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Hello! You'll usually find me creating/editing pages on events and abilities.

Peffers' Road to Wildermyth

A long-time fan of storytelling, myths, legends, folk tales, text adventures and interactive fiction, I really enjoyed the choose-your-own-adventure IF game Choice of Romance [1].

One of the highlights for me was the simple yet evocative writing style. I was investigating the works of Choice of Romance co-writer Heather Albano [2], who mentioned that she had contributed to a game called Wildermyth. I checked it out on itch, fell in love with the concept, the gameplay and the gorgeous artwork, and have been playing since Version 0.4+47 Aumona Shuremill.


One of my first awesome heroes was Agarantha. I added her to the discord #favorite-hero channel with this message:

I thought Agarantha was badass before, with one Mortificial arm and leg. But she completed her last adventure with THREE Mortificial limbs and ONE shadow arm, plus scary shadow demon eyes and horns. I love that the rest of the party have continued to treat her completely normally. "Oh yeah, that's Agarantha clanking around on her clockwork legs, one of her arms is like a crossbow and the other is pure shadow so she can't hold physical weapons any more, but it doesn't bother her because ever since her eyes went black and she grew horns she can absorb the health of monsters she kills. She's good people."

I was made up to see that one of the beta releases was named after her.

Banner agarantha.png


I live in England with my girlfriend and our cat.