The Enduring War

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The Enduring War is a five-chapter campaign with the Morthagi as the main enemies, with the story of 1000 years ago woven into the present narrative.

Warning: this page contains spoilers!

Note: the names and genders of the characters in this campaign are randomized. The pronouns used below reflect the gender of the characters in the campaign from which the images were taken.

Chapter 1

The campaign begins with a mysterious Morthagi approaching the party and saying, "Run." Before they can follow, they find themselves in combat with a Spectik and Sommelier. Afterwards, the heroes realize they can't simply go back to being commoners and farmers: they feel called to hunt down Morthagi, and they begin by finding a certain Forge.

Chapter 2

One of the heroes meets with the blacksmith during the interval, though they can never really puzzle through how the mysterious Morthagi worked. Eventually, the blacksmith calls the entire party back to her forge to warn them of a wave of Morthagi that are sweeping the countryside. She points them towards where they seem to have all originated from. She says she's been working on a weapon and will meet them there.

Chapter 3

The blacksmith is being approached by one of the Enduring and their conversation will have long lasting consequences. The heroes start receiving the messages that surrounding regions are overrun with Morthagi, so once again their services are needed in clearing the land of these mechanical abominations.

Chapter 4

The Morthagi have started to overrun the land again. One of the heroes receives a note on their door that leads them to an old Morthagi workshop where the blacksmith and Enduring are waiting.

Chapter 5

The Morthagi have learned the location of the Enduring and are launching an invasion. Can the heroes stop the Morthagi once at for all at the source?