Translations
Add back, skip and character sheet buttons to tidings and omens
Fix missing icon (Soulsplitting)
Some sfx work
Fixed a crash with promotion dialog with level 8 heroes
Fix a bug where both Jumpjolt and Chain Lightning would show
Tools: Fix bug with blank omen when "pick events" in on
Tools: mods can specify promotion card bg and icon color

0.35+262 Daghen Dimmerhelm Hotfix 2

Some Chinese translations
Prevent incursions from destroying plot-critical sites
Clockwork Tower and Into the Underworld now won't create towns 
Add Frog Tongue move feedback
Fix a couple bugs with chain lightning, add move feedback
Fix a bug with discus and large monsters
Tools: added more npc roles
Tools: added "fast overland time" cheat

0.35+260 Daghen Dimmerhelm

Fix a crash on startup affecting some players :-(
Some Chinese translations (Starseed, Stormwell)
Fix a crash with Book of Stars

0.35+259 Daghen Dimmerhelm

New Event: Out of the Rain
New Event: The Starseed Tree
New Event: The Stormwell
New Theme: Storm
More Incursion Changes!
  * Incursions now start larger
  * Incursions now have a chance to split into two
  * Incursion fight strength doesn't scale as much with size
  * Incursions always target towns
  * Incursion path is shown from the start
  * Infestation effect on incursion rate significantly reduced
  * Improved Incursion Tooltip
  * Grant Legacy Points if an incursion burns out on defenses
  * Defenses have a chance to withstand incursion attacks
New Incursion Defense maps have been added
  * Garrison
  * Farmwall
  * Tunnel Road
  * Pincer Position
New Custom Site maps have been added
  * Library
  * Henge
  * Primal Altar
New Ulstryx Boss music
Top four main menu buttons have been moved under a Play button
Interfuse and Silkstep are now more consistently on the same key
Animated Promotion Dialogue has been added
Remembered Places now appear on sites after certain events occur
Patch Notes now show on the main menu when a patch is released
Game can check if it's out of date and prompt an update
Added a theme choice to Hunting Ambrosia
Warrior Armor stat changes to make the two types more balanced
Ability description updates
Fix a bug where enemies get stuck while trying to reach doors
Fix a bug where capstone assault missions won't autofill
Fix a bug where riposte could proc against ranged attacks
Fix a bug in Unpaid Bill text
Tools: Added an option to disable multi-paste functionality
Tools: Map features can now be changed with events
Tools: Able to forbid specific scenery spawning in map editor

0.34+254 Elsee Arcwright hotfix 1

Try to prevent accidental "start time" commands
Fixed a bug with crafting armor, offhands at towns
Chinese localization tweaks

0.34+253 Elsee Arcwright

New Tiding - Smithcraft (Contest Winner: SleepyDragon)
Incursion Rework!
  * Incursions no longer nest at sites
  * Incursions now move from site to site, ruining them
  * Incursions lose 1 strength with each site ruined or destroyed
  * Incursions disappear when at zero strength
  * Heroes at the tile can defend against incursions at any point
  * New type of incursion mission adds 2-5 farmers to fight for you
  * Farmers gain better gear based on level of tile defenses
  * New defenses weaken incursion strength
  * New defenses offer rain of arrows ability
  * Defenses show up as one to three shield icons
  * New particles and sounds for incursions
  * New incursion defense maps
  * Incursion defense event updates
  * Incursions notify the player when exhausted
  * Prepare Defense event updates
  * Created more consistent NPCs to defend tiles.
Can now craft at towns during chapters
Legacy points can now be traded for resources
Town recruits now happen in two parts (choosing and preparing)
New recruits start with tier 0 armor until chapter 3
New recruits start with tier 1 weapons until chapter 4
Interval recruits after chapter 2 start with tier 1 weapons
Interval recruits after chapter 2 start with tier 1 armor
Jobs now auto-cancel if they're invalid
Most items can be renamed when found
Random button for customizing names
Swap Weapon button in character sheets while not in missions
Added keyboard controls for orbit and zoom
New incursion path animated visual
Added improvements to overland tile ability bar
Clear all button no longer appears when a mission needs one hero
Tooltips added to Doom Track Header
Sites giving too many spellthreads now offer different materials
Legacy file saving made more robust (creates a backup file in case of failure)
New Sounds for several abilities
New particles for Harvest and Dread Harvest abilities
Changed xp sounds
Fix a bug with the town recruit event
Fix a bug where heroes walk into fire instead of extinguishing it
Fix a bug where a mystic was naked
Fix a bug where maximizing screen would break spacebar time toggle
Fix a bug where recruit missions were being prevented
Fix a bug where securing a site didn't give the correct materials
Fix a bug where storied bones event could grant the wrong weapon
Fix a bug with screenshot overwriting
Fix a bug where wiki button and mod name for comics
Tools: Added option to use long name for ability button
Tools: Animate outcome can now be used to play sounds
Tools: Added IncursionDefense mission format
Tools: Event
  * Added canEquip expression
Tools: Map Editor 
  * UseTheseExactPieces now uses sceneryDensity
  * SpecificArea sceneru now respects forbidDrawScenery
  * Added option to now show escape zone until player requests it
  * Added allowBlockingFlag that lets scenery be packed tightly

0.33+249 Gwynne Flutebody Hotfix 2

Chinese event text
Adjust some art assets
Fix broken saves when mountain pass in progress
Fix a rare broken save with carved, spirit capture

0.33+248 Gwynne Flutebody Hotfix 1

Change order of stats to put spell damage above potency
Fix a bug with Wardrobes targeting

0.33+247 Gwynne Flutebody

New Event: A Tight Fit
New Victory: Wardrobes
New Victory: Fading Lights
Added "Carved in Stone" mode (Ironman)
Achievements button in menu to review elemental weapon unlocks
Added icons for elemental and artifact weapons
Added a checkbox to forbid heroes from having children
Spell Damage is now a real stat
Moved advanced shackles from elementalist to humanist
Raider now damages enemies adjacent to destroyed scenery
Prepared shot explains that it deals extra damage
Banners for bridges/passes now show up at location
Now possible to build multiple bridges/passes per tile at once
Adjusted Crow Peck to blind on stunt, reduced stunt damage
Some maps now indicate that more monsters are coming
Spirits will no longer die in fire
Getting elemental artifacts no longer unlocks elemental weapons
Changed color of interfused fire, enemy fire
Fixed bug with offhands for legacy recruits with 2H weapons
Improved performance of legacy saving
Clarified some objectives
Interfuse feedback no longer turns mystic to face it
Fix remove dominate was not present on some difficulties
Fix a bug where inspiration bonuses could become permanent!!
Fix a bug where opportunities didn't correctly resolve
Fix a bug where spirits would prevent some monster spawns
Fix hero selection in labors screen
Fix a bug with upgrading some artifacts 
Fix a bug with fire and lover's vengeance
Fix a bug with Spiritblade and Heroism
Fix a bug with Bloodrage and standing in fire
Fix some typos
Tools: added helpful links to editor landing page
Tools: Comic Editor ease of use improvements
  * new event button in comic editor, improved dialog
  * replaced "new story role dialog" with complex target previews
  * simplified targets to only show relevant stuff
  * event validation now shows in comic view
  * can enable or disable events in comic view
Tools: New Outcome dialog shows suggestions based on context
Dev Mode: preview controller support - not finished!

0.32+243 Anselle Evan

Reworked Event: The Gambler
Updated Event: Amber Hollow
Updated Event: Field of Fire
New Tiding
Overland Art Refresh! looks more consistent, fields are gold now
Unique Weapons Overhaul!
  * Plain unique weapons have been buffed in fun ways
  * Unique weapons are now called Artifacts
  * Artifact weapons have tiers
  * Artifact weapons persist over legacy
  * Artifact weapons can be upgraded, but cost more than base
  * Artifact weapons can NOT be crafted, only upgraded
  * Artifact weapons drop rate adjusted
  * Artifact weapon won't drop if someone already has that weapon
  * Artifact weapons won't appear on new recruits or children
Stunt damage is now shown as a weapon stat
Elemental weapons now deal 1 less damage on stunt
Labors UI overhaul
Saving now immediately closes the dialog
Tweaked mission victory ceremony
Monster health bars are red now
Scorpion tail is now 1/turn
Reduced thornfang usages by 1/turn
Adjusted size of some monsters
Updated Enduring War boss attack (minor)
Bitter Scratch no longer prevents turn end
Fix a bug with Balestar's fireball going through walls
Fix a bug with Coachman's throw going through walls
Fix some typos
Fix a bug affecting Expanded Classes mod
Added some alternative combat maps for certain stations
Tools: Item Editor tab in content editor!
  * Items are now stored in their own files
  * Mod items should migrate automatically, contact us if issues
Tools: added some implicit aspects, can split on them:
Tools: Map Editor 2.0
  * Map Editor: no more text grid
  * Map Editor: can now draw terrain and place scenery with mouse
  * Map Editor: show images when picking scenery/doors
  * Map Editor: improved clarity and tooltips
  * Map Editor: reduced clutter, hid redundant fields
  * Map Editor: better presets for doors, walls, floors
  * Map Editor: explicit control of interior space, random scenery
  * Map Editor: don't need to save map to see changes on reroll

0.31+236 Sani Cavern Hotfix

Chinese Text

0.31+235 Sani Cavern

New Event: Apothecary
New Event: The Unpaid Bill
New Event: Old Guard New Blood
New Event: Collective
Reworked Quest: Farm and Forest
Reworked Quest: Scatter Stand or Still
New Music! Assigned new music to many events
Added new monsters to each group!
 * Deepist: The Faithful
 * Deepist: The Chastised
 * Drauven: Balestar
 * Drauven: Raid Knight
 * Gorgon: Seacaller
 * Morthagi: Coachman
 * Morthagi: Groundskeeper
 * Thrixl: Kinnestend
 * Thrixl: Muse
Added 5 Chapter Legacy Campaigns
Removed non-legacy recruit events from legacy campaigns
legacy campaigns now draw an additional card per fight
Reworked Bartoth as a mage, interfuse and explode allies
Reworked Butler as a butler - cleans and buffs allies
Improved stat comparisons for armor
Sommelier now does magic damage, reduced damage slightly
Late Game Difficulty Increased:
 * increased card threshold for high tier monsters
 * increased health of some high tier monsters
 * added more tracks for low/mid tier monsters (e.g. 2 per card)
 * health calamities now scale with monster base health
Reduced range of Splintersalvo to mainly between the scenery
Minor tweaks to several events
Clarified some objectives in Eluna and the Moth
Legacy heroes now sorted by tier then name in recruit list
Can now save with note, instead of having to add it after
Stasised heroes cannot be stunned or poisoned
New interface options to disable auto camera movement
Customize face/hair dropdowns don't close on select anymore
Death animations don't block for as long
Map seed now visible from this game tab
Aid now removes Mindworm
Removing Mindworm now does not break stealth
Attempt to fix a couple crash bugs
Fix a bug where forbid random romance was not sticking
Fix a rare bug with Eluna map gen (unreachable tile)
Fix skunk spray tooltip 
Fix bug where wild grasp could fail if no destination
Fix a rare crash on load
Tools: now possible to add custom stunts to gear or heroes
Tools: now possible to set and preview music in comic editor

0.30+225 Lynn Yates

New Event: Anchors
New Event: Pulling Threads
Updated Event: Sweltering Stars
Farm and Forest temporarily disabled
Scatter Stand or Still temporarily disabled
Added checkboxes to allow random Romances and Rivalries
Events now less likely to happen if they happened last game
Now possible to change difficulty level during a game
  Note this does not adjust existing calamities etc.
Save games are now zipped - greatly reduces file size
  Old games will load fine, won't be migrated for now
Adjusted Eluna Ch2 Capstone difficulty (bit easier now)
Some work on initial loading time and splash screen
Added a 'random' button when choosing own company name
Tweaked some wing images
Adjusted Comic Back, Skip etc. button visuals
Improved incursion indicator tooltip on overland map
Hunter w/o bow will not fire arrow in Ulstryx Ch1 victory comic
Fix some missing pauldron images
Fix bug with Sylvan Invigoration
Fix bug where Elsee dies but still shows up in tiding
Fix bug where Monarchs mole could show up even if dead
Fixed bug where typing numbers in name field would change tabs
Tools: added a cheat to delete history lines
Tools: editing effects no longer requires restart
Tools: made legacy heroes at towns moddable
Tools: fix a freeze when overriding calamities
Tools: Reworked Editor screen to make important labs clear
Tools: Can now use legacy heroes in events

0.29+220 Eluna and the Moth Hotfix 6

Fix a bug with customizing recruits
Temporarily disabling Wildheart for maintenance
Fix a visual bug on T3 water axe
Add some error protection when creating items
Add better logging for active and background mods

0.29+215 Eluna and the Moth Hotfix 5

Fix a bug where Eluna Ch4 capstone crashed on linux

0.29+214 Eluna and the Moth Hotfix 4

Sibling relationships now stored in legacy
Ensure that Eluna siblings retain status through legacy
Fix a bug where items in mods would not work
Fix some text issues

0.29+213 Eluna and the Moth Hotfix 3

Text tweaks in English and Chinese

0.29+212 Eluna and the Moth Hotfix 2

Fix moth wing description
Chinese text tweaks
Fix weapon loss when customizing inactive legacy heroes 
Fix a bug where particles would linger in legacy browser
Fix a character sheet bug when marking legacy heroes inactive

0.29+210 Eluna and the Moth Hotfix 1

Fix a bug where starting siblings could form a romance

0.29+208 Eluna and the Moth

New Campaign! Eluna and the Moth: a five chapter Thrixl story
New male face (M7)
New female face (F7)
New female face (F8)
New Victory: In Our Wake
New Victory: Fodder
New Victory: Takeaway
New Victory: Up In Smoke
2X and 3X monster cards will now show up later
Thrixl Changes:
  * Removing mindworm now makes you immune for a turn
  * Thrusk +damage calamity separated into 2 calamities
  * Drathix breath now just poisons once
  * Increased etherburn damage based on difficulty and enemy type
Reduced scorpion tail damage.
Reduced recommended starting calamity cards for Walking Lunch
AI now does a better job trying to get to heroes blocked by scenery
Reduced thornfang scaling with potency.
Skunk spray now scales with potency.
Objectives on HUD can now use second line if needed
Fire stunt fireballs can not be blocked or dodged.
Burials now happen before the interval
Dead heroes no longer show in relationships tab
Children can no longer generate with a different last name
Ember arrows and piercing shot now work with morthagi crossbow
Fix a bug where calamity error message would linger
Fix an overland camera bug with inactive heroes
Fix a bug where "pick from legacy" would show up when none to pick
Fix a visual bug with starheart and oldwane curse 
Fix a bug where lover's vengeance would hit wrong enemies in AOE
Fix bug where ember arrows didn't shred armor
Fix bug where stubble didn't work on one head
Fix a bug where some lover events could happen for wrong people
Fix a bug where burials and calamities could show before game over
Fix a bug with plot teleports
Fixed a bug where allies blocked line of sight for knockback abilities
Fix a rare bug with ability prediction causing de-sync
Fix a bug with water stunt and guardian
Fix bug where walking though fire triggered counters against self
Fix a camera panning bug
Fix bug where relationship locking did not work
Fix a pathfinding bug
Fix some text rendering irregularities
Fix bugs with "immune to knockback"
Fix a bug with export card text overflowing
Fix some typos
Tools: aspect validation now recognizes wildcards
Tools: calamities file is now merged instead of overwritten by mods
Tools: searching for effects now looks at all text in the effect
Tools: Added AI Behavior Inspection option (game and combat lab)

0.28+196 Ulf Wast Hotfix 8

Chinese Translation tweaks
Minor adjustments to text layout algorithm

0.28+194 Ulf Wast Hotfix 7

Added 7 new hair styles!
Clicking outside the story dialog no longer skips comics or closes
Fix a bug where hero would change stats after customization (Monarchs)
Fix a bug with Undo and certain mission plots
Fix a visual issue with house walls extending too far

0.28+190 Ulf Wast Hotfix 6

Chinese Translation tweaks and fixes
Fix a bug with travel times when building stations

