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One of the challenges in testing/modifying a randomly generated game is that you need access to all available content in order to test it. As such, you could theoretically never naturally experience a feature you wish to test. Enabling dev tools can help make it easier to test the game.

To Enable Dev Mode, create a new text file (.txt) named "devMode" to your install folder (The default location of the install folder in Windows is C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Wildermyth). It will appear in this folder as devMode.txt, and it will not need to contain any text - the game just checks to see whether or not this file exists.

  • If you're playing on Steam, you can get to your install folder by right-clicking Wildermyth in the Steam library and selecting Manage > Browse local files.
  • If you're playing on Mac, you can get to your install folder by right-clicking the app. selecting "Show contents", and then opening Contents/Resources.

Now you are able to Enable Cheats at the beginning of a New Game and select each cheat option you want active for that save. Aside from the checkbox features that are selected at the start of a new game, playing with Cheats Enabled allows you to "edit" character stats, traits, aspects, relationships, gear, etc.

Testing Cheat Options:

  • Pick Events allows you to choose which event occurs whenever a (normally) random event activates. It can slow down play, but it's the best way to test or experience any particular event. If you are trying for a particular event but it is not available, the details shown will help you to debug. (If you are modding a new event and it doesn't even show up in the list, check the game log file for errors reading your event file.)
  • See All removes the "fog of war" that normally obscures undiscovered Overland tiles, allowing you to view all tiles currently present in that Chapter.
  • Overland Only needs to be tested more to precisely determine how it affects gameplay.
  • Skip Promotions needs to be tested more to precisely determine how it affects gameplay.
  • Objective Cheats allow you to click on any Chapter Objective (Displayed at the upper left of the screen), and have the game automatically satisfy the objective for you. This is crucial if you want to skip battles or whole chapters.
  • Test Hook Quests allows you to trigger characters' "Hooks" to start their respective questlines.
  1. choose the "test hooks" checkbox under cheats when you start the game. This gives every hero a max level relationship with one other hero at the end of the first battle. You can give max relationships manually if you prefer.
  2. give every hero in your party the hook using the debug panel under aspects
  3. the hook will trigger randomly during play. It may be faster to use the objective cheat to advance to the start of chapter 2, when more terrain types are available
  • Fast Overland Travel causes overland travel to speed up much faster than normal. This feature only accelerates your characters moving to a new tile - is not "Fast Travel" and does not allow for immediate travel (0 Days to tile).
  • Skip Gear needs to be tested more to precisely determine how it affects gameplay.