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Elementalist is a Mystic ability.

In-Game Description

Advanced interfusions for liquid, metal, and wood. Interfused fires do not burn out.


Gain these advanced interfusions.


Infernal Rain. Boiling floods pour down to peel away armor and devour an enemy's flesh. (Pot + 1-2 dmg, 4 shred, 4 range, –1 health to Liquid)


Shackles. Warp metal into grasping appendages that pin enemies within a chosen area for two turns. (AoE 1 radius, 4 range, 100% hit, 2 turns)


Splintersalvo. Explode two or more interfused wood into a higher-damage burst over longer range. The interfused object's health adds to your range accuracy. Both objects are destroyed. The salvo does not damage scenery. (AoE 2.1 radius, Pot+2d3 damage, Pot/2+1 shred, Pot/2 pierce, 4.6 range from either Wood)