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Tidings are events that happen during the Interval after a chapter that show what heroes did during the years of peace. These are generally just comic stories, though they can also have other Outcomes (like granting resources) if desired.

Types of Tidings

Tidings are separated into several different categories, listed below. (There are also some less-used categories, not listed here)


(TIDING_MISC) Miscellaneous tidings that can generally happen to anyone


(FOLLOWUP_EVENT_OUTCOME) Tidings that have a specific followupId and are made possible via the AllowFollowup Outcome. These are often used along with events that should have some kind of repercussions. For example, an event that should only happen if a certain kind of station was built (see job_buildStation_forestShrine and how it can cause tiding_outcome_buildForestShrine1) or that follows up on an interesting event (see encounter_heroesArriveAtSite_asTheCrowFlies and how it can cause tiding_outcome_callOfTheCrow).


(TIDING_RETIREMENT) Tidings that happen to retiring heroes.


(TIDING_YONDERING_OMENS) Tidings that show the return of threats to the lands. This is the final part of the interval between chapters, shown right before the new chapter starts.


(TIDING_WRAPUP) Tidings that are shown during the credits. Threats have been removed from the land, all is peaceful. (Miscellaneous and Followup tidings can also show up in the credits)

Creating Followup Tidings

1) In the original event, under the Effects Tab, under the choice/outcome that you want to connect a Tiding to, click the "ADD OUTCOME..." button. This will open the "New Outcome" window.

Add Outcome.jpg

2) In the New Outcome window, start typing "AllowFollowup" in the text bar on the upper left. This will filter out all the other options for Outcomes. Once "AllowFollowUp" is the only thing left in the drop-down list, click on it. This will open the description window. Note the ID assigned by the system. You'll need to know this later. Then click "CREATE".


3) Now you're done with the original file. Go back to Effects and Start a New Event.

4) For event type, go to the drop-down menu and select "Tiding-Followup on a Specific Outcome" (it's down near the bottom of the list).


5) Now a new drop-down menu will appear under the Event Type menu. This is a list of events with outcomes that need Followups. Find the outcome ID that matches the one you saw in Step 2. This will connect the Tiding to the Event.


6) Now name the Tiding and create the event as usual. NOTE THAT YOU MUST ENABLE THE EVENT FOR IT TO TRIGGER (under ability, set encounterEnabled to true)

7) Use the comics editor to create the Tiding. NOTE THAT TIDINGS SHOULD NOT BE MORE THAN ONE LINE OF COMIC PANELS.

8) To test in-game, start a three chapter game; a one chapter game doesn't have interlude tidings, it only has conclusion tidings. Make sure you have "objective cheat" enabled. Cheat to get your original event to happen; then from the overland screen, click on the "Finish chapter" objective at the top, near the center. This brings you to a scrolling list of all possible tidings; make sure your tiding displayed as you expected.