Thrixl Faction

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The Thrixl Faction, nightmarish creatures that travel between dreams and reality.

General Information

Thrixl are ethereal bugs that look unnatural. It is unknown how they came to be but they are strongly connected to an otherworldly realm. In this realm everyone is strongly influenced by each others thoughts, where rules of reality are made up by the person perceiving them. Thrixl themselves greatly differ from each other, to the point where each Thrixl can be considered it's own species. They seem to prefer moving in communities, sitting in dark caves to lay eggs in peace. Though they have shown to be predatory in nature. They possess mind warping abilities, using them to hypnotize their prey. There have been no reports of them nourishing on said prey, instead Thrixl prioritize increasing their numbers and turning creatures from other species into Thrixl. In almost all cases the prey will become a deformed monster devoid of it's previous self. This seems to be heavily influenced by mental strength, with Mystics having the best chance to turn into Thrixl but even that isn't guaranteed. There exists only one transformation that doesn't fully corrupt the host, the Mothly wings. A lot of information on the Thrixl has been obtained during the Eluna and the Moth campaign but Thrixl themselves are still a complete mystery. As of now, Thrixl can only be perceived as monsters that do not belong in this world. Pursuit of research into Thrixl might alleviate this notion but the risk of attracting their attention is far too great a risk for everyone. -Green Riding Hood

For more in-depth information please refer to: Thrixl lore, Sareth

Campaign related to Thrixl: Eluna and the Moth

Transformation related to Thrixl: Mothly

List of Units

Image Name Description Monster Threat
Thrusk A twin headed Wyvern with the body of a spider. 8
Dweaver A large mantis, it looms to strike. 18
Seeker A flying Thrixl, possessing armor and speed. 18
Kinnestend The brood, it spins globes of lucent dreams. 18
Dream Chrysalis An egg, a lucent dreams. 0
Muse The embodiment of inspiration. 18
Bard (Enemy) A ponderer, it's song can change the world. 20
Nightmare An accumulation of bad dreams. 30
Scorier A large worm, it digs through stone and strikes with a roar. 30
Drathix A Thrixl dragon, beautiful wings and deep blue eyes. 50
Image Name Description
Maylen A god among Thrixl, blurred in storms of whispers and suggestions.
Orchardist The gardener of the toxic trees.

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