0.28+189 Ulf Wast Hotfix 5

Chinese Translation tweaks and fixes

0.28+188 Ulf Wast Hotfix 4

Chinese Translation tweaks and fixes
Fix a bug where Bonus Damage augments mentioned Potency in description

0.28+187 Ulf Wast Hotfix 3

Chinese Translation tweaks

0.28+186 Ulf Wast Hotfix 2

Chinese Translation tweaks

0.28+185 Ulf Wast Hotfix 1

Traditional Chinese players will now see Simplified Chinese by default
  Can change back to English in options menu if desired
Fix a bug where text would vanish with certain language / OS settings

0.28+180 Ulf Wast

Added official support for Simplified Chinese!!
Drathix breath reworked, more aoe poison, removed magic damage 
Removed torceline buff from thrusks
Tweak cloak art to look better in gear get
Improvised Fireball rebalanced, no longer deals damage on miss
Thornfang can now only happen up to 2+potency times per turn
Resource card now also shows what you will have at end of chapter
Fixed some npc generation bugs
Fix a bug where npc names could change
Fix a bug where some event recruits could not die
Tools: credits lab works again
Tools: fixed bug where class abilities from mods were not working
Tools: new flag to show mod in mod config dialogs, default true
Translate: updated the knownLocales.json file format
Translate: import/export a loc kit, see editor translation options 
Translate: can now edit/translate inline history in History editor
Translate: can now "tweak" text boxes per language
Translate: scaling / ui should be more uniform with different fonts

0.27+171 Sable Nettelmoth Hotfix 5

Fixed a freeze bug with Turtle Guardian mortal choice
Translate: possible to localize victory/defeat/escape images

0.27+170 Sable Nettelmoth Hotfix 4

Fixed a bug with Enduring Ch2 interval
Fixed a bug with Jealousy of Trees
Fixed a bug with new steam workshop mods
Tools: improved performance when loading comic editor 
Link to Music Kickstarter

0.27+167 Sable Nettelmoth Hotfix 3

Fixed a bug where monster name tags only show first word
Plot Editor validation shows the problem step

0.27+166 Sable Nettelmoth Hotfix 2

Unit portraits now scale better with UI scaling
Fixed a bug with Ulstryx Chapter 2 time limit not extending
Fixed a potential crash bug when resizing or changing scale 
Fixed a bug where low point light limits hurt performance
Fixed a bug where personality stats were generating too high
Fixed a bug with multiple new player dialogs on resize
Fixed a prediction bug with Wardrobe and AOE

0.27+165 Sable Nettelmoth Hotfix 1

Fixed a crash related to in-mission text
Fixed bug where old saves could not recruit legacy heroes

0.27+164 Sable Nettelmoth

Legacy recruits are now per-town, instead of always full roster
Added an Undo system for mis-clicks in mission
  Up to twice per combat you can undo a move (not an attack)
  Some restrictions apply
  Total undos used shown at end of game
Updated UI art for new story options
Updated interval UI art
Updated UI art for doom monster headers
Added graphics option to turn off ability overlay on hover
Hovering over a threat/assault now shows difficulty more accurately
Removed calamity cards now pile up at the bottom for review
Fixed several typos and other text issues
Fixed a bug with always-on mods overriding events
Fixed a bug with specific-named NPCs where the name could revert
Fixed a bug where large pets could break in certain circumstances
Disabled broken instanced particle graphics option
Tools: added <test:expression:pass/fail> tag
Tools: fixed Name Lab crash
Tools: can now override years of peace for intervals
Tools: can use custom text for interval headers
Tools: worked on overland map generation
Tools: added <season+1> ,+2,+3,-1,-2-3 tags
Tools: name and blurb now editable from comics tab
Translate: in-world (scalable) text now supports local fonts
Translate: name data is now translatable (use suffixes)
Translate: added a "translated by" field for each comic

0.26+162 Thollop

New Event: Pebbles and Prayers
Main menu now shows legacy heroes!
Can now name save games to keep track of them
Updated effect of elmsoul belt
Added a splinterskin effect for fully transformed elmsoul
Move animation speed can now be adjusted separately for enemies
Tweaked difficulty on Monarchs intro mission (easier now)
Added a couple combat modifier images
Updated libgdx to 1.9.11
Graphics: Fixed a mouse jitter issue 
Graphics: Added a specific borderless windowed mode
Graphics: Fix Alt+Tab on some machines: now minimizes if in fullscreen
Graphics: Improvements to v-sync behavior
Graphics: Added 144Hz frame limit option
Graphics: Added an option to see fps in the bottom left
Overland music won't play before first event
Frog tongue no longer prevents turn end
Fix some typos
Fix a beard image bug
Fix a bug when a level 0 hero retiring would cause a hang
Fixed visual bug on very short comic dialog boxes
Fixed bug where stasis still allowed AOE damage
Fixed bug where keybind window would scroll to top on each bind
Fixed bug where untouchable/foxflight didn't block flanking attacks
Tools: can turn off auto-tag-close in comic editor
Tools: fix a couple validation and highlighting bugs
Tools: fixed/improved some cheats
Tools: fixed a typo in StepC_Visibility
Tools: entity ids now shown in dev mode
Tools: added tooltips for a lot of comic editor stuff
Translate: added Japanese fonts and language option for community

0.25+160 Shasacan Emberland

New Victory Event: Troubled Sleep
Weddings can now happen as tidings during intervals
New Tidings
Added a back button when viewing comics
Added two new hair styles (1 backer reward - thanks!)
New interface option to speed up or skip movement
Graphics Library Update
  Now using libgdx 1.9.10 / lwjgl 3.2.1 / glfw libraries
  Now possible to pick a display mode and refresh rate
  Separate control to limit FPS
  Default fullscreen behavior should be borderless windowed
  Made HDPI behavior more consistent on Mac
  Graphics sliders show numbers
  Possible to adjust point light limit
  Can now configure pixel multiple from graphics options
Source mod of event now visible in story dialog (upper right)
Mods and mod authors are now listed in the credits
Overland music no longer plays between event and battle
Added a warning to Ulstryx Ch2 when time is getting low
When a hero has 2 identical history lines, only 1 will show
Fixed some typos
Fixed bug with Bard and Thrusk targeted in same attack
Fixed history customization from the legacy browser
Fixed a rare bug where reloading (loading?) a mission would fail
Fixed bug with frog head disappearing in certain panels
Tools: added contextual colored text to comic editor
Tools: much more thorough, detailed, and specific comic text errors
Tools: typing < now adds > and opens an auto-complete window
Tools: auto-complete roles, aspects, stats, and tags
Tools: fix a crash when typing '.' in panel split editor
Tools: limited scroll rate for some lists
Tools: rearranged the order of some roles to put common ones first
Tools: thumbnail lists previews now a more reasonable size
Tools: fake individuals now have positions (for .directionTo. tag)
Tools: comic editor 'optionals' promoted to 'settings' dialog
Tools: settings dialog allows to preview role aspects/classes
Tools: mod campaigns can now specify splash image from mod folder
Tools: now possible to force npcs to generate with last names
Tools: mods can now define custom credit lines (see example mod)
Tools: mods can opt out of story-dialog and credits visibility
Tools: view/edit long name from comic editor
Tools: new cheat to add LP from company character sheet
Tools: may now paste copied elements onto lists directly
Tools: actors copied between panels now preserve visual size
Tools: holding shift while moving a comic actor moves them all
Tools: fixed: Escaping from an edit in a dialog would close it
Tools: optional role outside of .exists tag shows an error
Tools: added recruitCostAdjustment aspect for recruiting from legacy
Translate: personality nouns and adjectives may now use tags (<mf:...>)

0.24+151 Jia Trackvell Hotfix

Fixed missing objective gradient image
Fixed some typos and text inconsistencies

0.24+150 Jia Trackvell

New Event: Spotted
Reworked Event: Splinter
Several new and updated Tidings
HUD art pass, and HUD performance work
Stone stunt now interrupts enemy movement
Warrior backslam now works with gem arm shield
Skeleton theme no longer gets aging debuffs
Adjusted some calamity track names
Guardian and Interfuse class abilities now show in character sheet
Heroes with two skin colors now mix the colors (blue skin + deepist)
Prevent duplicate "fought in X company" history lines
Splinterblast particles now show correctly when targeting the scenery
Multiple status effect particles will show on monsters now
Added dotted line feedback to show interfusion ability direction
Combine soulsplitting announcements to 1 line
Changed objective animations and colors
Crow peck is now once per turn instead of every-other
Screen particles should look better at high resolutions
Doom Track and Archives should look better at high resolutions
Fixed bug where a transformation could replace the wrong weapon
Fixed bug where soulsplitting was too eager to damage scenery
Fixed bug with soulsplitting/calcify interaction
Fixed bug where calcify didn't show in tooltips
Fixed bug where pet bird was behind inactive weapons
Fixed animation timing issues with indignance
Fixed bugs where status animations would play on dead monsters
Fixed blank monster cards, and show number if there are 4 or more
Fixed crash bug with heroes with $ in name
Fixed a rare case where wrong generic boss would show up
Fixed missing text for Will of the Forest attack
Fixed bug where spirits caught in caves would show as outside
Fixed bug where hero with pet could get pinecone pet
Fixed bug where hook quests would stick around if 2nd hero retired
Fixed bug where Aid was healing for wrong amount
Fixed a rare soft-lock during interval
Fixed some visual issues with certain tooltips
Fixed a rare soft-crash that affected some events
Fixed "and <volunteer>" for hook quests with no volunteer.
Fixed several typos
Fixed a layout bug when switching players
Fixed a new game bug when you have no playable legacy heroes
Fixed bug where recruit dialog "pick" button didn't check playability 
Fixed missing traps feedback when defending with one stunned hunter
Tools: much better expression display and validation (for effects)
Tools: better event debugging for tidings using pick events
Tools: better feedback in pick events for some fail cases
Tools: added Romanian to known languages for community translation  
Tools: can now use lowest() and highest() in place of min(), max()
Tools: Fixed some bugs with mortal choice / pick events interactions
Tools: fixed validation bug for effects with parameters

0.23+148 Triss Thornfire Hotfix

Hero portrait stars now based on level instead of abilities
Windwalk no-longer breaks stealth
Additional logging to try to catch startup crashes
Fix ambush tooltip to say 2 heroes instead of 3
Fix hard-to-read text on Legacy Points help screen
Tools: fixed crash on mod config

0.23+147 Triss Thornfire

Legacy Hero Campaign
  * A new 3 chapter generic campaign balanced for legacy heroes
  * (5 chapter is still TBD pending additional design and content)
UI Art Overhaul Part I
  * All menus and dialogs have fancy new art
  * New game dialog: art treatment for campaigns
  * HUD has not yet been updated
Ambushes now only happen with 2 heroes
Ambushes don't scale so much in later chapters
Upon hero retirement, player may now choose a rookie to train up
Choosing legacy recruit abilities now happens before Labors
Resources panel now shows what you'll gain at the end of the chapter
Can now spend a promotion to update mythwalkers
Added keystone fights to final chapters of generic campaigns
Retreat button disabled when not relevant
Fix a bug with beard streaks
Fix a bug on maiming where a 1-handed weapon would get replaced too
Tools: intervals can now control number of foe cards added in chapter

0.22+142 Calidia and Gari

New Event: Storied Bones
New Victory Event: Apologies
New Victory Event: A Named Place
Updated Quest: Needed Elsewhere
Several new Tidings
Renamed difficulty levels:
  Tragic Hero
  Walking Lunch
Difficulty Rework: The game's getting harder!
  Some doors start open at higher difficulties
  Tower map is larger when more enemies are present
  Large open maps now delay some enemy spawns
  Walking Lunch difficulty now +1 card in every fight
  Tier 2 and 3 weapons are more expensive
  Reduced rate of weapon and armor drops after fights
Quellingmoss now works with all melee attacks, including theme attacks
Added flying step sound for enemies with wings 
Gear rewards now have a small chance to be higher tier  
We now disallow editing hero personality during a game
Added particles to Will of the Forest tree spawn
Fix a bug with prediction for Wolf Frenzy
Fix a bug with vine arm entangle
Fix a bug where stasised heroes could use reaction strikes
Fix some missing scenery names
Always-On Mods:
  Added an option for mod authors of mods that grant gear, abilities...
  Always-On mods can be configured in the options menu
  Should allow heroes to look correct in the legacy browser
Fixed several typos and text bugs
Fixed a bug with Skysinger AI
Tools: new combat modifiers: Stealth, Haste, Exhaustion, Anticipation
Tools: can now spawn correct ruins scenery using <Env> tag
Tools: combat modifiers now work when using missionPlanOverride
Tools: exposed several more balance numbers for modding
Tools: work towards deprecating old hard-coded campaigns

0.21+140 Kyrmark Hotfix

Fixed missing "Rivalry, Friendship, Romance" textboxes in Ulstryx
Clarified foothillStonewall description
Fixed a bug where new customizations didn't carry over into the legacy
Fixed bug where history would disappear for some characters

0.21+139 Kyrmark

New Event: Music of the Deep
Reworked Quest: For a Friend
Added customization options for gender, body type, voice, and attraction
Can now set gender to non-binary (they/them)
Can now set attraction to anyone (bi)
Improved AI pathing - previously sometimes got stuck, shouldn't anymore
Many Ranged enemies will stand further back now
Added a few new scenery pieces
Added a new hair style
Sharktrap now 1 trap per tile instead of 1 big trap (buff)
Damaging scenery now shows damage text and health bar
Hovering over scenery now shows health bar
Improved scenery interfusion tooltips
Added sfx for hero wings and stone legs, and corrupted ground
Added graphics options to turn off some or most particles
Replaced solid gradient ability overlay with fancy textures
Adjusted particles on selected and hovered units to be more visible
Archery now works with morthagi crossbow and shooting star
Added a content note for amputation / loss of limbs
Added SFX for monster search, windwalk, adjusted XP SFX
Fixed some overly-deterministic abilities (random targets now random)
Fixed some typos and bad tags
Fixed a bad interaction between Frenzy and Broadswipes
Fixed bug where 2-handed weapons were not properly replaced when maimed
Fixed some rare player-reported bugs (NPEs in logs)
Fixed some bugs with camera movement
Fixed a bug where dead heroes could show up in Monarchs Ch3 events
Fixed bug where heroes with 4 theme limbs would not get a mortal choice
Fixed a bug where some lamps didn't provide cover when extinguished
Tools: log mod name in addition to id when there's an error in a mod
Tools: removed many old/obsolete stories
Tools: added an Objective to test aspects
Tools: added an Objective to test arbitrary expressions 
Tools: LegacyQuery now only shows fields relevant to selected type
Tools: Added ForEach outcome, which executes an outcome for each target
Tools: 10 most recent effects/aspects/comics now at top of list
Tools: Holding Ctrl when expanding/collapsing a node acts recursively
Tools: Can now grant gear based on expressions (e.g. chapter number)
Tools: Can now specify combatants based on expressions
Tools: added TIDING_WRAPUP_FINAL for "very last panel" during credits
Tools: Can now play a save file that uses a workshop mod that you own

0.20+137 Aulander Jaeger

New Event: Burden of Beasts
New Event Chain: Shiny, Dug Up, The Merchant
New Event: Familial
Reworked Quest: Dodging Destiny
Lover and Rival relationships can now be "locked" across all games
Adjusted (increased) armor values on heavy armor
Reduced dodge of Wildergard and Traveltraff
Battledance now only affects melee attacks
Vigilance now grants an extra 1+potency attacks instead of infinite
Theme Attack and Potency Rework!!
  Adjusted most theme attacks to scale with bonus damage AND potency
  Replaced potency stat on wands and staves with spell damage
  Interfusion abilities use spell damage, theme attacks don't
  Mystic armor also gives spell damage instead of potency
  Rebalanced theme leg stats
  Separated Damage and Potency augments (going forward)
  Reworked and rebalanced several theme attacks
  Adjusted bonus damage and potency given on level up
  Many class abilities now scale with potency (damage or range)
Abilities now show damage in character sheet and theme advancement
Show damage formulas for many/most attacks
Vinewrench and Wild Grasp now pin the enemy
Insidious Filament is now passive, applies 2 poison to adjacent monsters
Increased range of Shackle interfusion recipe
Celestial Path no longer gives bonus to monsters
Riposte can now use theme arm attacks
Updated stat descriptions for consistency / clarity
Killing a boss with a reaction now grants victory immediately
Silkstep now shows as disabled if there are no valid destinations
Healing rate now has a min of 0.5 when not traveling
Spelltouched now gives -0.5 bonus damage
Improved feedback for soulsplitting
All hooks now have more appropriate combat maps
Mountain Mischief B and Great One have custom maps.
Skeleton stat changes should be permanent now
Tails (wolf and crow) are now granted automatically when you have a leg
Fixed bug where shred could be higher than armor
Fixed bug where some audio would still play when master volume was at 0
Fixed some bug with move-attack feedback
Fixed bug where compulsion didn't require line of sight
Fixed bug where hook quests involving retired heroes would stick around
Fixed rare cases where damage and shred could be fractional
Fixed: star dance would put the job on an unexplored tile
Fixed: attacking threats sometimes didn't show travel time
Fixed: attacking incursions used all heroes by default
Fixed several typos
Tools: implicit aspects (ALLY, etc..) can now be used in expressions
Tools: fixed bug where comic would crash if you deleted all panels
Tools: aspects and effects have a new "formula" field (will show in gray)
Tools: fixed bug where override name tags would get deleted
Tools: improved aspect search bar
Tools: improved alignment, selection and cursor behavior of text areas
Tools: Added RemoveGear outcome
Tools: added hints for all Outcomes.

