Improvised Fireball

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Improvised Fireball is a permanent ability that can be gained by a mystic hero when they chase a goblin in the Fireball event.

In-Game Description

Once per combat. Hero interfuses with a clay pot full of volatile chemicals and lobs it to create a huge fireball!


  • Damage: 1d3 + 1/2(Potency+Spell Damage)
  • Range: 7.6 + Long Reach
  • Effect radius: 2.9
  • Attack direction is from the mystic
  • Has a hidden +10 accuracy bonus
  • Starts fires in tiles with debris
  • Legacy heroes can retain this ability in a future campaign, but it costs them an ability slot. It does not cost an ability slot when it is first acquired.


  • Long-range attacks that do not require interfusion can be useful for action economy in certain mystic builds. Note that Starseed and Falling Stars are strong alternatives to Improvised Fireball for this role; they hit a smaller area but do not require an ability slot and can be cast more than once per battle.