Answer to Austerity

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Answer to Austerity
Douglas Austin
Event type
Arrive at hostile site

The party track a forest spirit known as Lord Evergreen.


1. Attempt to communicate

2. Snatch a twig from its mane

3. Hero gives away their heart

4. "Go with him."


Option 3 is only available to a hero with the Wildheart hook or heroes that have been present during the Silver and Shadows event.

Option 3 reduction of retirement age becomes redundant as the hero stops aging. Both the reduction of retirement age and the eternal youth are only temporary effects that get lost at the end of the campaign.

This event was added in update 0.18 Dahlia Leraan.

Targets: hook and hook2 refer to option 3 and option 4 respectively. 4 roles show up as required but only 3 heroes are needed to start the event.