0.19+135 Adivia

Reworked Event: Waterling
Transformations (themes) can now advance during intervals!
You will get up to one choice per hero per interval, yes/no
Facial Hair is now separate from hair style!
Full beards work with male faces (must be drawn per-expression)
Several varieties generate and can be customized separately
Children now track both parents!
Parent-Child and Family relationships are now stored in the Legacy!
Family relationships are now noted in the Relationships tab
Defeating incursions now grants 2 legacy points
Remove attack-range calamities
Reduced combat text spam for corrupted ground, etc..
Themes are now better organized in the character sheet
Fixed a bug with Celestial theme
Fixed bug where mortificial wristbolt ignored Bowmaster
Fixed a bug where resource panels were not showing right number
Fix a rare crash bug with gear popup
Add an option to use local font sets or not (default not)
Fixed several typos
Tools: better language and translation mode options from the editor
Tools: Add cheats to manipulate family relationships
Tools: can bundle and unbundle non-comic effect text for translation

0.18+132 Dahlia Leraan Hotfix 2

Warning popup if you try to load a game with missing mods
Fix a couple bugs with recently released stories
Tools: Steam workshow mods show their name instead of number

0.18 Dahlia Leraan Hotfix

Fix a bug that prevented Enduring Chapter 3 from continuing

0.18 Dahlia Leraan

New Event: Lockwords
New Event: Answer to Austerity
New Mission Victory: Monstertalk
New Mission Victory: In the Dark Hours
New Mission Victory: Resistant
Add a random seed field to new game dialog that's used when generating map
Increase tier 3 one-handed axe shred to 2
Increase tier 2 and 3 two-handed axe shred to 2
Added shred to clockstopper
Bitter Scratch now a swift Action
Added confirm step to forget legacy hero, can now forget promoted heroes
Increased speed of XP and calamity card animations
Fixed several typos
Fixed a bug where skeleton could be selected for romance
Fixed a bug where monarchs ch2 recruit could be cancelled
Fixed a bug where you could pick the same legacy hero twice (crashed) 
Tools: added many tooltips, especially for plots and scenarios
Tools: color coding for plot steps
Tools: New Campaign tool revamped, friendlier and more flexible
Tools: now possible to make mods that add hair, faces, heads
Tools: moved data out of humanSkin.json and into assets/data/peopleParts
Tools: improved order of entities when using inspect in comic tool
Tools: fixed a bug where scenario (e.g. roster) changes were not reloaded

0.17+125 Adrien Vehemen Hotfix

Fixed some issues with promoting heroes
Fixed a bug where a duplicate Locate Site objective appears in Monarchs Ch2
Fixed a couple bugs with text migration + steam mods
Fixed a bug where theme source text would save to a locale-specific file
Fixed attack-range feedback for pet morthagi
Tools: Fixed a bug where DAMAGE expression was not working from Test outcome
Tools: Fixed a bug when viewing monster attacks in editor

0.17+123 Adrien Vehemen

New Event: Silver and Shadows
New Mission Victory: How it Begins
XP Rework - Adjusted XP rewards
  Most missions now give 5 XP per enemy cards
  Defense missions give 3 XP per monster card
  Plot missions give custom amounts of XP
  Experience Point gain now visible at end of missions
  (placeholder sfx)
  Added an experience bar to the character sheet
Promotion dialogs now show stat changes
Added a help page for Tile Defense, which shows up the first time
Replacement heads now can have facial expressions (wolf, crow, frog)
Prevent saving in the middle of animations, which caused some broken saves
Hook quests no-longer target family members
Fixed a bug where heroes could have kids at inappropriate ages
Fixed a bug where siblings could become lovers
Fixed a bug where "constructing mission" would show at the wrong time 
Fixed a bug where the game could get stuck due to promoting a retired hero
Fixed a soft-lock when killing shadow messiah with archery
Fixed a bug where Monarchs final mission comic failed for some players
Fixed a bug in monarchs chapter 2 that caused a farmer to be recruited
Fix a rare bug where omen would not show
Fixed a bug where theme limbs reported wrong speed number
Fix a bug where Crow Theme would give a random limb instead of head or wings
Fixed a bug where 6,7 chapter campaings only gave 1 promotion (now 2)
Fixed several typos
Localization Tech! It's now possible to localize the game, including comics
  Now possible to select an language form Options > Interface
  Comic text is now stored in assets/text/effects/...
  Use standard country code suffixes for properties files (java style)
  E.g. or
  Possible codes:
  Comic tool saves text to selected (or detected) locale
  Comic tool can select a source language to translate from side-by-side
  For now extra loc files can be stored in mods to deliver them to players
  We don't yet have professional translations lined up
  Added simplified chinese fonts
Tools: suppress log spam for wrong mod id for steam mods
Tools: added krfln ("kin or ship") split tag
Tools: fix a bug with <int:> tag

Unstable notes:
Fixed a bug where theme limbs reported wrong speed number
Fix a bug where Crow Theme would give a random limb instead of head or wings
Fixed a bug where 6,7 chapter campaings only gave 1 promotion (now 2)
Comic tool saves text to selected (or detected) locale
Comic tool can select a source language to translate from side-by-side
Tools: added krfln ("kin or ship") split tag

0.16+119 Monarchs Hotfix

fix an issue with the Ulstryx campaign final objective not showing up
fix a NPE crash with calamity popup
attempt to fix a soft-lock from a hidden blocking event
fix final fight notification for generic campaigns

0.16+118 Monarchs Under the Mountain

New Campaign! Monarchs Under the Mountain: a five chapter Deepist story
New Event: Far We Go, High We Climb
Reworked Quest: Wandering Church of Dale -> The Mending Path
Reworked Event: Ghost in the Machine -> Kirdock's Tower
New recruit event: One for the Road
New recruit event: In Good Company
Updated event: Remember This One
Updated generic retake the station/town events
Updated incursion defense event
Updated ambushed event
Added particles and feedback for enemy spawn zones in plot missions
Improved overland objective feedback (new icons, tooltips etc..)
Remove recruit cost penalty for large company size
Guardian and Sentinel can now stunt
Added particles for deepist abilities and auras
Tweaks and improvements to party select dialog
Star theme has legs now
Having a hero escape now selects the next hero
Sentinel now respects pinned status
Adjust visual sizes of deepist figure
Adjusted ui scaling threshold resolutions
Attacking Father Fungus no-longer shows friendly fire warning
Art cleanup for some hero facial expressions
Fixed fireleash and steal fire tooltips to show correct damage
Improved shardnado damage prediction
Armor and warding icons in portrait now shrink to fit
Added ability tooltips when picking legacy hero abilities
Children will no longer generate same first name as parent
Improved placement of bridge/pass jobs, should always be accessible now
Clarified leg speed numbers (more clear prosthetic leg is a debuff)
Fixed a number of memory leaks - particularly video memory
Fixed a bug where Jigsaw mission victory would show dead heroes
Fixed a bug where figures sometimes didn't block line of sight
Fixed a bug with frog tongue move feedback
Fixed a bug where left crow leg would not show up on male mystic
Fixed a bug where Terms of Endearment could happen multiple times
Fixed some typos and minor event issues
Fixed a bug where heroes could show up as different ages in tidings
Fixed bug where steal fire wouldn't work on fireplaces
Fixed a bug where forgetting a legacy hero could lead to a crash
Fixed a bug where a wrong version of an npc could show up sometimes
Improved camera handling for Discus
Tools: difficulty levels now work in battles (embarrassing!)
Tools: changing an event id will now also change the source file

Monarchs Updates Notes:

0.15+114 Lylcon Stormpuck

Many new mission victories (12?!) for when a hero dies:
  The Long Struggle
  Deliver a Message
  Dark is Darker
  I Believed
  The Golden Mountain
  Carried Out
  When You're Ready
  Words in Ash
Horn Child:
  Gang Up: flanking attacks pin.
  Prophet's Fury: if start turn injured, gain fury, stacks up to 3x
  Remove channel
Murk Mother:
  Pact of the Deep: spawn Horn Child when interfused ally dies
  Remove channel
  Gets her own spawn card track
Father Fungus:
  Staunching Spores: heal ally within range
  Crotchety: counters missed ranged attacks against himself
  Remove transformation to Mushrox
  Gets his own spawn card track
Shadow Hunter:
  Goreleap: leap 3 tiles, damage and shred near landing spot
  Unstoppable: can't be pinned or hobbled, reaction attacks miss
  Remove ranged attack
  Shouldersledge: charge through and knock back foes
Crow theme now has limbs, crow claws pierce 1 and blind on stunt
Frog head now has a tongue attack (similar to bogmoor)
Legacy will now track which companies your heroes participate in
New icons for quellingmoss, windwalk
Tweak windwalk, longer range and can go through walls to visible tiles
Increase throwing knife flanking damage
Quellingmoss flank mark now from self instead of blast origin
Tinker does not block end of turn anymore
Mystic shackle recipe now deals damage
Removed "shackled," use "pinned" instead
Hooked up some missing sfx for monsters
Implement status effect sfx (positive and negative)
Fixed a bug where guardian/sentinel would not cover scenery tiles
Fixed a bug with obscured heroes where monster turn would never end
Fixed a rare crash if an incursion and a capstone started at same time
Fix tidings firing when they shouldn't
Fix bug where stormsend could go through walls
Fixed bug where vigorflow didn't increase damage for ranged attacks
Tools: improved validation of Mission and Combatant data
Tools: improved feedback on which targets will be affected by outcomes

0.14+112 Juli Brickers

New Event: Where We Find Ourselves
New Event: Hitching a Ride
New Event: The Heirloom Spring (Pet Contest Reward!)
Several new tidings
Tidings should be more consistenly relevant to chapter doings
Will now see movement feedback when using Zealous Leap, Silkstep etc.
Improved movement feedback for interfusion, off-hand/theme attacks...
Greatly reduced (nerfed) retirement age variation for new heroes
Also Reduced bonus damage and potency variation for new heroes
Game now autosaves upon reaching the Labors screen during intervals
Many mystic recipes now correctly use bonus range
Fireleash and steal fire no-longer pierce 1 warding
New history line origins for children of heroes
Wild Grasp now scales with potency like other recipes
Fix a bug where vinewrench used melee accuracy instead of ranged
Fixed a bug where npcs from missions would be forgotten
Fixed a bug with npcs swapping out in some events (great one)
Fixed a bug with throughshot and bowmaster
Fixed a bug with backslam and multi-tile enemies
Tools: added some family-related lookups HAS_PARENT, CHILD_OF, etc..
Tools: monster mod tweaks can now be stored with the monster definition
Tools: removed old deprecated stunt results from monsters
Mods: Company, Tiles, Towns and Sites now execute DAILY and MONTHLY effects

0.13+109 Darrel Trace

New mortal choice and tidings for Turtle Guardian
New Event: Terms of Endearment
Reworked Quest: For an Old Wish Passing
Reworked Quest: The Lonely Cost -> The Prisoner
Reworked Quest: The Unstilled Heart
Reworked Event: ClockworkThieves -> Mark of the Times
Reworked Event: Music of the Night -> A Night Visitor's Song
Updated Event: One False Step
Common Abilities Rework:
  Viciousness is now +1 damage for melee attacks.
  Endurance now gives +2 armor
  Aid now removes negative status effects
  Removed Soulstrike and Divine Athlete from ability deck
  Windwalk: swift action, once per combat, mid-range teleport
  Tinker: swift action, once per combat, restore all armor to self or ally
  Bowmaster now removes the minimum bow range
Hunter Rework!
  Removed Phantomflare and Traverse from ability deck
  Ember Arrows now starts a fire on the destination tile
  Foxflight: activate -> now dodges the next two attacks, no time limit
  Archery now also procs if adjacent allies are attacked
  Quellingmoss now includes an active AOE poison bomb
  Crippling Strikes: attacks Hobble the enemy
  Piercing Shots: ranged attacks pierce 2 armor
  Jumpjaw: usable twice per combat, applies poison if have Quellingmoss
Mystic ability: Vigorflow: +1 damage on physical attacks per interfusion
Removed 'once per turn' restriction for offhand item actives
Tweaked largest text size to be a bit smaller.
Stacking status effects now show a stack number in tooltip
Improvements to combat camera for sequential attacks
Poison damage should animate faster
Reduced weight of +Range calamities
Improved look of +/- resource announcement panels
Slots dialog shows wounded heroes
Weapon categories and subcategories displayed in more places
Now cannot prepare defense on tile with lurking threat
Fire damage animation now won't play if no damage done
"Bury hero" jobs now autocomplete during intervals or on game victory 
Jobs to build stations now show costs and build time in initial dialog
Fix broken text in "Mountain Mischief"
Fix typos
Fixed a bug where capturing a spirit in the final battle didn't work
Fixed a bug where failing a hook quest would grant a reward
Fixed a bug where prepare defense job was visible on unreachable tile
Fixed a rare crash bug when two missions happened at once
Fixed a bug where pressing Escape would prevent screen-edge panning
Fixed a bug where some theme arm abilities would be listed twice
Improved feedback for pierce
Improved feedback for enchanted barricades
Turned off "Heart of the Forest" campaign (should not have been on!)
Tools: fix performance issue in the Effects tab for certain comic events
Tools: fixed crash related to Skip Promotions cheat
Tools: added TRUE_DAMAGE_ROLL_INCOMING effect type
Tools: fixed RemoveTheme to not add weird prosthetics

