Long Reach

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Long Reach is a passive ability available to all heroes.

In-Game Description

(Passive) The Hero has +1 range with all attacks and abilities.


Bonus Range increased from +1 to +1.6


  • +1 bonus range to melee or ranged attacks

Receive range bonus:

  • Interfusion range (from the mystic to the scenery object)
  • the range of interfusion effects (from the scenery object to the targeted enemy or tile)
  • the length of line attacks, like Fireleash or Bonelance

These are NOT affected:


Almost every hero is glad to have more range on most things, though as a percentage increase it can be more noticeable on melee fighters.



  • Helps a lot for using daggers. It's especially valuable for getting value out of Thornfang+.


  • Extra range can often make the difference between being able to interfuse with the best target, or not.
  • Adds affected tiles to line attacks like Bonespear and Fireleash.