Hero portrait

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The character cards for heroes that appear in the upper left corner of the screen.

  • Top right corner: green upward caret and/or red downward caret with numbers indicating how many beneficial or harmful temporary effects are active.
  • Lower left corner: stars indicating number of class abilities the hero has earned.
  • Lower right corner: A symbol indicating the relationship this character has to the currently-selected hero: a heart for romance, a lightning bolt for rivalry, and a silhouette of head and shoulders for friedship. The silhouette is orange if that character is providing an active bonus to the currently-selected character, or grey if the relationship exists but the condition for the bonus is not currently met.
  • Bottom left corner: two diamonds indicating available action points.
  • Bottom: green bar indicating remaining hit points. White blocks are temporary hit points. Purple shields on the left show warding, blue shields on the right show armor. One blue shield with dashes in the center indicates an active walling bonus.

These symbols are repeated on the floating nameplate above each unit's head on the battle map.