0.12+106 Pixle Masterson

Reworked Event: Only Human
Reworked Event: The Unstilled Heart
Updated Event: The Geometry of Magic
Added larger font sizes for high dpi monitors.
Increased outfit armor across the board - 
Warrior Ability - Untouchable - On kill, evade the next attack within 1 turn
Adjusted character sheet text so it doesn't overlap head so much
SFX for spirits
Hook quests now grant a full level instead of just an ability
Hook quests can now only happen once per relationship per game
Hook quests now grant + retirement age
Hook resolution now stored in legacy
Add monster group name to calamity cards
Added Character Sheet and Skip buttons to story dialog
Added "Blackhorn" rank localization (top rank was previously unspecified?)
Fixed a bug where the "increased range" calamity had no effect for most monsters.
Added "attack range" for factions that were missing it (all except morthagi)
Fixed a bug where broadswipes didn't work for theme attacks
Fixed a bug where stone stunt could hit through walls
Fixed a bug where pin did not affect some thrixl abilities
Fixed a bug where pilot "dispirited" effect was not working
Fixed several events that used Inhabited
Fixed a bug where crag eagle tiding was not happening when it should
Made Mo-Atona non-interactive
Fixed a bug where missing items (inactive mods) would break saves, legacies 
Fix a bug that caused problems when multiple steam mods were enabled
Fixed a bug where wardrobe could spawn twice in some circumstances
Fixed a bug where pinned warriors were losing their turn
Calamity buff icons and blurbs are more consistent
SFX for infestation
Bard and Wisdom buffs more visible in slots dialog
Spirit objective now shows turns left
Wall caps should look better
Health bar now shrinks armor and warding to fit
Visual clean up in various comics 
Generated children should not have history that claims they are orphans etc..
Added smoke vfx for haberdasher
Better feedback and animation for Raider
Showing better range info for several monster abilities (Bogmoor, Scorier)
Viewing character sheet for party now shows a hero in the party
Can now enable cheats after starting a game
Better feedback for unreachable tiles
Slots dialog now shows better travel time estimates
Modding: images from mod folders can now be used in comics
Modding: encounter and tiding effects show warnings if not enabled
Modding: Added many tooltips to the editor
Modding: History lines now correctly store localization in mod folder
Modding: pick events fail reasons are more accurate and helpful
Modding: can now do lookups on other roles from score functions
Modding: Better logging when an event doesn't fire
Modding: relationships tab in dev mode now shows tier 0 relationships

0.11+103 Opellia Bluster

New Story: Settling In
New Story: A Novel Decision
New Music for gorgon and morthagi boss fights!
Special Boss Death animations + sfx
Several new tidings & retirements
Overall Balance and Difficulty Changes
  Reduce all bow and crossbow damage by 1!
  Remove wield from the game!
  Adjust various items in response to changes (dueling swords)
  Fire abilities can now be blocked (mystic nerf)
  Decrease monster damage generally in JKR and CSL difficulties
  Nerf specific outliers like Watchman, Batchby, Bartoth that were too lethal
  Reduce calamity frequency in JKR an CSL
  Getting a maimed arm now replaces 2H weapon with equivalent 1H version
  Start with more LP in Age of Ulstryx and Enduring War on JKR and CSL
  Stone Stunt now pins nearby units in addition to shred
  Fire Stunt now deals magic damage pierce 1 instead of true damage
  Nerfed Wardrobe - reduced health of spawned units
  Open Door is now a swift action instead of totally free
  All attacks that fail to get through armor now shred 1
  Increased tier 0 mace knockback to 1.6
  Snakestrike deprecated, riposte now happens on both block and dodge.
  Removed possibility of dodging when walking through fire
  Shieldshear no-longer benefits from ranged weapons - uses melee range
Now possible to delete player accounts from the account menu
New Hairstyle (reward - blame Jargo :-)
Fire Chicken SFX
Mystic abilities like splinterblast now properly take advantage of flanking
Fixed a bug where recruited legacy heroes would not have their levels or stats 
Fixed a bug where legacy heroes would get different off-hand items
Legacy heroes now only keep off-hand items if recruited in chapter 2+
"Blinded" now correctly affects all AOE targets (e.g. Drathix)
Fixed a bug with Starheart
After chapter end, secure/research/repair jobs are removed (will be completed)
Fixed a bug where monsters spawned by summoning did not have calamities applied
Fixed targeting on wolfFriend tiding
Fix a bug where gear pop ups in combat lab would cause a soft lock
Fix a bug where editing an event from in game would cause a soft lock
Spirit capture dialog more clear
More clear that Seacave fight is endless and escape is the only option
Reduce difficulty of Enduring Ch2 capstone (poison gas) on JKR and CSL.
Fix a bug where riposte would keep attacking
Fixed a bug where some item stat boosts would affect other (non-weapon) attacks
Fixed a bug where the name of the wrong town would show in a tooltip
Fixed a bug where the generic gorgon campaign said "Age of Ulstryx"
Fixed many typos, missing tags, and instances of dev text
Several improvements to Steam Workshop integration (edit image, name/blurb, tags)

0.10+98 Ryvio Wartmarch

Can now customize hero personality stats
Reworked Story: Drifters
New Theme: Sylvan
Fixed several memory leaks
Fixed a bug where augments (rings, cloaks, pauldrons etc.) would get wrong stats on load
Added a tutorial panel for Legacy Points
Changed shooting star to magic damage
Fixed a bug where evading fire damage would show an extra animation
Removed interfusion slot requirement for compulsion
Differentiate "Swift Actions" from free actions in UI. Swift are "free once per turn."
Crossbows now correctly give +5 accuracy
Nerf Bartoth speed to 4 instead of 5
Fixed wrong "retake the station" being triggered.
Fixed a bug where it was sometimes impossible to secure 2 sites at once
Fixed a bug where sacrificed hero could show up in party select during next chapter
Fixed a bug where promotion events for retired heroes could block the game.
Ulstryx Chapter 2 (Seacave Escape) now easier on Rowling and Lewis
Don't show continue button if most recent save is a completed game
Clean up some log spam, including "skeleton fire is missing animation attack"
Improved layout of "customize mods" dialog
Additional tiding for wolf theme
Fixed a bug where fire stunt could go through walls
Jumpjaw now correctly a swift action
Use correct monster for Library of Light
Use origin town name instead of "Bunch of Farmers"
Fixed a bug where Enduing Mortificer would show up as a human in combat.
Fixed (most/all?) cases where dead heroes could show up in the credits
Fixed: Comic editor did not work in countries where , is used for decimal separator
Fix a couple small bugs with Labors screen
Fixed a bug where choosing the same legacy hero twice in recruit popup would fail
Fixed various typos and missing text
Fixed a couple of tool crashes
Wiki: get rid of Ability: and Event: prefixes for wiki links

0.9+94 Cathryn Del Hunt

Calamities now correctly buff monsters on GRRM Difficulty
Enduring War chapter 4 hero now correctly added to legacy
Engaging now removed if engaged enemy is killed
Added particles for Stalwart

0.9+93 Cathryn Del Hunt

Mystic Nerf:
  Interfusion abilities no longer use Potency for accuracy
  Steal Fire is now turn ending, but increased range
Updated Story - Spirit of the Forest
Reworked Story - Great One
Hovering over enemy portrait now shows their movement range
Now possible to edit History text for characters.
Defense maps now always put escape zone near hero start zone
Fixed crash when crafting offhand items
Fixed crash related to mods with no scenarios
Corrupted player accounts should no longer crash the game
Increase logging around some mysterious crashes :-(
Fix various typos / missing tags
Ulstryx chapter 2 now provides 2 prebuilt bridges / passes instead of 1
Modding: Monster mods are now done via monsterTweaks, tweak data now lives in mods
Modding: Can now put a preview.png in the mod folder to be used as workshop preview image

0.9+88 Cathryn Del Hunt

New Story: Avenger - TamTroll's contest reward!
New loading screen art!
Fixed a bug where certain battles would crash when launched
Adjust several town recruit events
Recruit and Station jobs show LP cost in tooltip, appear disabled if you can't afford
If an event replaces an arm causing a hero to have no weapon, give them a basic weapon.
Improved monster descriptions for spawn cards
Fixed a bug where spectral lantern and spellshard didn't function properly
Spellshard no-longer craftable
Updated some dialogs to put Done or Confirm on the right, for consistency
New FX for concussed, hobbled, and mindwormed.
Renamed Prophet to Shadow Hunter
Fixed a bug with calamity and incursion UI on resize
Removed incorrect history line for Crag Eagle fail case
Job Banners look more clickable now
Fixed several free actions that were preventing the turn from ending
Control the pace of "2 spectiks", "3 spectiks" calamities so they can't happen too soon
Nerf Bard - no longer gives LP per battle. reduces recruit cost by 1 instead.
Fixed bug where heroes could show up naked in gear popups in some cases
Show +3LP on retirement
Increase the cost of wands
Decrease warrior XP thresholds
Warrior: Engage now has no cooldown, grants +1 armor per engaged foe, added particles
Limit free action from water stunt to once per turn
Leaving behind gear now grants a crafting resource instead of a legacy point
Reduce Weldling armor
Added blurbs explaining difficulties
Fixed bug where shackle could affect allies
Fixed bug with targeting in One False Step
Balance monster stats - H.P. Lovecraft monsters don't deal additional damage.
Building Stations now cost 1 LP instead of 2
Friendship buff no-longer stacks
Hurlaxe and Throwing knives now respect cover
Can now view current calamities from "Calamities!" popup
Fix a bug where Through Shot would grant an extra action via Thornfang
3 New recruit events
Tier 3 weapons and Tier 2 armor cost a bit more now
Swords now correctly give a small accuracy buff
Dueling swords now give +5 stunt chance
Added a healing rate indicator to hero portraits, with tooltip explaining factors
Secure Site now shows a time estimate when choosing party
Fixed a bug where mortal choice sound would keep playing if interrupted to load game
Fixed a bug where winning a battle with riposte caused a soft lock
Tweaked defense jobs - now give class-oriented speed buffs
Fixed a bug where the game would auto-save right before a game over.
Game now defaults to windowed mode for new users

0.8+86 Grifwit Marten

Updated main menu art
New main menu option: Tools
  Now possible to launch editor from main menu
  Now possible to launch Battles without being in dev mode
Can now adjust text size from interface options (make bigger or smaller)
Rename Edgar Allen Poe difficulty to H. P. Lovecraft
Reworked Story: To Humble Ends
New theme - Oldwane Curse (Skeleton)
New Story: Dreams and Bones
Swapping weapons now always completely free - Deftness is now obsolete!
Warrior Abilities:
  Centurion becomes Stalwart: +3 armor to self or ally for 2 turns.
  Zealous Leap no longer combos with Engage
  Shieldshear now shreds two armor as a free action every other turn
  Paladin is now a passive that enters guardian whenever you end your turn with a move. 
  Thundering Challenge - free action once per combat to terrify an enemy, forcing them to flee.
  Broadswipes - melee attacks deal Bonus Damage to all other foes within range.
Quickfuse now obsolete, removed from ability deck:
  Interfuse is now a free action
  Interfusion range is reduced from 8 to 6
Heroism: now grants 1 action point and attacks don't end the turn that turn.
Fire Stunt: now sends up to 3 fireballs at nearby enemies
Stone Stunt: now shreds 1 armor from all foes within 2 tiles of target
Heroic Death (defend) now properly grants +3 armor for 2 turns.
Flame Cone damage now based on level instead of potency
Added animation to indicate saving the game
Shield text shows up at the right time.
Auto-build discovered/ruined stations during intervals (but don't get resources from them) 
Fixed several small bugs with item tooltips and stat blocks
Fixed some lingering tooltips
Fix some bugs where resizing could cause botched text
Fix misc bugs
Add some tutorials for idle heroes
WIP on Steam Workshop integration

0.7+74 Agarantha

New Villain!! Enduring War - A five chapter Morthagi story
Thrixl Rework
  Thrusk has 2 small attacks
  Dweaver can teleport to interfusion, guard
  Bard can turn a thrusk into a Big Thrusk, gains ranged attack
  Nightmare splits into two smaller nightmares when hit
  Scorier can burrow/teleport to disrupt heroes, gains poison
  Seeker can place a hero in "Stasis" where they can't do anything or take damage
    stasis can be removed by adjacent hero for an action point.
Combined Overland and Combat difficulty levels by default
  but you can still pick them separately if you want
  hardest difficulty is now Edgar Allen Poe
Now possible to select additional mods when starting a new game.
Can now craft offhand items during the interval
  Adjusted offhand item actions to be free actions
  Offhand items now removed from hand when used up
Heroes can now use 1 free action per turn, subsequent "free" actions cost an action point.
  There are some exceptions, like "quick swap."
Rebalanced Legacy Point and Calamity economy
  calamities in later chapters now take more than 1 LP to cancel
  more calamities from time, fewer from fights
  can cancel an incursion for 5LP
  regularized removal of calamities during intervals
Hit chances no-longer "wobble" on hover
  ok, this was actually pretty difficult to implement you guys, 
  and I've been putting it off for literal _years_.
  also, some abilities like "fireball" will still wobble, deal.
Show villain name in load dialog
Hook quest completion now makes the reward more clear
Age of Ulstryx 
  added a mechanic to chapter 2 to gain more time by clearing sites
  tuned chapter sites - should feel less rushed overall now
  fixed a bug where the seacave mission could get stuck if a hero died
  fixed a bug where the chapter 2 capstone would stick around in chapter 3
Use Blinded instead of Dazzled
Update Flare mystic recipe to be more useful
Fixed a bug where Bidding The Ghost Goodbye weapon wasn't temporary
Added an effect to emphasize new/completed objectives
Fixed a bug where hunters coming out of greyplane wouldn't gain walling until they moved
Starheart less OP
Now possible to give offhand items to heroes who can't currently use them (with warning)
Now possible to move all heroes on a tile
Various improvements to overland job slot filling
Eye patch and scar now persist across legacy
Butler won't guard when stunned
Fixed a bug with bonelance targeting
Improved feedback for several mystic recipes
Fixed a bug where wild grasp did not trigger Guardian
Fix location of "stunned" particles
gorgon eater sash now grants +0.5 health and immunity to gorgon corruption
renamed "Destroy" to "Attack Scenery"
Bonewall now puts out fires
Fixed a bug where The Shape of Thing to Come would cause subsequent mission victories to fail
Esc now behaves more consistently in jobs and hook quests
Esc now allows to skip tidings and omens
fixed a bug that caused lights to diappear randomly
Maimed hunters and mystics who have lost an arm now get crossbows and soupspoons
Fixed Door tooltip to not show entity id
Don't break the tooltip if there are more than 7 heroes on a tile.
Fix a bug where a 1h axe could get upgraded to a 2h axe.
Fixed gear stat comparison when replacing unequipped weapons
Thornfang now works properly with non-weapon (theme) melee attacks
Added particles, audio, and overlay to make selected/hovered actions more clear
Add particles to portrait of selected hero
Added "idle" icon on hero portraits in overland when no orders
Various additional particles (overland healing, play button...)
Fixed a memory leak
Don't show abilities that require 2 theme arms if you only have 1
when ambushed on a town tile, get a real map, not a square.
Improved interfusion feedback 
Camera movement improvements
Fix a rare bug where the overland map could cause a chapter to be unwinnable  
Don't generate lakes next to oceans
Updated Story: Spur of a Moment
Lots more little bug fixes
Tools: big improvements to Monster Editor
Tools: plots know about roster slots, can validate with them
Tools: improved New Fight dialog
Tools: classLevels.json no-longer controls class ability decks 
  use instead

0.6+68 Thalius

New Villain: Age of Ulstryx
  tells a complete story over the whole campaign
  replaces the tutorial campaign, starts out with that material
  was a ton of work but totally worth it!
Weapons Rework!
  labors (crafting) interface has been redesigned into a grid of weapons
  all craftable weapons have been redrawn
  enchantments (and lore) have been removed
  all craftable weapons have 4 elemental variants that can be unlocked
  each elemental variant has an on-stunt ability
  unlocking an elemental variant unlocks it for all tiers
  elemental unlocks go into your legacy at the end of a game
  upgrading to a similar weapon gives a resource discount
  costs have been rebalanced
  the high tier elemental weapons look really cool, you guys
  also most weapons have cool random names now
Spirit Encounters
  spirits sometimes appear
  catch them to unlock elemental weapons!
Gorgon Abilities Rework:
  Rager can now attack after moving twice, can run through scenery
  Raccoon shreds armor, calamity adds splash damage
  Bogmoor's ranged attack pulls players to it and spreads corruption
  Gheist has a free shredding attack
  Staggron summons Roe once, speed aura
  True Gorgon pin attack now a free action
  Bartoth attacks twice with knockback
  Usric has an AOE attack that shreds
  Corrupted ground slows down movement
  When killed by a Gorgon, a special mortal choice event occurs (it's not good)
Art: Heroes skin and hair is now shaded instead of flat
Reworked Story: The Last Resort
Reworked Story: Hearthwood into Havenbeams
Disabled To Humble Ends temporarily while we rework it 
Updated Story: The Blinking Game
Updated Story: Pyrelight
Updated Story: Serious Trouble
Updated Story: A Song for the Someday Gone
Updated Story: Beneath the Surface
Updated Story: Dark Curiosity
Updated Story: The Sickness
Updated Story: Longing to Belong
Updated Story: Slave for Love
Updated Story: In Softer Light
Updated Story: Bidding the Ghost Goodbye
Updated Story: Library of Light
Replace Rival ability "elbowroom" with "watch this" (competitive stunting)
Slow down relationship gain
New comics for when you escape a fight
New SFX: alarm, gearGet, gearPlace, flank, shred, stunt, upgrade
Tweaked auto-saving to work with villains
Added a continue button to game over screen (reloads last save)
Moved Calcify passive to Earthscribe Mystic ability
Added a menu button during the interval (when not viewing tidings etc..)
fixed a bug where some comic panels would show a wrong personality variation
Now possible to get non-child recruits during intervals if you have too few heroes
fixed a bug where ambush and rogue did not interact as expected
Show personality and future class of recruits in New Story dialog
Discus breaks down source scenery faster 
Tools: changed where MapConfig should live (now lives in Campaign Plot)

