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A powerful marker that changes how the character might interact with events, and also acts as a seed for the character to undergo a specific quest; applied by history and sometimes events. Hooks are fundamentally just aspects with a special naming convention and some extra tooling around them.

Heroes start the game with 3 hooks, which are specific character aspects and often take the form of a personality flaw or quirk.

Opportunity quests

Each hook can randomly trigger a special opportunity quest for that hero and a required helper. After a hero completes an opportunity quest, the associated hook is resolved and the hero gains a promotion and a bonus to retirement age. The first hook grants +10 retirement age, the second hook +7, and the third hook +5.

You are limited to 1 opportunity quest in chapter 1 and 2 in each other chapter. Each hero can only resolve 1 hook per campaign and can only be the helper once per campaign. A hero's first hook requires at least a level 3 relationship with a prospective helper, the second hook requires at least a level 3 relationship, and the third hook requires a level 4 relationship. A family member can never be the helper.

List of hooks and associated events

Hook Event Blurb
Brash Opportunity: The Blinking Game I don't care how many there are!
Brokenheart Opportunity: Pyrelight I've lost before and I know I will again.
Clown Opportunity: Serious Trouble Hold my beer...
Creative Opportunity: A Song for the Someday Gone
The Maker
Art is my refuge.
Curious Opportunity: Beneath the Surface
Curiouser and Curiouser
The Lever
I can't stand not knowing!
Darkheart Opportunity: Dark Curiosity
Drums In The Deep
Strange Behavior
The Eater
What If We Were the Bad Guys?
Don't ask me about the path I walk.
Destiny Opportunity: The Sickness
Thrixl Control What You See
Something important looms in my future.
Distant Opportunity: Longing to Belong
Don't Lose Heart
Don't get too attached, you'll only get hurt.
Dreamer Opportunity: The Last Resort
The Gone Ox
Don't you just wonder, sometimes?
Flirt Opportunity: Slave for Love
The Witchstone
Hello there.
Gritty Opportunity: In Softer Light I do what has to be done. That's all.
Inhabited Opportunity: Bidding the Ghost Goodbye
Strange Behavior
The Inhabitant
The Witchstone
Whispered Secrets
I'm fine thank you... How are you and your kin?
Integrity Opportunity: To Humble Ends
The Witchstone
What If We Were the Bad Guys?
No, actually it's pretty simple.
Literary Opportunity: Library of Light Language is the first magic,
our truest weapon, our ultimate legacy.
Loyal Opportunity: Havenbeams
The Witchstone
I would stop at nothing to protect a friend.
Lucky Opportunity: Spur of a Moment
The Gambler
Everything always turns out fine, doesn't it?
Mysterious Opportunity: From Another Time
Drums In The Deep
Former Colleagues
The Wolf Price
Another time, under another sky,
things were different...
Nostalgic Opportunity: For an Old Wish Passing
Memory Lane
The Witchstone
Do you remember when...?
Physical Opportunity: The Geometry of Magic The joy of motion,
the sensuousness of being alive.
Potential Opportunity: The Unstilled Heart Maybe today wasn't my day.
But there's a coming dawn...
Proud Opportunity: The Prisoner
Before the Fall
The Witchstone
What If We Were the Bad Guys?
I know who I am. I don't need anyone to tell me.
Shame Opportunity: A Mending Path
Don't Lose Heart
Whispered Secrets
I don't talk about it.
Slacker Opportunity: Dodging Destiny Oh, you know. We've got plenty of time...
Thorny Opportunity: For a Friend
Former Colleagues
The Sweeping Swallow
Did I ask you? I didn't, did I?
Wanderlust Opportunity: Needed Elsewhere The wind is blowing, the road is calling.
Weird Opportunity: The Scattered Self
Meat is Meat
Wildheart Opportunity: Farm And Forest
Answer to Austerity
The Gone Ox
The Wolf Price
Thrixl Control What You See
The treesmell. The odorous stones after rain.
I live for those things.