Template:Spell damage ability

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This template is used by the game data process to help keep pages up-to-date. It should not need to be called manually.


This template displays a reference to Spell Damage. Abilities that benefit from Spell Damage are also auto-categorized (as Category:Spell damage ability).

The template uses the following parameter:

The (sub)pagename (e.g., Flashcone) of the ability that benefits from Spell Damage. Categorization will only occur on that (sub)page.


Damage: {{Potency ability|pagename=Flashcone}} + {{Spell damage ability|pagename=Flashcone}}

Damage: Potency + Spell Damage

Technical details

Formula data comes from Wildermyth's.properties files. For example, assets/text/effects/hunter/hunterFlashcone.properties includes the following line:

.formula=Damage: Potency + Spell Damage

On the wiki, the formula game data Flashcone = Damage: {{Potency ability|pagename=Flashcone}} + {{Spell damage ability|pagename=Flashcone}}) uses this template to link Spell Damage, and possibly categorize it (only if the text appears on the Flashcone page).