0.5+63 Garnoc Ambertoe

Fix a crash when saving and loading the same game several times
  (save games were progressively bloated each time they were loaded)
  Your saves will be un-bloated on load, and should now be playable!
Fix a rare bug where invisible doors could make a mission unwinnable.
  Your save should now be playable!
Can now save the game during intervals
Added top two personality stats to the character sheet
Reduced the bonus to scouting speed from helpers (making lone scouts more effective)
Touched up and updated several stories
Gorgon Corrupted Ground now impedes movement
Mystic: remove calcify, replace with Discus
Mystic: remove verdant, replace with Wild Grasp
Mystic: arches now requires clear space (no directly adjacent walls/scenery)
Mystic: renamed Natural Ally to Earthscribe
Mystic: moved Bonewall to Earthscribe, and Treecall to Naturalist
Updated corruption tile effect
Updated mission objective banner on defense missions

0.5+59 Garnoc Ambertoe

Stunt Rework: 
  Stunt gives a flat damage bonus based on weapon tier.
  Increased base stunt chance to ~15%
  Mystic attacks and theme attacks can stunt. 
  Stunt chance decreases for attacks with multiple targets.
  Swords now give block and accuracy instead of doubling stunt chance
  Improved Stunt VFX.
  Attack preview does not show damage from stunt.
Wield now only affects dodge, faster is always better.
Added a quit to desktop menu item
Can now customize heroes in the Legacy Browser
Story Updated: Sweltering Stars
Defense missions now end if you defeat all foes.
Defense missions show a banner to explain the objective
On easy difficulty, enemies no-longer Alert
Remove fewer calamities in the interval 
 first mission will have 2 enemies instead of 1, except on easy (non-tutorial)
Added a particle splash for Gorgon Corruption
Improved how knockback extra damage is communicated
Fixed some bugs (and weirdness) with Alarm
Better feedback when selecting scenery to interfuse
fixed a bug where a retreating mystic would leave scenery interfused
splintersalvo targeting makes more sense now
Splinterblast no-longer shreds on miss :-(
Add/update some particle effects
Added SFX for flank, shred, and switch weapon
Increased range on shackle
Adjusted several interfusion abilities to not go through walls
fixed various ability bugs (dweaver, bonelance, bearArmSwipe...)
Inspiration now affects adjacent allies, no longer based on Charisma.
Removed conditions for building stations, all biome-stations can now be built.
Fixed a bug where extra towns could appear on the Overland map.
Overland threats now show how strong they are
Incursions now only start on tiles with threats (not any infested tile)
Added time indicators for next Calamity and next Incursion
Added SFX for helaing finished, job complete, threat revealed
Added some more features to overland tiles (ruins etc)
On tiles with ruins features, ruins will show up in missions
fixed a bug where you could get same hook quest multiple times if you didn't activate it
Can no-longer cancel hook quests
Recruits and Children now have better gear depending on the chapter.
Restricted some mission victories to only fire at newly liberated sites 
Added icons to show cover during attack preview
Fix bug where Family Business could target a child of a hero. 
Music and SFX volume down when the game loses focus.
(Some) walls in missions now have nice caps instead of being cut off.
Large number of tool improvements (map editor, plots, villains)
tooltips are hidden during animations and enemy turns

Background work:
  Villain infrastructure and implementation
  Lots of weapon art
  Lots more writing (villains)

0.4 +56 Ayla Mormont

fix a bug where final bosses might not be in the last room
fix a bug where glimmering pool might not show up

0.4 +55 Ayla Mormont

New Story: Ghost in the Machine
New Story: For a Friend (Thorny hook quest)
New Story: Satisfaction
New Story: Well Oiled Machine
New Story: Send Off
New Story: Glorp
New Story: O But in my Day
Reworked Story: Golden Egg
Updated Story: Troygan
Updated Story: When we fight
New female hairstlye (Sponsor Reward!)
Campaign Rebalance:
  Monster tracks no longer scale to many monster per card, for most monsters
  Instead, every chapter, each fight gets one more card in it.
  Ambushes now only happen for groups of 3 or fewer heroes.
  Rebalanced ambush rate per difficulty level
  Added a Patrol job for groups of 3 or more heroes to clear infestation
  Increased number of calamities from missions, based on difficulty level
  Adjusted number of cards and timing of time-based calamities, per difficulty
  Recruit LP cost now scales with company size
  During the interval, randomly remove cards from all groups, not just main.
  No-longer gain gear or LP from ambush missions.
AI improvements:
  Monsters can now open/break down doors!
  Monsters can now damage scenery in order to reach heroes
  Monsters will try not to walk through dangerous regions on higher difficulties
  Monsters will use an Alarm ability if they start their turn within sight of a hero.
  Monsters should no-longer spawn alone in a room, should be in bigger groups.
Fixed combat modifiers on defense missions
Heroes can acquire Pets which show up in battle, retain injuries, die. 
Some player-controlled NPCs will fall back instead of dying.
Reduced Dweaver health a bit  
Rebalanced some item resource costs
Added more variation to build station and secure site jobs.
Deepist Woken Cultcall ability is now a calamity instead of base ability 
Aid ability is now just 2+level instead of potency-based.
Guard and Sentinel now take advantage of transformation attacks if no weapon.
Shape of Things to Come a bit easier and not happen in chapter 1
Fixed a bug where 'pinned' status would increase defense instead of decrease.
Switched Bonelance, Cone of Fire to pick a direction instead of destination tile.
Fixed a bug where hook quest volunteers would teleport to missions
Fixed a bug where a channeling monster wouldn't die.
Smarter promotion choices (should no-longer offer Deftness to heroes who can't hold weapons)
Fixed some issues with tidings firing for dead heroes
Fixed an infinite vigilance bug
Fixed some hook quests that could show up more than once
Can now export a (printable) hero card from the character sheet 
Tools are now mod aware, possible to use tools to edit mods.
Tool groundwork for modular villains, plots
Site Lab now acts as a simple Map Editor

0.4 +50 Wilin Thrangild

New Combat Music!
New Story: A Squeak in the Night
New Story: Worlds Apart
New Story: The Maker
New Story: The Shape of Things to Come
New Story: Needed Elsewhere
New Story: Scatter, Stand, or Still
New Story: Jigsaw
New Story: Glittering Pool (from book of stars)
New Story: Dinner Plans
New Story: Dreams of Icarus
New Story: Into the Woods
Reworked Story: Pyrelight
Reworked Choice: Longing to Belong
Updated Story: Dark Curiosity
Removed a few older stories that were not working well.
fixed a bug where legacy hero promition was not capped, leading to crashes:
Legacy heroes are now capped at Mythwalker (tier 4). You saves should be fine.
Defeat and Escape banners now show
Better teaching of escape zones - and camera now pans to them
fix a bug where chosen friends could become lovers or rivals
fix a bug where thorn lash would do damage to self
adjust enemy interfusion to be more clear
changing keybindings now takes effect immediately
fix a bug where poison was applied incorrectly on miss
fix drathix dragon breath
fix several bugs with the archery skill
fix a bug where resizing during a story would cause the comics music never end
fix a bug where a monster could end up on top of an invisible hero
fix a bug in comic markup where certain splits were giving wrong results
fix a bug where music could double up sometimes
fix some bugs with flashcone
fix a bug where a hero would retire and then another tiding would show
fix a bug where remote bridges and passes were not buildable
"strategies" events now have increased chances of success across the board
fix bugs with In Softer Light
"prepare defense" action now only show heroes who are local
fix a bug where the eye patch would overlap a head replacement (e.g. crow)
fix Minotaur's Pride grip point
fix issue where hunters could attack monsters beyond closed doors on some maps
scalding rain and infernal rain now can't go over walls
fix a bug where some monsters could start with zero hp
use Name in Song instead of Decisions for regular campaigns
update Elementalist description
fix issue where hero could be offered the same ability twice
fix issue where Nightmare Pin was not cleaned up on death
Grimly glowing now shows a gear dialog for the hero who grabbed the spellshard
fix a bug where heroes who are not present on a mission get a promotion
ambush attack now correctly cancels grayplane.
ambush can target a square with an ally on it.
burning arrow now respects the archer's bonus range and bowmaster ability
drags can no-longer turn back into clicks if you drag back to the same spot
damage to scenery should now animate correctly
forgetting a legacy hero now works better
fixed a bug where hero health could go negative in some stories.
fixed a bug where you could give offhand items to heroes who could not use them
fix color of text in story outcomes to show good/bad
reduce frequency of shaved head on female humans.
Fixed a bug where hero tomb jobs could appear in unscouted areas.
Added dice icon to some events to indicate random outcomes.
Numerous tool improvements to make it easier to add more stories.
Pull monster definitions out of mod folders, because:
monster definitions are now mod-aware (mods are used to implement difficulty levels)

0.4 +48 Aumona Shuremill

fix a crash when a member of travel group dies
fix a bug where certain recruits would not heal
fix bug where heroes flash to black square while customizing
when a lover/rival gets overridden, turn the relationship to none, not strong friendship
several small storytelling fixes

0.4 +47 Aumona Shuremill

Fix a crash in The Abandoned

0.4 +46 Aumona Shuremill

New Story: Drauven Bird
New Story: Former Colleagues
New Story: The Inhabitant
Added "turns remaining" info for certain buffs/debuffs
Fixed a crash bug from a player report
Fixed a soft-lock during Interval:Tidings
Fixed a bug where sentinel could attack through walls in some situations
Town recruit jobs pre-select a hero of the right class if available
Fixed Gheist Swipes (now correctly hits 2 adjacent heroes!)
Fixed Drathix Dragonbreath
removed ** from job prompts
Fixed Crush (monster ability to destroy scenery)
Fixed Paladin
Fixed a bug where old heroes could stop healing at all, made healing more clear
Fixed a bug where calamities were showing wrong number of monster per card
PopUps should no-longer stack up on top of eachother as much
Fix several typos (thanks guys!)
Combat Modifier tech rework, add a couple more modifiers
Debuffs no-longer show up when you make a kill
Added relationship icons to mission portrait cards
Major changes to Comic Editor and underlying data structure
Additional Comic Editor features

0.4 +44 Eef Dram

Mac and Linux Support!!
New Story: Strider
New Story: Sneak Thief
New Story: Tent Side
New Story: Field of Statuary
email input can accept numbers now
Added icons to health bars to show relationships, including which buffs are active
Changed ethererburn and gorgon ranged attack to magic damage
Fix Unstilled Heart fight
Fix/tweak/revise a number of stories
Fixed bugs with relationship changes
Fixed some attack animation bugs
Fixed bug with moving onto/near hidden enemies
Fixed bug where enemies would sometimes not attack if there was a hidden hunter nearby
Fixed bug where wrong abilities were showing up in Legacy Recruit
Fixed cases where some abilities would announce "0 damage"
Thrixl interfusion gets its own color so it's not as confusing
Improved feedback for warding and temp HP
Blocked damage indicator is now more correct
Added particles to flanking attacks
Added sfx and vfx when scenery is damaged/destroyed
Improved Calamity screen performance
Added a "took cover" notification when cover causes an attack to miss.
Fixed several bugs with multi-tile enemies
Cleaned up where abilities show up in the character sheet to make more sense
Updating underlying libgdx version to 1.9.9
Updated FMOD to 1.10.12
Greatly improved tools and cheats for testing stories
Foundational work for improved story editing tools

0.3 +34 Bronken Stuart

Five chapter campaigns now give two legacy promotions
  -check the load dialog for previously completed 5 chapter campaigns,
   if there's an alert, you should be able to go back to them and promote.
Added a My Account tab to the options menu
Added an Import Legacy button that allows you to import specific heroes from another legacyor n
  -find the legacy.json file from your old install/player
Sentinel now pins enemies but does not end their turns (they should attack you back now)
Guardian has a limit of 1 attack per foe (with vigilance)
Calamities should advance more fairly - you won't get top tier monsters as your 5th card anymore.
Fix a bug where gear upgrade tooltip didn't show fractional stat values correctly
Fixed Snakestrike and Riposte
Fix Backslam (multiple issues)
Fixed a bug where retired heroes could still be in parties, breaking the game
Fix a bug where weldlings would use fire wall on allies
Fix a rare soft-crash on crowded combat maps
Fixed various cases where debug text was showing
Fixed bugs with knockback
Clarified some ability descriptions
Walling feedback no longer shows while walking away from an ally
Fixed a couple issues with scouting and overland pathing
Temporary team members won't show up in victory comics anymore :(
Tweak a number of stories
Wolf Price partial rewrite
Added a number of Tidings and History Lines
Hovering over an enemy portrait (or while holding shift) now shows a nicer move range
Fix/tweak several tidings and retirements
Bloodrage now shows its extra damage
Improved robustness of legacy loading to support some older legacies.
Names no longer sometimes have trailing spaces
Improved thrixl AI to prioritize interfusing with Chrysalis.
Fixed a bug that caused the AI to not move sometimes.
Butler guard region now cleans up correctly on death
Hook Quest sites don't give show resources (since they are temporary sites)
Numerous storytelling tweaks and improvements
Can now use apostrophes in Company Name

0.3 +28 Maykin Storm

Added some more stories!
Added some tidings
Fix a crash where Turkish players could not start a game.
Fixed a soft-lock caused by sweltering stars
Fixed a soft-lock caused by compulsion + guardian
Fixed an issue where some jobs could not happen simultaneously
Can no-longer use legacy heroes at start of game
Added history lines to various story outcomes
Fixed some bugs with relationship changes and announcements
Better log reporting
Fixed an exploit where raider could start fires on doors, enabling mystics to fireleash into the next room
Fixed a bug with Reflective Carapace
Fixed a bug where a legacy hero could not be recruited if you had recruited them in an alternate timeline of the same game
Remove death by old age
Added more How to Play screens for the overland map
Troygan does not stick around after upgrading the hero (there are other ways to get replacement limbs in the game now)
Fix a bug where portrait cards would break when there were 3 columns or more

0.3 +24 Muse Grey

Attempt to fix three crashes based on player logs (thank you!!)
Improved Feedback tool can now optionally send all logs, save game, legacy file.
Integrated new stories (and transformations)
Changed the UI font to Alegreya Sans, increased size, many small ui layout tweaks
F12 now takes a screenshot, saves to disk and copies to clipboard
Combat text will announce when ignoring armor, dealing double damage
Removed ability to select enemies and scenery and view their character sheet
Maimed heroes now look different on the map
Added notifications for when heroes fall in love or start rivalries
Chapter kickoff panel more clear
Clicking an ability button again now deselects it
Fixed an issue where Forest Guardian was totally ineffective at killing Nookrium
Improve item comparison screen with stat change tooltips
Can now view the folder where your save game is located
Tweaked and improved tutorial, added some more How to Play content
Fixed missing augment images
Lots of small story tweaks

0.3 +19 Grifbar Downing

fix a bug where european players would not benefit from fractional stat boosts in history lines
fixed portraits missing keystroke hints
added some sound effect to abilities that were missing/wrong
add interfusion aspects to some scenery that lacked them, fix some missing scenery names
additional campaign balance for higher difficulties
update some stories, adjust targeting

