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Pinned Enemy

Pinned is a status effect that prevents the target from moving.

<name> cannot move, and defenses are lowered.


  • Pinned can be stacked
  • Pinned enemies can still attack

Hero abilities

Name Description
Wild Grasp (Plant Interfusion) Send vines out to grab a foe and drag them to the specified tile, also pinning and dealing damage.
Shackle (Metal Interfusion) Warp metal into grasping appendages that pin a single enemy for two turns.
Sharktrap (Shards Interfusion) Lays a single trap on the floor occupying multiple tiles, and affects the first enemy to step into any of the tiles. The traps work the same as Hunter Jumpjaw traps, except that each tile is a separate trap that is triggered independently.
Arches (Mystic Ability) Summons a tree in specified area. Pinning enemies in range.
Jumpjaw (Hunter Ability) Twice per combat, as a swift action, Hero throws a Jumpjaw trap that will deal [2 + Potency] damage and pin the first enemy who walks near.
Zealous Leap+ (Warrior Ability) Cooldown reduced from once every other turn to once per turn. Clears pin on use.
Net (Off-Hand) Once per combat, hero hurls a throwing net. If it connects, it will pin the foe for two turns.


Name Description
Pinning Toxin (True Gorgon) As a swift action, attacks and pins the target in place.
Summon Seathings (Gorgon Seacaller) Spawns up to 6 Tentacles on corrupted tiles. Tentacles Grab a nearby target, dragging them to itself and pinning them. Disappears after using Grab.
Unstoppable (Special Enemies) Cannot be pinned or hobbled.