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Item types

When generating a random item drop, the game first chooses the type of item. The relative chance of getting each item type is given in the following table. However, a given item drop source may not allow every possible type. For weapons and armor, the tier depends on the chapter and is also given in the table.

Item type Relative
drop rate
Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5
Weapon 0.3 1 1 2 2 3
Armor 0.31 1 1 1 2 2
Augment 0.4
Off Hand 0.1

If a weapon drops, the relative odds of each type of weapon are as follows:

Weapon type Relative drop rate
Sword 1.0
Axe 1.0
Spear 1.0
Mace 1.0
Bow 1.5
Crossbow 0.8
Dagger 0.7
Staff 1.0
Wand 0.8

If instead a piece of armor drops, the relative odds of each class are as follows:

Armor type Relative drop rate
Warrior Armor 4.0
Hunter Armor 3.0
Mystic Armor 2.0


If weapon is selected to drop, there is a chance that it will be an artifact weapon. The chance starts at 0, increases by 0.15 each time a non-artifact weapon drops, and decreases by 0.5 each time an artifact weapon drops. The following artifacts can appear as random drops. Each artifact of a given type is equally likely to drop. Accordingly, the table lists each artifact's effective drop rate, which is calculated as the weapon type's relative drop rate divided by the number of droppable artifacts of that type.

Name Type Effective drop rate
Fatetracer Sword 0.250
Icebreaker Sword 0.250
Eaglewing Sword 0.250
Baleblade Sword 0.250
Fang Axe Axe 0.125
Flare-axe Axe 0.125
Lockbreaker Axe 0.125
Minotaur Axe Axe 0.125
Queen Axe Axe 0.125
Sharktooth Axe Axe 0.125
Thanefeller Axe 0.125
Wintershard Axe 0.125
Elgorn Pike Spear 0.200
Cyclone Fork Spear 0.200
Dreadscythe Spear 0.200
Moonspear Spear 0.200
Wyverntail Spear 0.200
Halehammer Mace 0.333
Quakebaker Mace 0.333
Titan's Fist Mace 0.333
Antler Bow Bow 0.500
Strongbow Bow 0.500
Vigilkeeper Bow 0.500
Bolt-thrower Crossbow 0.267
Frostfang Crossbow 0.267
Mothbite Crossbow 0.267
Wingknife Dagger 0.350
Wraithword Knife Dagger 0.350
Sojourner Staff 0.500
Winterfur Staff Staff 0.500
Swan Scepter Wand 0.267
Longwatch Lamp Wand 0.267
Firling Wand Wand 0.267

An artifact will not drop if a hero in the campaign already possesses it. This behavior can raise the effective drop rate of other artifacts of the same type.


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