0.3 +17 True Beardarke

fix shardnado
improvements to targeting feedback for various interfusion recipes

0.3 +16 Lochweld

adjust deepist calamity chances
complete tutorial events
adjust error logging / reporting
robustness, attempt to fix/log a bug where the tutorial won't start
fix family business story

0.3 Warnock

Deepists can no-longer channel if they can't see a hero
two non-placeholder campaign introduction events
added a "how to play" menu option that explains some basic stuff
Can now view character sheet from Labors screen
Added an additional autosave slot, autosaves are more clearly labeled

0.2.3 Masongloam

		cleaned up options menu
		can now edit keyboard shortcuts
		added a "how to play" menu option that explains some basic stuff
		3 and 5 chapter campaign are locked until you complete the tutorial experience (3 missions)
		More events in the credits
		Tutorial now ends if a hero is maimed or killed in the first two fights
		Can now view character sheet from Labors screen
		remove +dead
		Deepists can no-longer channel if they can't see a hero
		improved error logging

2019.02.19 -- 0.2.3 alpha

		Tons of bugfixes
		Hero Themes tech - hero body transformations are now handled in a uniform robust way, 
			-allowing us to have many more of them without worrying about conflicts.
		Hero Themes:
			more to come!!
		Two-Handed Rig allows us to see which weapons are two-handed.
		Off-Hand Items have been added.
		greatly improve hero customization controls and flow
		Maimed limbs that have not been healed are now shown as bandaged, instead of missing.
		adjust "internal injury" maiming to be more impactful
		possible to view character sheet during level-up choice
		remove legacy weapons for now.
		remove "battles" menu option
		turn off dev votes for now.
		get rid of chat prompt in message log
		clean up debug text in character sheet
		Add a privacy policy, link to it from account creation and options menu
		keyboard shortcuts should be more consistent now (space vs z vs enter)
		fix broken discord invite link :-/
		rebalanced personality stats so that every hero has one "main" stat
		added "story" music for comics.
		Sign our executable so it shouldn't complain at you about unsafe to run.
		updated monster art
		AI improvements
		Improved feedback for various monster abilities
		Added particle effects to most abilities that need them.
		Rebuilt how attacks are animated to make them more clear and more fun
		Camera Shake on hit
		Camera should behave better in general
		Hovering over scenery with a mystic selected now lists specific interfusion abilities.
		Ability tooltips have been overhauled to improve clarity    
		Add a number of sound effects
		Deep Roots (interfuse with plants) now gives flat +1 potency instead of armor/warding over time.
		Engage (warrior ability) is now a simple short-range taunt, free action, once per turn max
			-must have a clear line of sight to the foe to taunt them 
		more ability icons
		each game is now against 1 main enemy group, which is consistent across all chapters
		1 enemy group is missing from each game
		intervals only remove cards from the main monster group
		Removed old chapter one introductory stories.
        Start with 3 farmers instead of 5
        Rebalance monsters, heroes, and difficulty levels
		Built a new tutorial (IN PROGRESS!) to teach combat basics 
		made the number of tiles per map more consistent, and rebalanced chapters.
		rebalanced legacy point economy to make them more scarce and valuable.
		update chapter goals - chapters can have multiple goals now
		several improvement to "Final Fight" flow. 
		add "yondering omens" at the end of intervals, that give some context for the coming chapter
		visual pass on Interval screens
		Incursions are more obvious, clearly show you where they're going
		Fix bugs with legacy promotion
		improved hook quest failure messaging and behavior
		more town recruit events
		can now edit history lines
		can now edit animation scripts

2018.12.05 -- 0.2.2 alpha

		Difficulty Levels - separate control for combat and overland difficulty
		Removed Prime Stats (vitality, agility, focus, attunement...)
		Augments have been simplified
			-no longer conditional on site type
			-give fractional stats (e.g. 0.7 speed, etc..)
		Secondary Stats are now called out directly by aspects and history lines.
		Character Sheet improvements 
			-visuals cleanup
			-explain status effects
			-new combat tab for exploring combat capabilities
		Mystic Rework 
			-many new Interfusion recipes, 
			-reworked class abilities.
			-ignite has been nerfed, is no longer dominant
		Legacy Hero Tiers 
			-you can promote one legacy hero after each completed campaign.
			-Tiers are: Folk Hero, Local Legend, Fabled Adventurer, Balladsung Hero, Mythwalker
			-promoted heroes retain more abilities when recruited into your next game
		Drauven Visual Rework (
		Hunters now gain Silkstep automatically, Traverse is now simplified and a class ability.
		Fixed a lot of small bugs.
		Added info for status effects.
		Prerequisite work for Mods
		Reskinned Calamities view and added "Monster View"
		Action Bar icons - more of them!
		Art passes for several of the older stories
		More Stories!
		Defense Preparations can be made on overland tiles, which make defense missions easier.
		Clearly show what tiles are in the chapter, unscouted tiles are visible but obscured by fog.
		Fixed some performance issues.
		Added more Tidings (show up during intervals)
		Improved AI 
		Monsters use their abilities now!
		Monster abilities have been rebalanced
		(almost?) all scenery has an interesting interfusion ability now.
		Tweaked environment art
		Improved feedback for when you cannot attack an enemy
		Improved movement feedback (added a lil' ghost to show where you will move)
		Monster corpses fade out after a couple seconds
		Remove "distracted by injury" debuff
		Right click to view character sheet
		Better "Ambushed" Maps, and show escape zones automatically.
		Separated Deciduous and Coniferous forests
		Refreshed death animation
		A Handful of new particle effects, here and there.
		Fixed a bug where set pieces in front of the mission space would obscure your view.
		Anonymous error reporting (opt out during account creation)
		Better data validation should help us catch bugs sooner.
		More links from the game to the wiki
		Fixed a bug where non-ASCII characters in comics were corrupted.
		Now easy to write "followup" tidings
	Known Issues
		Monsters will walk through fire when they don't have to
		Trim and Kneepads sometimes don't show up in the Gear Upgrade screen
		Block and Dodge sounds timing is off
		Guardian can proc through walls
		Peck ability uses wrong audio
		In some cases campaign time doesn't stop when it should.
		Themes tech and content (hero transformations)
		New tutorial and revamp introductory material.
		Improve campaign chapter structure
		Cleanup and polish
		Launch on

2018.10.17 -- 0.2.1 alpha

		Save and Load system!
			-saves from the same story are grouped together
			-autosave and manual save
			-prompt to save on exit if have not saved recently
		Options for "This Game" now available in the Options dialog (accessible from in-game menu)
		Can tell Hero's class and level from the portrait, can tell class from the Coin.
		Stories now show author and link to wiki page for that story
		Party Select Dialog has been revamped, is better looking and makes more sense.
		More Stories!
		Fixed all known blocking bugs
		Notifications now show up when things happen on the overland map.
		Fixed a number of pathing and movement bugs
		Jobs behave better in general
		New Environments! Swamp, Grassland, Hills, and Cave are fully fleshed out. All environments support day and night.
		Stations have relevant mission maps now.
		Removed "beacon" doors - they were confusing. There are gates now instead.
		Station Furniture - scenery relevant to the type of station will show up in the mission.
		Monster Furniture - scenery relevant tot he monster type will show up in the mission.
		Some lamps are interactive, most have interfusion recipes.
		Stealth - has some counterplay now! running into a stealthed creature will reveal them 
		AI: monsters will now "search" for hidden heroes if no heroes are visible.
		AI: monsters will approach the heroes from farther away
		Large monsters will no-longer walk through walls
		Defense Maps: 
			-multpile incoming lanes, 
			-choke point with barricades, 
			-sometimes convenient escape zone, sometimes not.
		Updated floating text style 
		Improved visibility of monster ability use
		Animation timing and combat clarity improvements
		Tooltips now include damage and range for most abilities
		Fixed some animation and targeting flicker
		Simple "cover" system for combat - hiding behind scenery increases your defense against ranged attacks.
			-since wildermyth is more melee focused than some games, we don't do a ton of UI for cover right now.
		Changed the to-hit calculations - Wield is more impactful now, to-hit numbers change more smoothly with modifiers.
		Swapping weapons is free before your first attack, so you can "equip" each hero for the fight.
		Changed how we communicate action costs 
			-ability bar now shows you the cost of each ability with icons and on rollover.
			-when you're hovering an action, ability bar will show you a sortof preview of what you can do afterward. 
		Fixed bug where some enemies appeared cut off.
		Additional interfusion recipes for Mystic
		Improved mission specifications
		Possible to define new types of sites in data now
		AI infrastructure work should make future AI work easier and faster.
	Known Issues:
		Mystic Interfusion rework is incomplete - some scenery does not have a corresponding recipe :-(
		The tutorial is woefully incomplete
		Difficulty Levels!!
		Legacy Hero (Folklore) mechanics
		Mystic Rework -- including interfusion recipes
		Additional combat clarity
		Character sheet revamp
		More Content!

2018.08.03 -- 0.2.0 ALPHA!

		Weapons have histories that track who wielded them
    		-legacy weapons are viewable in the legacy browser
    		-you can find legacy weapons in future games
		When starting a new game, you have a budget to buy your initial party
			-this allows you to choose legacy heroes instead of farmers
			-use this same interface when recruiting heroes from towns
			-which also allows rerolling and customization
			-now possible to recruit a legacy hero as they were in the last game
		Show travel time in Slots dialog
		At end of chapter, clear all incursions and infestations
		At end of chapter, earn resources from final site
		Remove 20% of Doom Track calamities during each interval, 
			-makes later chapters significantly easier.
		Rebalance availability of recruits
		Fix bugs with recruited heroes not healing. 
		Heroes can retire, and will issue a warning before they do
		Intervals now show Tidings, which tell little stories about what your heroes are up to
		Heroes can have children who join your company
		When you win the game, you get a game result screen to summarize your success
			-and credits roll
			-and stories show up during credits, about what your heroes are up to
			-and there's an interface to control which heroes are added to your legacy
		When attacking the final site in the campaign, you get one last chance to upgrade your gear
		Rebalance several mystic abilities (nerf fireleash in particular)
		Fix several abilities that allowed heroes to jump through walls
		Zealous leap now always a free action

2018.06.08 -- 0.1.28

		Lots of other small bug fixes
		Balance tweaks (including rather less punishing options when ambushed!)
		smaller chapters
		intervals between chapters
		build stations to get resources
		use resources to craft gear during intervals
		map is more flavorful and indicative of what's going on
		towns can be destroyed by incursions, and result in monsters winning
		balanced and adjusted frequency of incursions and infestations
		flow of awarding gear is now based on choose who gets the gear rather than which gear a hero gets
		monsters have abilities, and sometimes even use them
		can escape battles -- there's a button in the corner that creates an escape zone
		new mission type: survive -- defend the map for a certain number of turns
		ability choices at level 1 of classes now offer a random ability choice
		Fixed bug where game can freeze with gray screen if lose a mission
		Major improvements to writing tools

2018.03.19 -- Version 0.1.27

		New comic fonts.
		Many bug fixes and crash fixes.
		Replace the old campaign map with a new, tile-based map. 
		Rivers and Mountain Ranges form boundaries between tiles
		Player can build bridges and passes over rivers and ranges.
		Scouting an empty tile can lead to a wilderness event.
		Some existing Stories have been reclassified as wilderness events.
		Infestations spawn from lurking monsters, and lead to Ambush events.
		Incursions and Infestations are Calamities now.
		Monsters get harder after every fight (see Doom Track).
		Most Calamities can be cancelled by spending Legacy Points. 
		Have a Calendar now, it's season oriented.
		Fix a bug where the feedback tool was not working in release builds.
		general robustness and bug fixes.
		Added documentation to the wiki (
		Now tracking author per story (since we have more writers now!)
		Reorganized data files to minimize merge conflicts
		Status bar now reports bad tags, cursor location, and gendered words outside of gender tags.

2017.11.17 -- Version 0.1.26

		graphics overhaul: performance, robustness, an entire particle system, glow, improved bloom, improved cutaways
		Some information is up at if you're wondering about game terminology
		characters don't path through fire unless It's The Only Way
		gives feedback about getting hurt from walking through fire
		can click to attack a monster without explicitly selecting attack action
		run action renamed as move
		new health bar
		clearer visualizations for actions points, targets, active character, range, pathing
		improved hover information, including action points and possible damage
		better feedback for being out of actions
		new sounds for weapons, include blocking and dodging
		new victory music
		press escape to skip to the last panel in a story
		revamped tower map
		tools improvements for the comics editor, making it easier to arrange and place characters

2017.09.18 -- Version 0.1.25

	A Bunch of Small Fixes!
		fewer fires in village map
		don't promote dead heroes
		right mouse now cancels ability use in missions
		new furniture for tower and cave maps
		free prepared shot now correctly supersedes regular ranged attack
		adjusted traverse to be less broken
		Added a short series of tutorial popups on the first mission to explain how combat works
		localized some stuff.
		Bury hero event and job now use comics
		can no-longer escape from blocking events - this was weird and confusing anyway.
		added a full screen overlay to make it clear when campaign time is running.

2017.09.16 -- Version 0.1.24

		adjusted Wolfhead image
		additional hair styles
		can view character sheet from gear choice dialog
		can view class abilities in character sheet
		added a customization tab in character sheet
		added a whole slew of class abilities, replacing placebo abilities for warrior, hunter, mystic, and cross class.
		mystics now have 2 interfusions at level 1
		improvements to comics (additional art and writing)
		fixed a performance problem when walking around
		added a victory banner
		condensed the victory ceremony and made the order more consistent
		balance changes to monsters
		shred is now applied after damage instead of before. Axes have been adjusted.
		added some rudimentary hints to help introduce campaign mechanics during the tutorial.

2017.07.13 -- Version 0.1.23

 		Gear upgrades are now granted after missions.
 			During tutorial, weapon buffs are available.
 			During chapter 1, armor, weapons, augments, and weapon buffs are available.
 		Legacy: possible to mark heroes as playable or background, and also forget them.
		Mystics can now Splinterblast Trees as well as furniture.
		Splinterblast deals shred damage!
		Attacks out of Grayplane (hunter->silkstep) have pierce.
		Spears can attack through allies.
 		Monster cards and stats: balance pass
		Possible to recruit new heroes at towns
			-by spending LP and completing a job.
			-can also recruit heroes from legacy
		Some balance work - reduce incursion strength
		Many more events added, particularly hook quests

2017.06.30 -- Version 0.1.22

		Mortal Choice audio integrated
		Outcomes are simpler. New Outcome Dialog
		Add a new game dialog 
			-roll party and pick from legacy (gritty reboot)
			-skip introduction and go straight to chapter one
			-pick your enemy
		Fog of war makes it clear what you can currently see
		Safe areas of the map are always visible, wild and hostile areas are only visible if heroes are near.
		Pathfinding (for some actions but not all)
		Map is not automatically revealed by movement, 
			-must scout it using a scout or patrol action.
		Heroes make the land safer while they inhabit sites.
		Calamities and Monster Decks make fights harder over time, in a clear way.
		Rewrote how monsters act in overland map
		When Monsters attack, you have a chance to pick who will respond to the Incursion.

2017.05.06 -- Version 0.1.21

		Reduce spam from promotions at end of missions
		Now possible to lose either arm or either leg, and get a prosthetic for it.
		Fixed a bug where exiting out of a mission and then loading campaign could cause a crash.
		Real App Icon
		More Audio sliders, not just music.
		Hook Quests can spawn when heroes hit relationship level 2.
			Generic Placeholder quests for now.
		Time does not stop when heroes arrive at sites, or heal from minor wounds.
			but does stop when opening menu or character sheet!
			and when returning to action after a maiming.
		Bugfixes around maimed characters.
		Healing is faster
		New Events: Wolf Price and When we Fight
		Now possible to upgrade basic prosthetic to morthificial limb by locating Troygan the Enchanger
		Chapter Kickoffs provide some context to Keystone objectives.
		Weapon Types have removed. weapons now deal consistent damage vs different enemies.
			Swords now double stunt chance instead of being "versatile"
			Daggers now double damage (after armor) when flanking.
		"Burning Village" now features fire.
		Swapped out "Vulnerable" stunt result for "Stunned"
		Armor in health bar is now blue. light green is now temp hp.
			-can play with temp hp in combat lab.
		New victory music!

