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Bloodrage is a Warrior ability.

In-Game Description

(Passive) Hero's melee and ranged attacks deal more damage based on the percent of health they're missing, up to a max of +x damage.
Up to a max of 2+floor(Potency/2)+floor(Health/4) damage.
Damage bonus: ceil[((2+floor(health/4))+(floor(potency/2)))*(injury/(health-1)]


 (Active) Once per combat, while wounded, activate to gain +2 Damage and prevent health dropping to zero for one turn.


  • Bloodrage adds damage to melee and ranged attacks, similarly to Vigorflow. It does not boost Broadswipes, Shieldshear, Backslam, or Raider.
  • Bloodrage ignores Temporary health: Temp health does not affect a hero's maximum health, and losing temp health does not grant a hero extra damage. This means that hero with 1/10 health and a hero with 1/10 health + 10 temp health would get the same damage bonus from Bloodrage.


  • Keep Bloodrage's interaction with temp HP in mind when strategizing. If a hero takes 4 damage, then gains 4 temp HP, they will gain extra damage from Bloodrage and have some extra survivability from their temp HP. However, if they gain 4 temp HP and then take 4 damage, their temp HP will be exhausted and they will not gain any extra damage from Bloodrage as their HP has not gone down.
  • Since temporary health does not reduce Bloodrage's effectiveness, Bloodrage combines well with Aid, Invigoration, and Rock Shield to maintain an injured warrior's survivability.
  • Can also be valuable with the Shadow transformation since it facilitates regaining lost health via kills.