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Naturalist is a Mystic ability.

In-Game Description

Advanced interfusion abilities for living matter.


Wild Grasp: changed from turn-ending action to swift action (no cooldown)
Roots and Shoots: (Active) As a single action, grow up to 5 plants in a small area


Gain these advanced interfusions.


Vinewrench. Send vines out to grab a foe and drag them to the specified tile, also pinning and dealing damage. The foe must be within 3.6 tiles of the Plant, and then they can be dragged up to 3.1 tiles in any direction, ignoring scenery.

  • Attack strength: range accuracy + 10
  • 1d3 + Potency + Spell Damage damage
  • –1 health to Plant
  • Counts as an attack from the position of the plant toward the ending position of the foe


Treecall. Instantly summon an Ally to a space next to an interfused tree. UI DiamondFeather.png swift action.

Shade. (Passive) Enter grayplane whenever you interfuse with a tree. Actions reveal you as normal. Interfusing with a new object does not but triggering an effect does.

Roots and Shoots. 5 range As a single action, grow up to 5 plants in an area (plants grow on half of the possible tiles)


  • Combine Naturalist with Arches to use Treecall anywhere.
  • Roots and Shoots can be useful against enemies who do not Trample to control where they can move. Due to the random positions of the plants, however, this often takes multiple casts.
  • The ability to create scenery with Roots and Shoots prevents a mystic from getting locked out of actions due to lack of available scenery.