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Wolfcall is a passive Warrior ability.

In-Game Description

(Passive) After a successful kill, the hero's allies gain +2 speed for this and the following turn.


Wolfcalled heroes also gain +1 damage on flanking attacks.


  • Speed gained = 2 + 1/3potency
  • All heroes including the warrior gain the speed buff.
  • The bonus does not stack from multiple wolfcalls or kills.
  • A kill from a reaction strike during the enemy's turn gives a bonus that lasts for your following turn plus an additional one.
  • Delayed kills from poison or fire do not trigger Wolfcall.


  • Extra movement is never bad, but Wolfcall is perhaps most helpful for a melee-focused party, and perhaps especially for a dagger-wielding hunter looking for flanking.
  • Also valuable for aging parties (in later chapters) to give them decent mobility despite the effects of old age.