Mortificial Enhancements

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Mortificial Enhancements is a Theme that can be gained by a Hero from the event Troygan the Enchanger

A fully transformed Mortificial Enhancements Mystic.
The alternative "Steel" skin, unlocked after completing the "We Call That Mortificient!" achievement.
Ability upgrade to Mortificial Limbs.

In-Game Description

<Hero> has replaced and augmented parts of his/her body with mortificial components.


The Hero gains a Morthagi Limb and their History will include:

His/Her lost <limb> was replaced by a long forgotten clockwork Enchanger, making him/her part Morthagi.

This theme is not affected by the Hero's colors. The "Steel" skin can be with the primary color.

Mortificial Enhancements

This transformation can be acquired during the event Troygan the Enchanger.

Braincase or Clockwork Skull (Head)

Clockwork Skull

<Hero's> weak flesh is replaced with deathless components.


<Hero's> brain is encased in a Mortificial shell.

Morthagi Arm (Left)

Crossbow: <Hero> shoots a crossbow bolt at a nearby foe with his/her Morthagi prosthetic.

Damage: (1 to 5) + 1/2(Bonus Damage + Potency)

Morthagi Arm (Right)

Hammer. Pummel, knocking the foe to another tile and dealing additional damage equal to the distance knocked back

Damage (4 to 7) + 1/2 (Bonus Damage + Potency)

Morthagi Leg (First)

  • +0.3 Speed
  • -3 Dodge

Morthagi Leg (Second)

  • +0.3 Speed
  • -5 Dodge