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Heroes are the . . . uh, heroes . . . of the game. Each hero has a personality, acquires or develops augments over time, and carries equipment.

Heroes travel in a party. The party starts as a bunch of farmers and every hero develops over time. A farmer can become a warrior, a hunter, or a mystic.

Heroes have:


One recruitment event is offered per chapter, in which the player can pay legacy points to hire a new hero for the party.

Any time the party has fewer than 3 members another recruitment event will be offered.

The Bard ability reduces the cost of recruitment by 1 LP.

During intervals, a child of one of the heroes will often join the party for free.

Legacy recruits

You can choose to recruit heroes from your legacy, for +1 LP cost per legacy tier (stars). The legacy hero returns as a younger version of their past self, including permanent Aspects and personality. They start at level equal to their legacy tier. (Think of it perhaps as a descendent or reincarnated self, or the way folktales of a character will put them in a hundred places, in a hundred stories at once.) You can choose a number of their previous Abilities for them to return with, equal to their legacy tier. They arrive equipped with tier-1 versions of their prior equipment, including any elemental enchantment but not other augments.

Returning with permanent Aspects means that if they lost a limb previously, it's still lost, and if they gained a transformation or pet, they return with it.

When the overland map is generated at the start of the game, it is determined which legacy heroes live in which towns. They can be recruited in only one place each.

Class and Abilities

Each hero is trained in a class as one of warrior, hunter, or mystic. They gain experience through combat and at thresholds they promote to a higher level.

Experience and promotion

The party usually gains 5 xp per monster card for a successful mission, divided as evenly as possible among heroes who finished the mission; campaign plot missions award predefined amounts. Certain events may also grant xp.

Level Title Warrior Hunter Mystic
1 Greenhorn 0 xp 0 xp 0 xp
2 Bloodhorn 20 30 36
3 Bluehorn 50 76 90
4 Bronzehorn 90 138 162
5 Silverhorn 140 216 252
6 Goldhorn 200 310 360
7 Blackhorn 270 420 486

Starting with Greenhorn, each time a character promotes, they gain an ability. The player is offered a random choice of three new abilities to select from, plus (if available) a fourth choice that is an upgrade of one of their current abilities. Some abilities are specific to a class, and some are general abilities available to any hero.

Each ability has one possible upgrade. If all of the hero's abilities are already upgraded, then no upgrade option is offered.

Heroes can also promote and gain abilities by completing Opportunities (hook events).

With each promotion, heroes also gain additional stats according to their class:

Stat Warrior Hunter Mystic
Health 1 1 0,9
Recovery Rate 5 3 3
Speed 0,2
Armor 0,3 0,2 0,1
Warding 0,3 0,4 0,4
Melee Accuracy 2 2 2
Range Accuracy 2 2 2
Bonus Damage 0,6 0,4 0,2
Potency 0,4 0,4 0,5



Injury and Healing

When heroes take damage they are given a transient stat called Injury, that is subtracted from Health to give current health.

Injuries heal when time passes on the overland map. Healing rate is determined by:

  • The hero's recovery rate stat, which is modified by their age
  • The hero's activity during healing. Healing is faster resting in Towns or Stations, and slower while travelling. The remaining Injury and current healing modifier is shown on the hero portrait.

Each point of injury takes a number of days to heal. The higher a hero's Injury (lower health remaining), the slower they heal. A few scrapes go away fast; a near-death experience takes much much longer.

Recovery calculation

  1. Calculate a base heal time as 100 / recovery rate (no rounding)
  2. Multiply by the healing factor from the table.
  3. Multiply by the factor for the hero's current activity: stationary in a Town x2; stationary in other safe territory x1; stationary on unexplored or hostile tile x0.5; travelling x0.25
Healing factor
Current Injury 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21
Factor 1 2 3 4 5

The pattern continues if you manage to get a hero with more than 20 health.

On the character sheet Stats panel, the UI reports "1 health per x–y days". Here x is the base heal time (time to recover from 1 Injury to 0 Injury), and y is the worst case (time to recover from 1 hp to 2 hp).

The values shown in the UI are rounded to whole numbers, but in game the values are not rounded until after all multipliers are applied.


Suppose Nate the Hero has a recovery stat of 25. His base heal time will thus be 1 health per 4 days while stationary in a safe territory.

If he's healing 7 hit points of damage, the first one will take 12 days to recover, the second through fifth will take 8 days to recover each, and the sixth and seventh hit point will take 4 days to recover each, for a total of 12 + 4*8 + 2*4 = 52 days to recover all 7 hit points.

If he has 12 Health (thus a maximum Injury of 11), then the character sheet will show the recovery rate as "1 health per 4-12 days".

Death and Maiming

When a hero loses their last hit point, they get a mortal choice: either die immediately in exchange for a boon for the rest of the party, or be maimed and wait to be rescued by the surviving heroes at the end of the battle.

Maimed heroes lose a randomly-selected limb, which gets replaced with a prosthetic. Heroes with only one hand cannot use two-handed or offhand items. If an event replaces an arm causing a hero to have no weapon, they pick up a basic weapon. Losing a leg causes the hero to move more slowly (the prosthetic leg grants less speed than a natural leg does). Maimed heroes do not receive their replacement limb immediately, but must return to the nearest safe Town to heal first.

If the hero has an aspect that can replace limbs they get special versions instead of a standard hook or peg leg. In some cases the replacement can be an upgrade from human normal. If a partially-transformed hero falls again and loses another limb, they always lose one of their remaining human limbs, not a transformed one.

Heroes can be maimed at most once per chapter. If they fall a second time they die, and do not get a mortal choice boon.

If a character dies in battle, you can build them a memorial tomb afterwards. This adds them to your legacy.


When a hero exceeds retirement age during a chapter, they will retire in the interval at the end of the chapter, taking their gear with them. They will be automatically added to your legacy if you win the campaign, and the party gains +3 LP (or maybe LP=Level?). You will get the option to have them train a younger character, passing along 25% of their experience points.

  • e.g If the hero's retirement age is 65, they will trigger "retire at the end of this chapter" the day they turn 66.
  • If a hero reaches retirement age during an Interval, they will adventure for one more chapter and then retire.
  • If a hero earns a bonus to retirement age during a chapter, they will cancel retirement plans that no longer apply.
  • Every hero has a hidden birthday.