In Softer Light

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In Softer Light
Douglas Austin
Event type

A hero gets the chance to bury an old friend.


1. "Good weather to make good time."

1.1 "If it's Drauven, they'll hit us when we're not ready. Let's get this over with." Provoke a fight.
1.2 "We're here to bury <friend>. I think let's avoid them, if possible." Ignore the Drauven.

2. "Hold on! We have to go back. I left the urn!"


The following text will be added to the History of a hero, no matter which option is chosen:

Their old friend and mentor passed away from old age, and so <Hero> took the ashes to bury in a beautiful place beside a wooded brook. They would always be able to go back there, when their trials grew too taxing.

This opportunity targets a hero with the Gritty hook.