The Witchstone

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The Witchstone
Douglas Austin
Event type
Wilderness scouting

The party encounter a sinister-looking rock: a witchstone. And legend says that "if you don't offer it a joyous memory, it will lay a curse upon your back."


1. "And if we don't keep going it will be <Hero>'s curse instead."

2. Sacrifice a romantic memory...

3. Sacrifice a familial memory...

4. Sacrifice a memory of self-worth...


Option 1 affects the hero with the highest coward score in the party, which may not be the hero shown in the panel for option 1.
Option 2 targets a hero with the Flirt or Brokenhearted hook.
Option 3 targets a hero with the Loyal or Nostalgic hook.
Option 4 targets a hero with the Proud or Integrity hook.