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Riposte is a passive ability available to all heroes.

In-Game Description

(Passive) Hero will counter-attack after a successful melee Block or Dodge. (Also works with ranged theme attacks in melee range)


(Passive) Each time Hero is hit, they gain +20 Dodge. Resets after a successful Dodge or Block.


  • Riposte prefers to retaliate with a melee weapon, but it will use a theme melee or ranged attack if no melee weapon is equipped. If none of these options are available, the hero will punch the target for 1 damage (boosted by bonus damage).


  • Can combine well with Untouchable, since Riposte kills will refresh the Untouchable effect. However, any ranged attack will break the Riposte-Untouchable chain.
  • Hunters that build for high dodge and block can get a lot of value out of Riposte and Archery.