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Broadswipes is a Warrior ability.

In-Game Description

 (Passive) Hero's melee attacks deal x damage to all other foes within range. (Also works with ranged theme attacks in melee range)


 Broadswipes damage scales twice as much with Bonus Damage and Potency



  • Broadswipes is widely regarded as the strongest ability for high-level warriors. Stack enough Bonus Damage and Potency and it can become mass-murdering.
  • Combine with Long Reach and/or spears to increase the number of targets within range. A spear will increase the range of Broadswipes attacks even if it is not used for the primary attack.
  • Most melee attacks and ranged theme attacks trigger Broadswipes, including single-action attacks like Sting and swift-action attacks like Wolf Bite (but not Backslam or Shieldshear). A warrior with Broadswipes should ideally have the capability to perform at least two Broadswipe-triggering actions each turn.
  • Hitting an enemy outside of melee range with a ranged theme attack will trigger Broadswipes, but the Broadswipes attacks will only hit enemies in melee range.
  • Frenzy triggers Broadswipes three times with one action.
  • Applies some weapon effects (e.g. poison or extra damage to specific enemies) to all targets.
  • In certain situations, attacks that can hit multiple enemies, such as Sting and Swipes, can hit and Broadswipe the same target.