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Bloodrage is a Warrior ability.

In-Game Description

(Passive) Infuriated by wounds, Hero deals +x damage for every 2 health they are missing.


 (Active) Once per combat, while wounded, activate to gain +2 Damage and prevent health dropping to zero for one turn.


Note that temporary health gained, such as from Aid, provides extra temporary hp but does not reduce Injury. This means, for instance, that with Bloodrage, if you take 4 damage then get 4 temporary hp, you still have 4 injury and do +2 damage. But if it happens in the other order, if you get 4 temporary hp first and then take 4 damage, you have 0 injury and do +0 damage (and also will need no time to heal up after the battle).


  • Combo with abilities that grant extra attacks - e.g. Battledance, certain transformations (e.g. Scorpion Tail, Wolftouched), a mystic with Spiritblade.
  • Combos with Shadow transformation. The more damage the hero takes the more damage they do back, consequently increasing chances of regaining the health back via a kill.
  • Damage from Bloodrage applies to Broadswipes.