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Humanist is a Mystic ability.

In-Game Description

Advanced interfusions based on human artifice, instruments, and accidents.


Stunning Barrage: 100% stun chance on hit
Shackles: x2 damage
Shardnado: doesn't dissipate over time


Gain these advanced interfusions.


Insidious Filament. (passive) Foes that move adjacent to this scenery are stricken through by needling bolts that apply 2 poison.

  • The poison is applied when the foe moves, not when the mystic interfuses with the Mechanism. Each step reapplies poison, and does damage to the Mechanism.


Shackles (Humanist). Warp metal into grasping appendages that pin enemies within a chosen area for two turns, 100% success.

  • 5.1 range
  • gains an area effect, radius 1.1 (orthogonal adjacency), over unimproved Shackles
  • damage (Potency+Spell Damage)/2

Shackles (Humanist+). damage Potency+Spell Damage


Shardnado. Create a whirling vortex from the shards of this object and direct its wrath for 1 turn. Lasts the turn summoned and 1 additional turn. (3.6 range, 1+1d3 + Potency + Spell Damage damage, 1 shred). Note the damage reported in the UI is for targets the shardnado passes through; it does double that damage to the target in the tile it finished on. The shardnado does not damage your allies.

Lasso Shardnado. Pull the shardnado across the floor, inflicting heavy carnage where it lands and dealing half damage to units it passes through.


Stunning Barrage. Tools sharpen their heads and throw themselves into a horrific frenzy, rending and stunning targets in a nearby area. (3.6 range, AOE 2.1 radius, attack strength range accuracy + Tools health, 1d3 + Pot + Spell Damage damage, 50% stun)

Stunning Barrage (Humanist+). 100% stun


  • Not typically a strong ability because many battle maps do not have the required scenery.