2017.04.22 -- Version 0.1.20

		Heroes will develop relationships with eachother over time.
		Relationship give various combat benefits
		Relationships tab in Character Sheet shows relationship status and bonus
		Now possible to open a "feedback" dialog by pressing F11 at any time.
			-Fill out a lil' form
			-feedback will be emailed to Nate and a record will be saved on your computer.
			-logs and a screenshot will be included!
		Modified Hunter F rig to make the arm less noticeable in comics.
		Now shipping a windows executable and JRE with the playtest.
		New tutorial events replace old tutorial content.
		Remove Infirmary, Forge, Library, and Class Promotion jobs
		Bugfixes and usability improvements comic editor and content editor
		Increased variety of facial expressions
		Can now use animations and images in comic panels
		New Option button significantly improved
		Can target relationships and uses relationship tags in text.

2017.04.07 -- Version 0.1.19

 		Changed the name of the Game to Wildermyth!
 			-Now run the game by using wildermyth.jar
 		Fixed a rare crash bug (race condition)
 		When a game cannot be loaded, an error message is shown :-(
 		History Lines have been rewritten, 
 			-now affect Story Stats 
 			-provide Hooks (which are not yet implemented)
 		Old Save Files and Legacies are not supported! (until we hit Beta?)
 		Comics can show up in a bar at the bottom of the screen
 		 	-which is cool for showing little bits of dialogue.
 		Splinterblast no-longer crashes the game
 		Fixed a couple bugs around losing the mission
 		New Intro Events
 	 	Fixed a bug where two flags would show for the same event
 	 	Fixed a bug where Threats would not be cleaned up after combat.
 	 	Heroes who are maimed will automatically travel back to base and heal,
 	 		-then, acquire a prosthetic and become usable again.
 		Big improvements to editor stability and usability
 		New Story Role button makes it easy to match on complex criteria
 		Can now use nested tags when writing dynamic text
 		Split client-1.0.jar and scratchpad-1.0.jar into smaller pieces in /lib/ folder
 			-this will make getting latest from perforce faster.

2017.03.20 -- Version 0.1.18

		Better crash handling. In some cases where the game might freeze, 
			now it will inform you of a crash and allow you to exit.
		Outcomes (events, jobs, missions, etc.) are now shown as comics
			-very rough and a bit spammy, needs ui and art love.
		Added a Browse Legacy button on the main menu
			-lets you review heroes who are saved in your legacy
			-can view their character sheets
		When a hero goes to 0 hit points, a Mortal Choice will appear.
			-you have a choice to pull back and live with a maiming,
			-or to die a heroic death
			-it's a little experimental still and doesn't work as expected in the campaign.
		Adjusted combat text and timing. 
			-Now shows even when 0 damage, 
			-Now shows shred as well.
		Got rid of old mission victory/defeat dialogs.
		Clubs and Maces are now easier to use, but don't allow you to pick landing spot
		Fixed some visual glitching with knockback
		Stunts work again
			-all monsters just use Vulnerable for now.
			-daggers have an increased stunt chance
			-weapons with knockback get a stunt bonus if they succeed in knocking back
		Cleaned up "breakdown" entries to be less confusing.

2017.03.10 Version 0.1.17

		improved behavior and logging when encountering blocking events
		reduced log spam
		try to skip asset preparation when running on 32 bit java
		Events (choices) now show up in comic format.
		added Comics to Content Editor - allows you to view and edit events in Comic format.
		added moderately sophisticated comic editing.
		added keyboard navigation to ContentEditor search box
		ContentEditor uses a tree view with section headers to make it more navigable.
		Perforce integration for content editor means not having to check out files manually
		Added a confirm box when closing the Content Editor so that changes won't be lost accidentally.
		Can now access Content Editor from the event dialog in order to edit that event.
		when you lose all heroes in a mission, the campaign will end in defeat
			-but there's a bug where the defeat message takes a while to come up.
		new forest environment art on Forest Cottage map
		integrated Hero VO and Weapon audio
		integrated monster ambient noise
		Greenhorn Abilities Implemented
			-Silkstep (not quite as written, simpler.)

2017.02.10 -- Version 0.1.16

	New Monsters!
		Monster data has been consolidated into 1 file per group (e.g. thrixl.json etc)
		Monster stats have been changed to match most recent design
		Monsters use appropriate Audio
		Diversity pass - increased racial diversity of heroes
		weapons now have attack types. monsters will be strong or weak against them.
		fixed a bug where shred did not work
		entity tooltip now shows health
		new Map: Forest Cottage, with experimental "puzzle door."
		Heroes will get Experience at the end of missions.
			-XPs are shown for now, but might not be in the final game.
		Warriors, Hunters, and Mystics can go up levels at the end of a mission.
			-abilities are still placebo but... stat boosts?
		DataValidator view for scratchpad allows you to see problems in data files as you edit.
		CombatLab can spawn all the monsters, and a nice collection of Heroes
		Jettisoned old chapter one content (Robert, etc..)
		New chapter 1 uses a random enemy group (not always Gorgons)
		Chapter 1 sets simple Keystone and Capstone objectives
		New objectives should announce themselves a bit more aggressively

2017.01.16 -- Version 0.1.15

	 	Improved startup time by moving audio init to its own thread.
    		-audio (music) may start playing a bit later sometimes.
 		Character Sheet Progress Tab
 			-displays experience points
 			-exposes cheat to promote farmers to Warriors/Hunters/Mystics
			-exposes cheat to add XP
		Old starting abilities for classes have been scrapped
		Heroes can go up levels when they hit XP thresholds
			-but.. currently there's no way to gain XP except via cheating
			-a promotion event will pop up when you exit the character sheet.
			-greenhorn, bloodhorn, bluehorn, bronzehorn, silverhorn, goldhorn
		New warrior, hunter, mystic abilities are visible in Placebo form (they don't work.)
		Error Handling: can report some classes of error to user instead of crashing.
		Can now access Content Editor directly from game, including CombatLab (F12)
		Modified effect and aspect content will be reloaded at runtime!
		Made Content Lab search filtering a bit nicer
		Content Lab hint edit now only pops up on shift+click

2016.12.10 -- Version 0.1.14

 		New Character Sheet. Press C or click on Target Detail Card (lower left) to open it.
 			-Character sheet has 4 tabs to let you see all about your character.
 			-Right now debug info is visible, but that will go away eventually
 			-Under the Gear tab, there are cheats that let you add gear.
 			-you can also use the arrows to cycle through other characters
		New armors now available. Each class has a "basic" armor and two armor paths.
		New weapons available. farmers can now start with a variety of simple weapons.
		Advanced weapons available via cheats in Gear tab of character sheet.
		new art style for map (WIP)
		On promotion, heroes will be assigned class-appropriate starting weapons
		Combat Lab Gear has a Gear tab that lists gear and shows gear stats
		Gear tab exposes cheats to add arbitrary equipment to heroes
		If you have two weapons, you can swap between them. Daggers swap for free.

2016.11.14 -- Version 0.1.13

	 	New Animation! Hero heads now move separately and can show different facial expressions.
	 	Added a splash/loading screen so you know what's going on when the game is starting up.
		AnimationLab can browse all animations.
		CombatLab has a History panel that shows the entity's history.
		fixed a crash related to mission visibility. might be more out there though...
		Combat text now shows how much damage was blocked

2016.09.30 -- Version 0.1.12

		Remove cover. no longer affects ranged accuracy, no longer spams.
		Add Vulnerable as a stunt outcome on attacks.
		Programmer art vulnerable state.

2016.09.30 -- Version 0.1.11b

		Fix a bug that prevented progressing past the first mission. :-(

2016.09.30 -- Version 0.1.11

		Vastly improved the combat logging.
		Combat Log now will show a tooltip that breaks down exactly what happened.
		Combat Log should be less spammy.
		When attacking, you will see a visual indicator if the attack is flanking.
		When moving, you will see visual indicators of what enemies you can attack from that tile
			-and whether you will be flanking those enemies.
		Walling: when two heroes stand adjacent, they get a defensive bonus
			-reduces incoming damage by 1
		Show some nice (placeholder) walling feedback when contemplating movement
		CombatLab has an Aspects panel that shows all aspects, 
			-where they are from
			-stats they contribute to
			-abilities and passives they grant
			-also allows us to view hidden aspects, for debug purposes.

2016.09.22 -- Version 0.1.10

		reveal is more dramatic
		units that go our of view now show as gray and transparent
			-at end of turn they disappear entirely
		Removed Surround mechanic.
		Flanking: Any attack at a 90-degree (or more) angle from a previous attack this turn is Flanking.
			-When Flanked, defenses get a -100 penalty. 
			-Effectively, Flanking attacks never miss.
		Victory music added on Victory
		Village ambient sound
		Integrated gorgon audio
		Attack preview card shows much more information, improved format as well.
		Fix a bug where burying a dead hero could cause them to show up as dead at the start of your next campaign. awkward.

2016.09.19 -- Version 0.1.9

	Mission - Combat Overhaul!
		Action points instead of time units
		Attacking ends the turn
		removed heroism
		new stats, attack formulas.
		CombatLab allows you to test out combat without entering a mission
		Shows stats and stat breakdowns (what contributes to this stat)
		Spawn as many heroes and monsters as you like
		Lets you control both heroes and monsters
		Buttons to change turns
		Fixed a bug where losing a hero would crash the game after combat

2016.09.12 -- Version 0.1.8

		Map border renders correctly again
		New Objectives are now noted in outcome dialogs
		fixed bugs around activating jobs at remote sites
		modified how dungeons are placed to make it more flexible for chapters.
		fixed several egregious bugs with Threats that made them spammy and unfun.
		Threats will now move be more rare, move slower, and hopefully make more sense.
	Chapter One Content
		The Elder Seed
		To Battle...
		The Trail Continues
		The Doom of <town>
		Face of the Enemy
		Sudden Death
		The Stone
		moved cheats from in-game-menu to Objectives, like campaign
		upgraded how missions handle spawning and objectives to let us do set-piece missions.

2016.09.02 -- Version 0.1.7

		More than one job can now be active at a site
		Job dialog has been combined with party select dialog
		Active job or party now shows up in unit portrait
		Jobs that have become invalid show as gray and red.
			-happens when a hero is reassigned or dies
		When selecting heroes for a job, easily see if they are on another job
		When heroes are assigned to a job, they travel to it automatically
		Event marker replaced with Banner
		Banners rearranged into an arc so that all are visible

2016.08.30 -- Version 0.1.6

		ContentLab undo/redo
		Fixed bugs around entering text
		fixed a performance problem
		big buttons and small buttons sound different
		fix ?? missing names in Lay of the Wandering Mystic (thanks Brian!)
		added a cheat system to objectives! Useful when testing campaign.
			-Click on an objective to achieve it.
			-Can be turned off and on in the in-game menu.
			-works for tutorial objectives
		Monsterparts jobs become available after naming your tower 
			(they are needed for chapter one research)
		Chapter One content:
			gorgon event 1.1
			gorgon event 1.2
			gorgon event 1.3
		Campaign Victory is triggered after event 1.3 is completed. 
		New unit-done-with-turn sound

2016.08.16 -- Version 0.1.5

 		added an objective tracker in the upper left.
 		added objectives throughout the tutorial.
 		removed monsterparts job
 		warrior training only shows up at first combat site
 		Reduce visible portion of map to a small area around the first town
		ContentLab can create and edit aspects and effects.
		It's actually kindof usable? I mean, I'm using it..
		There are STUB fields that can be used to communicate missing functionality
		NEW MUSIC! (I made it kinda quiet? not sure if I got volume right..)
		updated button sounds (less spammy)

2016.08.11 -- Version 0.1.4

		Scratchpad now operates in the same root as game
			-this makes it easy to use game and tools side by side
		Scratchpad is available in the playtest folder.
	Content Lab - new tool
		can browse aspects and effects
		can edit raw json and has nice editors for certain things.
		can edit some strings
		can save files that the game can read.
	Audio - work in progress
		dialog open/close
		button over/click
		character select
		ability hover/select
		turn end
		fixed a bug with interfuse on fire causing a crash.

2016.08.07c -- Version 0.1.3

		fix a bug where game would crash when hovering a fire with an ability

2016.08.07b -- Version 0.1.2

		fix a crash bug on main menu :-O

2016.08.07 -- Version 0.1.1

		fixed a bug where game would not completely shut down after an error
		fix a bug where fatal errors were not reported in the log
		add a version number to the top of the logs.
		fixed a bug where sound would not play for the second instance


		added a performance scope that can be turned on from interface options
		new HUD look - more papery
		keystrokes are called out nicer
		fixed a stack overflow when clicking on entity browser :-O
		feedback when hovering abilities - now visible near ability button 
		Target detail card now shows sites, threats, and parties correctly 
		unit's don't look around when hovering movement, this was distracting


		renamed Gorgonoids to Gorgons
		Intro quests have all been rewritten.
		Opening text has much more variation.
		Event text tweaked
		Units on the board will face the direction they are walking
		Units fighting eachother will face eachother during the attack


		fix a (rare?) NPE bug in SpatialRelationshipProcessor
		we now support Spine for animation
		on-hit visual effects have been added
		dodge is now called out correctly
		new animations all around. (not production quality yet)


		New fonts again! We're now using Roboto and Alegreya. What do you think?
		Main Menu overhaul - simpler, different, more paper style
		Options Menu exposes better options to the player.
		The game now switches font sizes automatically when resizing
		All Dialogs have been converted to the new paper look
		NOTE: HUD and tooltips still use the older UI style for now.
		The (blue) custom cursor has been disabled due to extremely confusing and buggy behavior.
		Attempt additional fix for bug where removing scenery could crash the game


		Mac Support!
		Fixed a bug where positional audio was broken.


		added an option to the game menu to turn event cheats on and off (off by default)
		Outcome Dialog is much more detailed.
		Event - All the Sweltering Stars
		Event - The Penetrating Spring
		Event - Witchstone
		Event - Grimly Glowing
		Event - Remember the Old Wild?
		Event - The Gone Ox
		Fixed a bug that caused a crash when using Clear Brush.
		Fixed a bug that allowed you to heroic tackle into a wall or other unit.


