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Off-Hand items are equipment that either give a passive effect or grant a special ability if held.

General Information

All off-hands are one-handed. If a hero loses one arm or undergoes some transformation, no off-hands will be equipped.

Like all equipment, off-hands cannot be transferred or traded among heroes after being assigned.

Generally, a hero can only hold/equip one off-hand at a time, and unlike weapons only one may be owned per hero.

Off-Hand Qualities

Off-hands can be basic quality (i.e. the randomly generated off-hands that you come across during your play) or artifact quality (named off-hands that have set descriptions and stats/abilities).

Basic Off-Hands

Basic off-hands are the most widely available. They are often obtained through random loot, but they can also be crafted with the correct resources or using legacy points. Basic off-hands typically do not offer any additional bonuses beyond what might be normal for an off-hand of their type.

Basic Off-Hands
Item Image Description Bonuses
Spectral Lantern Item offhand spectralLantern.png It's blue light lays a soft protection upon its bearer. Passive: Warding: 2
Torch Item offhand torch.png Light some fires! UI DiamondFeather.png Swift action: Light Fire
Light adjacent debris on fire.
Throwing Net Item offhand net.png Once per combat, attempt to immobilize an opponent. UI DiamondFeather.png Swift action: Throw Net (1/combat)
Will pin the foe for two turns.
Hurlaxe Item offhand hurlaxe.png Two throwing axes that shred armor and deal damage. UI DiamondFeather.png Swift action: Throw Axe (2/combat)
Damage: 4
Range: 6
Shred: 1
Stunt Damage: 2
Poison Item offhand poison.png Apply to your weapon as an action. UI DiamondFeather.png Swift action: Apply 2 Poison (2/combat)
Your next attack applies poison.
Shield WarriorM augment shieldCave.png
WarriorM augment shieldField.png
WarriorM augment shieldGold.png
"Take 1 less damage from non-flanking attacks." Passive: Reduce damage from non-flanking attacks by 1
Throwing Knives Item offhand throwingKnife.png "Three throwing knives that deal extra damage if flanking." UI DiamondFeather.png Swift action: Throw Knife (3/combat)
Damage: 2
Range: 5
Stunt Damage: 2

Artifact Off-Hands

Artifact off-hands are most notable for their unique bonuses, visual appearances, and the fact that they carry over with a legacy hero into their next story or campaign (rather than being lost as most equipment is). Many are obtained through random drops, but some are available through specific events or moments in the main campaigns. They are never available to be crafted, and unlike weapons they cannot be upgraded.

Artifact Off-Hands
Name Image Description Effect Obtained
Black Net Item offhand netRazor.png Woven of ironvine, and barbed with broken bits of blades, it cuts the struggling quarry as they try to free themselves. EquipmentIcon artifact.png UI DiamondFeather.png Swift Action: Black Net (1/combat)
Will pin the foe for two turns. The foe will take 1 true damage each turn until it is no longer pinned.
All the Bones of Summer
Dragonpaw Shield Item shield dragonpaw.png An impressive shield that used to belong to an old folk hero. Take 1 less damage from non-flanking attacks. EquipmentIcon artifact.png Bonus Damage: 0.5
Shields reduce damage from non-flanking attacks by 1.
Finders Keepers
Ice Shield WarriorM augment shieldIce.png An evercold shield that freezes the bones of creatures it blocks. Take 1 less damage from non-flanking attacks. EquipmentIcon artifact.png Warding: 1
On block, attacker takes 1 true damage and is hobbled.
Shields reduce damage from non-flanking attacks by 1.
Out of the Rain
Spellshard Spellshard.png This seems magical. EquipmentIcon artifact.png Potency: 1 Random Drop
Thnarrs Accordica Item bookGoldBlue closed.png The looping words within this book help a speaker make connections: among the Self, the Things, and the Spirits. In anyone's hands, it enables interfusion. EquipmentIcon artifact.png Increase this Hero's max interfusions by 1 (and allows non-mystics to interfuse. Out of the Rain