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Engage is a active Warrior ability.

In-Game Description

(Active) As a swift action, Hero engages a foe, forcing it to attack her. Hero must stay in range and maintain a clear line of sight. +1 armor per engaged foe.


 Using Engage also engages all enemies adjacent to Hero. +2 Armor per engaged enemy.


  • May engage enemies within 4+Potency tiles as a UI DiamondFeather.png swift action.
  • Counts as an attack, for the purposes of flanking.
  • Engagement lasts 1 turn, so it must be reapplied every turn if you wish to keep it active. If the engaged foe cannot move to the hero, engagement is cancelled at the beginning of the enemy's turn.
  • The enemy is allowed to make a ranged attack if they have one.
  • The enemy does not have to attack; they just can't attack anyone different.


Is helpful for making an effective melee tank build. Against a group of foes who do physical damage, upgraded Engage can provide a lot of armor.

Combo with the major tanking abilities, Vigilance and Stalwart. Has less synergy with Paladin or Sentinel because you don't need extra movement if you have Engage to force the enemy to come to you.

Weak combo with Backslam — Engage gives you extra armor, but uses up your swift action.

Often its most useful effect is that it is a swift action ranged attack, for setting up flanking.