Technical Difficulties

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Here are some steps you can take if you have trouble with the game.

Feedback or Bugs

The best way to give feedback or report bugs is to press F11. This will take a screenshot and open the feedback tool. The screenshot, along with logs and your message, will be sent directly to the dev team.


Stuck, Broken Save Game

You can send us your save game and we can take a look at it! Save the game to a new slot, then press F11 to open the feedback tool. Check the option to include the latest save.


Game Crashes

If the game crashes, we'd love to see your logs. When you relaunch the game, press F11 to open the Feedback tool, check the option to send all logs, and describe the crash. If you include your email address, we'll get back to you!


Problems with Legacy

You can send us your legacy file using the feedback tool! We take preserving your legacy very seriously.


Game Won't Launch at All

  1. Check your graphics card. Is it an Intel HD3000? Unfortunately that card does not support OpenGL 3.2, which is a requirement for Wildermyth at this time.
  2. Check the logs. Were they created? If not, please contact us.
  3. Are you on Mac? You need Java 8 or later to run Wildermyth.
  4. Are you on Windows? Where are you running the game from? You must extract the zip file to a location on your computer, and please don't put it inside of the Program Files folder, because that creates security issues that we're not ready for.

If none of this helps, please ask for help on discord, or contact wildermyth at gmail.