Character Sheet

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CharacterSheet gear.jpg

Everything you could possibly want to know about your heroes. Some of the stuff in here is still cheaty-debuggy.


Your heroes start out with some story lines and gain more as things happen to them. These story lines affect their stats.


Heroes have relationships with each other, each at a level 1 through 5.


Keeps track of the equipment your heroes have.


There are a lot of stats in here, both personality stats and more practical combat stats. Clicking on them will show what is currently buffing or debuffing each one.


Aspects are how the game looks at this hero and figures out what the heck their deal is. Aspects include everything from "being alive" to "having a particular ability." Most of it is debug-related at the moment.


A collection of the abilities that a hero has collected over time. Many abilities are passive (e.g. Barlox's physical attack apply Poison 1"), but a few are active and will add new things to do in your ability bar during combat. Go ahead and cheat for now—give them a few abilities and click to read the descriptions and mechanics!


Here you can change your hero's physical appearance (gear is changed in the gear section). Play around with hairstyles, faces, skin tones, and the colors of their clothing. "Export Character" exports 2 pngs (the head and the body, since they move separately right now) to the folder wildermyth_core/master/out.