		Scratchpad is now available on Dropbox.
			-this is a dev tool that I use for rapid iteration on characters and sites.
		EventDebugger is live.
			-allows the QA (player) to select which event to run, when multiple events are possible.
			-This is a cheat but it is turned on for everyone for now.
		Edit Text
			-it is now possible to edit all the game text, because files are now exposed.
			-find them at: /assets/text/...
			-you can edit at runtime! 
				-but you usually have to re-select or re-open the dialog to see changes
			-if you see text that has **blah_blah, then a key is missing. 
				-missing keys are logged in the /logs/locale folder.
			-send me your edits so I can incorporate them.
		Event - All the Sweltering Stars is work-in-progress available
			-can spawn when you attack a site controlled by monsters.


		removed non-functional options in intro event.
		set pieces (outside the main map) are always visible now
		fixed fog implementation, (was causing visual artifacts)
		new Village environment based on latest art!!
		rewrote the engine that controls how walls and scenery fade out to reveal what's behind
			-scenery fades all together
			-fading show shows a cutaway paper edge instead of a gradual transparency
			-will be easier to fix bugs in the future


		new Stats! These are story oriented and are all on the same scale, 
		where 20 is a "regular human."  
		Vitality - health and strength
		Tenacity - grit, toughness, stress capacity
		Ambition - retirement age, events
		Agility - dodge, aim
		Focus - aim, parry, stealth
		Insight - dodge, research, magic
		Pulchritude - beauty and physical charisma
		Empathy - relate to humans and animals
		Attunement - magical sensitivity
		These now drive derived values that affect gameplay directly.
		Combat log is working again, but is very spammy, and does not show roll breakdowns yet.
		fix a bug where job dialog was not showing (jobs should make much more sense now!)
		implement "slow" time when your heroes are moving, to allow you to see the motion.
		Lots of small improvements to party select dialog and 
		fix a bug where mission buffs were sticking around after missions, and stacking up (heroism etc.)
		individual heroes now have an option to attack sites and threats, which triggers party select.
		log now notes when time starts or stops, and why
		adjust monster stats - needs additional work
		fix a bug with tab selection
		rebalance number of monsters to be more appropriate
		add a Heroic Tackle in place of Heroic Surge.


		player names with spaces and other characters work correctly
		-story mode option
		-intro event is back
		-fix some bugs around attacking threats inhabiting sites, clarify abilities.
		-after you have had an injury on a mission, you may build an infirmary at town.
		-when you kill monsters, there is a job to harvest their bodies for monsterparts.
		-when you capture the lair, you get an opportunity to name your company, and some additional goal context
		-possible to unlock warriors, hunters, and mystics
		-can see available jobs as banners on the map
		-fix unlocalized strings
		-add cheats! win/lose/rout/retreat to options menu - the better to test campaign features.
		-options menu has accelerators now


		-easier to spot roving threats, harder to spot dungeons
    	-threats can spot heroes too
    	-fix some bugs around threats and combat resolution
    	-threats show up in hud
    	-show party rendezvous with coin motion
    	-parties of more than 2 heroes get fanciful names.
		-now possible to disband and redirect parties
		-party select improvements - pick heroes already in parties, see what heroes are doing.
		-better time controls, including keyboard shortcuts
		-reduce threat and dungeon density
		-slow down time


		-Patrol circles show up when patrolling
		-patrolling is the only way to reveal hidden threats and dungeons
		-(sitting at a site does not.)
		-don't reveal threats sitting at unknown sites, hide threats when they reach an unknown site.
		-scouts trigger an event when they spot a wandering threat
		-adjust default camera placement
		-time updates when running
		-get rid of enemy portraits in campaign hud.
        -dead heroes don't show coins on the map or in HUD
        -names for threats show in UI
		-fix a bug where scenery and monsters could pick weird colors


		-new character rig
		-Tons of under-the-hood changes.
		game log text in missions is broken, 
		ability anouncements are broken, 
		animations may not work correctly.

		-the old campaign content has been scrapped. Instead, the game generates a number of 
		dungeons and wandering threats that you can fight.
		-Vision and visibility system
		Most of these systems are in their early stages and are really just proofs.
		Gorgon Lair environment is work in progress
		Experimenting with fog
		3/4 view camera, reworked zooming.


		-new scenery art
		bugfix: tooltip for range attack no-longer lists a percent for cover.
		tuning: reduce amount of floating combat text 
			-since you can find attack and defense details in the combat log.


		tuning: attack rolls have been changed. Attack is now 1d100+stats and defense is now 1d20+stats.
		tuning: surround should only affect melee attacks.
		ui change: move tab-next-unit button up near end-turn button. makes ability bar more consistent.
		ui feature: ability bar handles too many abilities by stacking them up vertically.
		bugfix: scroll wheel works for combat log
		bugfix: typing text into chat does not trigger gameplay shortcuts
		bugfix: ui elements properly suppress in-world ui hovers.


	CAMPAIGN: works again.
		there is still a known issue where farmers keep creating training jobs. 
		But that doesn't show up until they very end.


		-The campaign is currently broken. But I wanted to get these changes out anyway.
		feature: improved character tooltip.
			-more relevant abilities: only abilities that can be used, all attacks and first "other"
			-Now shows class and tier if available,
			-shows aspect details
			-shows history blurbs.
		feature: improved aspect tooltip
			-shows icon, name, value (if not 1), and blurb.
			-aspect descriptions are more specific and more personal
		feature: tooltip delay now configurable in interfaceOptions.json file.
			-Default changed to 400ms from 200.
			-However, ability use tooltips show immediately.
		feature: Confirm step for abilities.
			-abilities that don't require selecting a target on the map now require a confirm step.
			-a card pops up right above the button to prompt you to confirm.
			-to confirm, click again or press the accelerator again.
			-this can be disabled in interfaceOptions.json
		feature: improved ability prediction tooltip
			-now shows up instantly and updates as the prediction is refined.
			-shows more relevant results in a nice table.
		tuning: reduced the number of aspects that show up in floating combat text
			-to make floating text and prediction tips more relevant.
		feature: combat log has been reworked.
			-shows all ability uses and all attacks (even when triggered by other circumstances (guard))
			-shows important aspects gained and lost
			-breaks down attack/defense rolls to make it clear what's going on
			-breaks down damage rolls to make it clear what's going on
	WARRIORS: tweaks
		tune: embattle now costs 1 action instead of 1 heroism, desperate engage is added
		ability: desperate engage (green) spend 1 heroism for an attack that does 25% damage and engages the enemy.
		tune: Vanguard (blue) renamed to Sentinel, now free and automatically applied.
		tune: Overbuilt (blue) now grants +4 tenacity (stress capacity) (HP) instead of damage reduction.


	feature: added text in the top banner that tells you what you are selecting.
		Right now it is fairly generic, but it can be customized per ability.
		The idea is that this should make it easier to use complicated abilities.
		For example Blazing sword now tells you whether you are selecting an ally or an enemy.
	feature: added an End Turn button with an accelerator. (Z by default)
		If any characters have half or more time units remaining, it will issue a prompt.
		Otherwise it will end the turn immediately.
	mechanism: ice damage has been added, as well as ice resistance.

	MYSTICS: Mystics at level 2 can interfuse with 2 targets, and gain one of the following bluehorn abilities:
	ability: dragontongue - spend 1 action and exhaust 1 blaze, select a second interfused target as the origin..
		-a gout of flame 3 tiles wide shoots forth from the origin, up to 4 tiles long.
		-it does magic damage to anything inside it
		-and has a 20% chance per tile of lighting a blaze.
	ability: Blazing Sword, Burning Arrow - spend 1 action, must have at least 1 blaze interfused.
		-grant a free attack to a nearby ally.
		-the attack does bonus damage and lights a blaze at the target.
	ability: Heatsink - spend 1 action and select two interfused targets, to transfer heat between them.
		-The first target is hit with ice damage, and adjacent units take half.
		-Ice patches can spawn, which have a 33% chance to make a unit fall down when entering one.
		-The second target is hit with fire damage, and adjacent units take half.
		-Blazes can spawn nearby as well.


	bugfix: destroyed scenery could leave shadows behind.

	bugfix: prepared shot was not granting a free attack unless the hunter was in Grayplane. fixed.
	tune: reduce Grizzlygrim damage.

	MYSTICS: Mystics have been reworked. They now feature a new mechanism, Interfuse.
	mechanism: Interfuse - Mystics can mingle their life energy with inanimate and animate objects.
		-at level 1 a mystic can have 1 target interfused at a time. This goes up to 2 and eventually 3.
		-at level 1 a mystic can interfuse with Scenery and Blazes.
		-Interfusing reveals a number of abilities depending on the target(s). Experiment to find them all!
	ability: Interfuse - spend 1 action to interfuse with 1 target.
	ability: Quickfuse - spend 1 heroism to instantly interfuse with 1 target.
	ability: Withdraw - free - cancel Interfusing with a target. This allows you to interfuse with a new target.
	recipe: 1 Interfused Blaze -> Fireleash - spend 1 action to move the blaze up to 3 tiles,
		-dealing damage fire damage to the target
		-and half-damage to tiles it passes through.
	recipe: 1 Interfused Furniture -> Splinterblast - spend 1 action and select a nearby area
		-destroy the furniture, spreading debris and potentially fire.
		-deals damage to units and causes a slow effect.
	recipe: 1 Plant -> Leafshower - spend 1 action
		-units within 2 tiles of the target get a penalty to hit on their next attack.


	HUNTERS: Hunters at level 2 gain one of the following (bluehorn) abilities.
	ability: Grizzlygrim (blue) spend 1 heroism to apply a poison to all your weapons for 2 turns.
		-Any damage dealt to enemies inflicts Grizzlygrim.
		-Grizzlygrim can stack, and deals damage at the start of the enemy's turn for 3 turns
		-Older hunters brew more potent poison.
	ability: Felling Wire (blue) spend 1 heroism and an action to create a tripwire trap from your current location.
		-When enemies step on the trap, they stop moving and take 50% more damage until they get up.
		-The trap goes away at the end of the turn in which it is triggered.
	ability: Flashcone (blue) spend 1 heroism to toss a specially prepared pine cone into a fire within range.
		-Allies adjacent to the fire gain Grayplane (they are hidden from enemies, and gain a free attack).
		-Enemies adjacent to the fire are Dazzled (they cannot defend - hit rate is 100% against them)


	bugfix: animations play in more like the correct order. (Attack and hurt play simultaneously.)

	Hunters have been reworked. They now feature two new mechanisms, Grayplane and Traverse.
	ability: Conceal - When in at least some cover, the Hunter can spend 1 heroism to enter Grayplane.
		-Cannot use Conceal if Grayplane was broken this turn.
	mechanism: Grayplane - when in grayplane, the hunter cannot be seen.
		-Attacks and most similar actions cancel Grayplane.
		-Move at reduced speed.
		-Ending the turn with no cover cancels Grayplane.
		-Gain one free ranged attack. (this attack breaks Grayplane, like regular attacks.)
	ability: Traverse - passive. The hunter gains extra speed if they did not attack on the previous turn.
		-The Grayplane free attack is an exception.
		-The hunter may also move through some scenery when Traverse is active.
	ability: Prepared Shot - The hunter chooses a line of sight to watch, and ends her turn.
	 	-If an enemy moves into or across the line, the Hunter shoots the enemy.
	 	-If the prepared shot is not triggered, the hunter gets a free attack at the beginning of her next turn.
	 	-The free attack must be used before any other abilities, including movement, or it is lost.


	bugfix: invalid moves should no-longer break the ui.
	bugfix: targeting tiles that belong to large units should work better
	bugfix: fixed a bug where it was difficult to walk behind a figure because of bad feedback.
	bugfix: fixed an issue where effects would resolve out-of-order. (e.g. move-guardAttack-move, then die)
	feature: destructible furniture
		-two new abilities, clear brush and destroy object for dealing damage to scenery.
		-fire can spread to flammable scenery and burn it over time
		-destroyed scenery spreads debris and fire if applicable
		-the tile(s) become walkable.
	feature: attacks and damage now include placeholder animations
	feature: abilities now show up as floating text when used.
	feature: combat-relevant aspects now show in world when added or removed.
	feature: Warriors in the Underground Assault scenario are level 2, and have a random blue ability (see below)

	ability: Vanguard (blue) - replaces Guard. Enemies hit while Guarding are Engaged and lose half their remaining time.
	ability: Overbuilt (blue) - take 50% damage from ranged attacks, and 80% from others.
		-Also can run through scenery, destroying it.
	ability: Battledance (blue) - whenever the warrior kills an enemy, she gains a free attack.
		-If the attack hits, it Engages the enemy.


	feature: when all classes are researched, farmers will ask to be promoted to a class.
	 	-will give player a choice of warrior, hunter, mystic
	feature: when the company has less than 5 heroes, a recruitment quest will show up
	 	-completing the quest gives the player a choice of 3 new heroes, hire one of them.
	feature: characters age.
		-stats change with time
		-characters eventually die of old age
	feature: characters heal injuries with time
		-larger injuries take much longer to heal

	bugfix: multiple instances can be run simultaneously again.
		-if you have 2 folders, they will now operate totally independently.
		-it is possible to connect them together by hosting a server with one instance and connecting to it with another.
			-you must use a different player or you will kick yourself off.
		-then you can play multiplayer against yourself!
		-this is useful for testing abilities and such, in addition to being a cool preview of a pvp feature..
	feature: now possible to turn off mouse capture in the "interfaceOptions.json" file.
		-this is useful for testing with multiple instances so you don't have to alt+tab constantly.

	feature: heroism is now granted on a last hit.
	tune: heroes start with 2 heroism instead of 3.
	feature: end turn improvements, the game now detects heores that are "probably done" and moves on to the next hero.
		-you can tab back to heroes that are "probably done"
		-abilities that cost zero can still be used (e.g. heroism)
		-when you use an "end turn" ability, that character is "really done" and can't use any more abilities.
			-Also removed from the tab order.
	feature: Fixed camera angle, and tied camera pitch to camera zoom so you can control both with the scroll wheel.
	tune: make UA tunnels a bit bigger and add lights to them

	ability: Embattle - spend 1 heroism to get a free attack on an adjacent target that isn't engaged.
		-Deal half damage, Target is engaged and slowed.
	mechanism: Engage
		-enemies that are engaged provoke a free attack when they move. They are no-longer engaged.
		-If the warrior moves away from the engaged unit, it is no-longer engaged.
	mechanism: Engage Slow
		-when an enemy becomes engaged, it is also slowed until the end of its turn. Movement costs double.
		-this effect persists even if the enemy is no-longer Engaged.


	tune: increase move speed all around
	tune: Underground Assault
		+embiggen underground assault a bit
		+add dirt to UA
		+add lights and furniture to UA
		+add random central fires to UA
		+add random debris to UA
	tune: Tower Assault
		+embiggen tower assault
		+less furniture inside tower
		+bit less furniture on forest field
	feature: extinguishFire works
	feature: fire can spread to adjacent debris.


	bugfix - can shoot through doors
	Cover affects ranged attacks
		cover counts obstructions, including figures, in between attacker and defender
		cover samples 5 lines to come up with an overall number
		cover is asymmetrical - cover adjacent to attacker is not counted.
		poor, some, and good cover buffs show in icon bar
		change in cover shows up in ability use tooltips
		change in cover shows up in tooltip when moving
	bugfix "target will be surrounded" tip is inconsistent, sometimes doesn't show
	bugfix - looks like revealed entities are not communicated to AI
		-dead units not causing loss of visibility
		-when doors open recalculate spatial relationships
	bugfix - character animation color filters not removed when aspect removed.
	Stealth mechanic!
		+Hunter can hide when in full cover
		+become invisible to enemies
		+get visual effect (fade out)
		+get combat advantage in stealth (+2 damage, +2 damage reduction)
		+most abilities, or incoming damage breaks stealth (at the end of the ability)
		+"sneak" ability when stealthed, does not break stealth
		+if ever not in cover, stealth is broken
		+except when in the process of sneaking to new cover?
		+sneaking only allows you to move to cover, and gives visual suggestions
	feature: action predictions can show removed aspects (cover, stealth)
	tone down the dapple effect by amplifying the indirect directional light


	2x2 units (boss deer, boss boar)
	Raccoon! -> ranged attack
	scenery fade more aggressive
	repurpose forest to use coons with deer boss
	ai relies on ability "aiRange" expression to plan moves
	log what scenario we're about to play
	fix openGL issue with directional lighting
	tweak raccoon a bit less damage
	add frog stun
	made gorgon resistance significantly more numerous in response to feedback
	tone down the contrast of the dappled light a bit.


	heroes lack mobility (vs fatigue potions, vs xcom even when it comes to projecting power)
		+try heroism as a consumable resource, more like fatigue?
	mystic gains ignite and fireBlast, loses fireball and fireLash
	hover-color icons when will be unavailable after action.
	show disable icons when action unavailable
	move all the keys around!
		+select characters -> F1, etc..
		+Entity Browser -> C, ?
		+move ->`
		+heroics -> q
		+attacks to 1234
		+other to erty
		+show accelerators on portrait cards
	move end turn buttons to right
		+color them different
		+different icon
	end turn ceremony takes time, makes noise
	end turn hint in action bar when low on time
	when you end your turn there is a sound, and it takes time, so it's hard to miss.
	nicer camera snap (don't move so far if don't need to)
	give hunters 1 armor penetration
	tune mystics a bit
	improved range attack line of sight, can shoot around corners when adjacent to them.


	swapped around guard and defend so that farmers can't all just guard (it was OP)
	working on a cave site that will have a locked door (not present yet)
	sound should work (FMOD)
	monsters can now only attack once and move once, unlike heroes.
	boss monsters are not restricted like that, and also
	boss monsters have a leadership aura that gives other monsters combat advantage once per turn

	tower assault map now has furniture, lights, debris, and a road, which I think helps a lot. Art assets not final.

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