Mortal Choice

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An event during battle when a hero has fallen. You must choose the outcome for that hero. Outcomes can include heroic death or maiming.


  • Hero is maimed (loses a random natural limb)
  • Hero dies, deals 10 damage
  • Hero dies, +3 armor to party

If the hero is already part of your Legacy with tier of Local Legend (2) or higher, they will permanently lose 1 health until the end of campaign instead of becoming maimed.

If the hero has already survived one mortal choice this chapter, they do not get a second one—death is unavoidable and gives no boon or blaze of glory to the party.

If the hero has already lost all their natural human limbs, they cannot lose another. In this case death is also unavoidable.

Unique Events

There are a few instances where a unique Mortal Choice event is triggered, based on a hero's history:

The Jealousy of Trees
Turtle Guardian