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The stuff that heroes carry to protect themselves and fight off monsters.

Humans can equip weapons, off-hand items, armor, and augments. If a human loses limbs or undergoes some transformation, some of these items may not be equipped.

Gear cannot be transferred or traded among heroes. Wildermyth does not intend for players to spend time managing inventory.


Armor is the hero's base set of clothing and provides the main protection against monsters. Armor is colored by a hero's primary and secondary "favorite" colors. Heroes start off as farmers, with the clothes to match. When a hero gains a class, they upgrade their clothes to something a little nicer and more class-specific, but still pretty basic clothing. Within each class, the next level up has one branch of armor that will generally favor movement and one that will favor protection. Each branch currently has two tiers, with the possibility for special unique sets of armor remaining open.

Armor farmer.pngArmor level0mystic.pngArmor warriorProgression.png

Class Tier 0 Tier 1 Tier 2
WarriorM armorClothes.png
Humble Ginnings
Armor: 1
WarriorM armorGard1.png
Armor: 2
Stunt Chance: 10
Dodge: 5
WarriorM armorGard2.png
Armor: 3
Stunt Chance: 15
Dodge: 10
WarriorM armorMail1.png
Speed: -0.5
Armor: 4
Dodge: -5
WarriorM armorMail2.png
Speed: -0.5
Armor: 6
HunterM armorClothes.png
Humble Ginnings
Armor: 0.5
Dodge: 5
HunterM armorTraff1.png
Armor: 1
Warding: 0.5
Dodge: 15
HunterM armorTraff2.png
Armor: 2
Warding: 1
Dodge: 25
HunterM armorBark1.png
Speed: -0.2
Armor: 2
Warding: 1
HunterM armorBark2a.png
Speed: -0.5
Warding: 2
Armor: 4
MysticM armorClothes.png
Humble Ginnings
Warding: 0.2
MysticM armorDrab1.png
Armor: 1.5
Warding: 1
Spell Damage: 0.5
MysticM armorDrab2.png
Armor: 3
Warding: 2
Spell Damage: 1
MysticM armorRobe1.png
Armor: 0.5
Warding: 2
Spell Damage: 1
MysticM armorRobe2.png
Armor: 1
Warding: 4
Spell Damage: 2


Main article: Augment

See Augments for a list of unique and/or named weapons.

Augments are extra bits and pieces that heroes can wear on top of their armor. They provide the ability to further customize a hero's strengths and role in combat, as well as some more visual variation. maybe a hero wears a magic crystal on a chain around her neck, or the skulls of minotaurs on his shoulders. Augments are also colored by the hero's primary and secondary colors.

Augments, unlike weapons or armor do not carry over with legacy heroes.


The example above shows two different full augment 'sets," but augments are gained and lost individually, and a hero is not locked into any particular style of augment.

The current augment "slots" are: belt, bracelets, broach, cloak, necklace, pauldrons, ring, sash, scarf, chest strap, and kneepads

Augment Slot Description
Belt Worn around the waist
Bracelet One or Both wrists
Brooch Pinned to the shirt
Cloak On the Shoulders and down the back, behind.
Knee Covers the knees. Knee pads?
Necklace Around the neck, on top of armor.
Pauldron On the shoulders, on top of armor.
Ring On one hand. Can only equip one ring. Ask me to tell you the story of how Grobar the One-Handed got his nickname.
Sash Around the waist, above armor, below belt probably.
Scarf Around the neck, below necklace.
Strap Across the chest, above armor.
Talisman Hung from the belt, on top.

How Augments are Generated

Augments are randomly generated in both appearance and aspect based on a variety of factors, including where the item was obtained and the current chapter of the campaign.

Special or one-off augments

Some events grant artifact augments with special abilities. Like all augments, these will not carry over into new campaigns.


Main article: Weapons


Not going to get very far fighting monsters without weapons, are you? Our farmers start off with whatever weapons they can scrounge up—hammers, pitchforks, etc. But soon, they'll discover and create much better ones.

Weapons come in four tiers. Tier 0 is the makeshift weapons of the farmers. Tier 1 weapons are your rusty sword, your standard hunting bow, and a nice stick for a wand. Tier 3 starts to get way more fun/ridiculous, including maces made from fallen stars and staves with glowing orbs and curling antlers.

Off-Hand Items

Main article: Off-Hand

These are, as you might guess, items that a hero can hold in the hand that's not currently holding a weapon. Off-Hand items include but are not by any means limited to: lanterns, orbs, books, scrolls, or torches. These items may be necessary for a specific quest, may give a hero additional abilities, or may simply give a passive combat bonus.

Equipment drop rate

Main article: Drop rates

Weights: weapon = 0.3, armor = 0.31, augment = 0.4, offhand = 0.1
For securing, there's a 10% chance of getting a weapon/armor/offhand/augment (plus a 100% chance of getting an augment if you chose the long option)
For missions, there's a 35% chance of getting weapon/armor/offhand,
and then a 50% chance of getting an augment/offhand (and if both of those fail, it'll give you a weapon/armor/offhand/augment)

Artifact vs non-artifact is determined after it knows you're getting a weapon.
Every time you get a non-artifact weapon, the chance increases by 0.15.
Every time you get an artifact, the chance decreases by 0.5. (So, you're guaranteed an artifact at least every 7 weapons)