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Hidden Hero

Hidden is a status effect that turns a character invisible.

<shortName> cannot be seen by enemies.


  • Attacking out of Grayplane ignores both Warding and Armor
  • Grayplane stays up indefinitely for the duration of combat
  • If attacked or attacking then Grayplane will be cancelled

Hero abilities

Name Description
Silkstep (Hunter Ability) Hunter enters Grayplane and ends their turn.
Flashcone (Hunter Ability) Once per combat, Hero throws a flashcone that blinds enemies, and deals x magic damage. If thrown at an ally, they will be hidden.
Rogue (Hunter Ability) (Passive) Every time Hero kills an enemy, he/she enters grayplane for free.
Naturalist (Mystic Ability) (Advanced interfusions
Plant: (Active) Vinewrench
Tree: (Passive) Upon interfusing with a tree, enter Grayplane
(Active) Treecall
Gloamglow (Mothly) Once per combat, <self> and all adjacent allies enter grayplane
Covering Fire (Pet Fire Chicken) (Passive) Upon ending their turn on a tile with a blaze, Hero becomes hidden.


Name Description
Search (All Enemies) Every hero in a 2 tile radius will lose their hidden effect.