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Earthscribe is a Mystic ability.

In-Game Description

Advanced interfusions
(Passive) Allies may wall with interfused objects.
Stone: (Passive) Grants extra armor, warding, and Temp Health
(Active) Rock Shield
Bone: Bone Wall


Bonewall: Wall has more HP, further distance.
Rockshield: increased from +3 to +5 Temp Health
Armor, Warding, and Temp Health for each interfused stone increased from +1 to +2


Gain these advanced interfusions.


Bonewall. Erupt a wall of ancient bone across the ground, impeding foes. Length 5. Bonewall puts out fires. The bones created are objects that can be interfused with and used to create more Bonewalls or Bonelances.


Rock Shield. UI DiamondFilled.png single action. Create a protective shell of stones around the mystic or an ally, granting +3 temporary HP until next turn.

Calcify. (Passive) Gain 1 armor, 1 warding, and 1 temporary health while interfusing with Stone. This bonus stacks if the hero interfuses with more than one Stone.


  • Bonewall can be very effective at keeping enemies away from your heroes. The Bones created by Bonewall can be interfused with to cast more Bonewalls or Bonelances. Also, Bones provide partial cover against ranged attackers. However, Bonewall is useless against foes with Trample.
  • Earthscribe can combine well with Vigorflow to give close-combat mystic survivability through Calcify. Rocks often have very high health, making them useful interfusions for Vigorflow in their own right.
  • The temporary health from Rock Shield can combine with Bloodrage to give a warrior survivability without reducing their Injury level. However, Aid is better for this role because it does not cost an action every turn.
  • Use Rock Shield to stop any poison damage during lulls in the fighting.