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A Staggron.
A Staggron.

A type of powerful Gorgon. The mature stage of a gorgon Roe, Staggron's booming charge sends the earth jumping, his allies gleeful, dodging where his hooves strike the ground to shatter.


In-game description:

At the raising of those mighty arms, its clamoring kin run before it.

Base values

  Storyteller Adventurer Tragic Hero Walking Lunch
Health 13
Speed 6
Armor 1
Warding 2
Melee Accuracy 105
Range Accuracy 105
Dodge 20
Block 70
Size 4 Tiles


Name Type Damage Range Effect
Search Scout 2 Every hero in a 2 tile radius will lose their hidden effect.
Attack Door Attack Scenery Attacks the door, dealing 2 damage to it.
Antlers Melee Physical Attack 5-6
Call of the Stag Lord Summon Once per combat as a swift action, calls three Roe to join the battle.
Crush Passive Move through scenery and stomp it flat.
Stampede Aura Buff At the start of each turn, nearby allies gain 2 speed.


'At once the woods were a music of noise, a chaos of color, and our swipes could not hit them, the beasts who danced and bit and slavered for our blood.' - Clooa Curseblade, Barbarian Queen