Scenery Data

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There are some things you may need to know about how the game uses Scenery, particularly if you want to add new scenery, change where it appears, how it looks, or how it behaves!


The main thing to understand is Tags! Scenery is placed into missions by the MissionBuilder almost entirely based on its tags. When the mission builder wants to place a piece of furniture, it will make a query based on tags. That will be somthing like ["forest", "exterior", "floor"]

Primary Tags

  • focalPoint is a large piece of scenery that will be a visual and thematic focus
  • floor is a small or large piece of scenery that can show up pretty much anywhere
  • lamp is a light source
  • lampOff is a light source that's not lit
  • barricade is a defensive structure
  • setPiece non-interacive, appears outside the playable area, adds flavor
  • setPieceCeiling non-interacive, appears outside (or maybe also above??) the playable area.

also chair? maybe?

Location Tags

  • interior - can appear indoors, or in civilized/structured areas
  • exterior - can appear outdoors

Environment Tags

See: Biome (Environment)

  • forest
  • field
  • foothills
  • swamp
  • town
  • cave

Station Tags

e.g. forge, library See: Station

Length Range

How big or small this scenery can appear on the map! This is real important!


This affects in-game stuff. How the scenery is interactable, or not, what happens when you interfuse with it, if you can?

Appearance Stuff

todo colors, scale, stuff...

Misc Other

shadow, submerge...